7 Best Voice Changer App You Should Try Today

Voice call between a man and women

Have you ever thought about pranking your friends using a voice changer app on your phone?

It’s such a funny thing to prank your friends on your mobile phone and have fun together. If you want to prank your friends, today I will show you the 7 best voice changer app that you should try today, to have fun with your friends.

Prank Call Voice Changer (Android & iPhone)

prank call voice changer app

Prank call voice Changer is on the top list with Prank Dial, this app can let you make calls with a ready-made recorded call so you can prank multiple friends at the same time.

However, you can check the loyalty of your girlfriend or boyfriend, by using realistic voices.

pranking a friend during a call

By changing the type of the ready-made call, with Prank Call Voice Changer you can send and share them with your friends by calling their phone number.

Top Features

Let’s see the top features that distinguish Prank Call Voice Changer from the other apps:

  • You have enough call and practical jokes to choose from
  • Pranks include actor voices that were well recorded
  • Each day they add pranks on the app
  • Their pranks have a fake environment sounds so your prank call would look perfect
  • You can get day Free calls credits


  • It’s Free to use, but you have to sign up for the app, using Facebook or your email.
  • Pricing start on $1.99 for 5 Credits / $6.99 for 20 credis / $14.99 for 50 credits / $27.99 for 120 credits (Note: Prices may change after todays date).
  • You can still have 3 Free credits for every video Ad you watch.

 How To Use IT

  1. Choose a prank from the pranks library, ready-made
  2. Now select one of the contacts you want to prank, input the number or choose from your contact by allowing the app to have permission on your contacts
  3. Hit send, and then the call will be sent to them
  4. Start laughing!


FunCalls voice changer app (Android & iPhone)

Funcalls app on play store

Funchal is one of those voice changers app that offers you also a voice changing service to prank your friends and your family.

It’s the best and cheapest international phone calls voice changer in google play.

Now think about changing the pitch of your voice during the call is a good idea. However, it can sometimes work with the high pitch voices better than the low, like the Man Sound voice available on the app, it looks like Billy voice’s (The Doll in Saw movie), that’s also a scary voice that you can scare your friends with.

funcalls screenshoot on adnroid phone

Top Features

  • Cheap international calls to landlines and mobile phones, with voice changers included
  • You have the ability to record and listen to your calls
  • Blow up your phone calls with fake hilarious sounds and voices effects
  • You can also make a Demo call, then hear your voice


  • It starts with $3.06 for 7 minutes (Calling Times).
  • For call record downloading also $3.06 per 10 (Call record downloading).

How To Use IT

  1. First, open the app, it will get you directly to the phone dialing screen
  2. Type the phone number that you want to call & prank
  3. Select the country where the person lives
  4. Choose the voice you’d like to let them hear, you have multiple choices to choose from (Helium balloon, funny sound, man sound, scary sound, regular sound).
  5. Then hit the call button, and voila! You are about to prank your friend
  6. After the person answers the call, now you will be able to use the voice changer in real-time.
  7. During the call, you can also add some effects (Cat meow, Moo, Dog bark, Fart..) which transform your call into a well-made real scene.


MagicCall Voice Changer App (Android & Iphone)

Magiccall app with devil prank smile

MagicCall is an app available for both iPhone and Android, it’s another way to have fun with your friends by calling them with a different voice each time.

It has a good amount of voices to choose from, however, you can choose voices by using this unique voice changer app.

addind background voice features on magiccall voice changer app

Top Features

  • You can test your voice before making a call, so you make sure that it will be like a real voice.
  • It’s one of the cheapest ways to make funny prank calls.
  • Ability to play sounds on the background like (Kiss sound, Clap…)
  • Earn Credit to make Free calls by watching video Ads.
  • Video recording can be enabled


  • MagicCall pricing starts at $1.99 per week, and this can give you 100 calling credits.
  • You can earn Free Credits by watching an app mobile video Ad.

How To Use IT

  1. First, when the application opens, choose a voice that you like to use.
  2. Try the voice before making a call to make sure it will not show fake.
  3. Then select the contact or type the number you would like to call
  4. Start the call by touching the call button
  5. When the call starts between you and your friend, the voice changer will apply the new voice to the call automatically, and voila! Your prank is doing fine.


Prank Dial (Android & iPhone)

prank dial voice changer app icon on play store

Prank Dial is one of the best voice changer phone call prank apps that is famous, unique, and well made. Available for Both iPhone and Android.

It has a lot of features that give your the possibility to share and use a lot of ready voices to send them via a phone call to your friends.

They have a website that contains a lot of call scenes to choose from.

addind receiptient name feature on prank dial voice changer app

Top Features

  • They continuously add new prank calls
  • You can comment on the prank call and add your reaction to share them with other people
  • Sending the Prank call easily
  • User Experience improves over time
  • Multiple language calls


  • Free to use, with advertisement
  • Pricing starts at $2.99 for 8 tokens, $5.99 for 20 tokens, there is more options when you check the app

How To Use IT

  1. Easily Choose the call you liked from the call prank list on the app or website
  2. Select the number or friend that you which to send them the call
  3. Send the call!
  4. Then start laughing at him


AndroidRock Voice Changer App (Android & iPhone)

androidrock voice changer app icone on play store

AndroidRock Voice Changer is a superb application in its group. It allows you to change or tweak your voice in multiple ways. 

The application has dozen of sound effects and you can record them for future playback. You can likewise include sound effects on your recorded calls or voices previously. 

It’s somewhat hard to utilize this in a prank call, but if you record your voice then share it with your friend you can get good pranks.

recording voice before adding a new effect

Top Features

  • Recording and applying audio effects to your voice.
  • Open an audio file and add effect to it
  • You can share the voice after making it ready via Bluetooth, or social media apps
  • Ability to apply multiple effects to the same voice audio file


  • The application is free to use without credit purchases, however, it has promotions ads.

How To Use IT

  1. First, open the app, then click on record audio if you want to record a new audio
  2. After recording the audio, the application will take you to a new window where the effects are
  3. Now you can choose between the effect list
  4. When you choose the desired effect, click on the save icon to save your voice with that effect
  5. After saving the effect the application will open again a new window, then you will be able to listen to your new voice and share it with your friends by having multiple sharing options.


IntCal‪l Voice Changer App (Android & iPhone)

intcall application icon image on play store

With Intcall app you can fool your friends, add funny effects in real-time to your phone call.

It’s a famous app on the Apple Store, and it has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times!

phone call dial screen on play store

Top Features

  • If you are a new user you will get free minutes for a limited time
  • Can make funny phone calls
  • Changing pitch easily on phone call directly
  • Sound effects on the background while calling


  • Free to use for a limited time, and limited countries
  • Pricing starts at approximately $6 for 15 minutes, and there are more options on the list

How To Use IT

  1. Open the app and type in the phone number of your friend that you want to prank
  2. Call your friend and when the call opens you can change the voices while calling


  • Android (The android version are not available on APP store so you will have to download it from the developer website directly)
  • iPhone

JokesPhone Calls (Android Only)

jokesphone icon on app store

JokesPhone is a little different from other voice changer app because it’s based on a ready-made joke list that you can choose to send to your friend.

It’s another version of pre-recorded pranks that you can send to your friends anonymously.

list of pre-made jokes to prank friends during call

Top Features

  • Each call is made from third party phone service providers, so it will keep you anonymous
  • Calls are recorded automatically for later amusement
  • Contains pre-recorded jokes


  • Free to use
  • In-app purchases, pricing starts at approximately $1.19 for 3 calls, with an additional list

How To Use IT

  1. Open the app, then choose from the joke list what you like
  2. Then send it to your friend by calling them or scheduling the call


  • Android (The android version are not available on APP store so you will have to download it from the developer website directly)
  • iPhone


Finally, this was the list of the 7 best voice changer apps, however a part of them are paid because developers still don’t have access to the speech signals even if they decided to, but with some apps, you can still make voice pranks and share them with your friends.

On the other hand, most of these voice changer apps features are correlated,  therefore you can still change your voice with most of them and they have a common feature which is pranking your friends during a phone call.

So which of these apps will you try and why? Who you will choose to prank this time?

Please comment down below and let me know your answer.

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