About Me

Starting an online business back in 2016 was one of the decisions that changed my life. Since then I never stopped learning new things, with time, I knew that it will open up many doors to learn and gain knowledge on the internet, so when I was small I was curious about understanding how computers work and why if I clicked this button the screen opens a folder or take me to another application, is that real ?! At this moment I started realizing that the computer is about small action processing that shows what’s happening on the screen and it may help to start new things, this made me fell in love with PC.

Business Career

At a later age, I wanted to start something to make money online then started a business, so in 2016 I started my first online business with 100$, to grow the business, YouTube & Google were my best friends, and still today, they were the first two websites that I visited to learn new things and have some info that I don’t know. 

In my business career, I faced many problems in many fields, especially in Tech (one of the essential knowledge bases that everyone running a business today should have knowledge about).

To run the business correctly and getting more customers for the business, marketing is the most important factor any business owner should think about, so I was doing Digital Marketing & Advertisement campaigns to grow the business, after 1 of learning and practicing, it started generating 2-5k/month, in one month we did a marketing plan that made the same business generates 20k in one month, from this time I never stopped learning about Digital Marketing.

Blog Objective

On FiftyTalk Blog I am here to share all the knowledge that I learned till today in my small career, which includes Tech, Digital Marketing & Online Business Tips & Tutorials to help grow your business and understand how these three fields can be the key to success in your business career also.