How To Add Bots to Discord Server on Mobile (iOS & Android)

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Using Discord server without bots is unworthy, especially if you have a lot of people on it, so you may wonder how to add bots to your Discord server on your mobile phone.

Discord as we know is one of the best messaging apps for gamers, so it made communication easier between people.

In addition to that, with the Discord mobile app, it’s more comfortable to chat and communicate with others.

But the best, easiest way to add bots to your Discord server on your Mobile is by using bot discovery websites like and Discord Bot List.

However, bots are useful for your server if you want to gain more time and automate moderation rules.

Which will make your server a better place for all users.

For example, if a person harassed or bullied someone on the server, the bot will find it out by checking the words he sent, then kick him out or ban him.

Now there are other types of bots like memes bots and sounds bots, and much more.

So today, I will show you how to add bots to your Discord server on your Android and iPhone Mobile phone.

How To Add Bots to Discord Server on Mobile

To add bots to your Discord server on Mobile, visit the website, then find the bot that you want to add and tap on the “Invite” button to add it.

Now, some bots are customizable using their own websites.

Like MEE6 and Dyno, Mushroom, and other famous well-known bots.

Now, each one of these bots has its own commands.

As they are robots, so you have to get into their websites to check the commands and know how to use them.

But today we will be using the MEE6 bot to learn the basics and how to add this type of bot to your Discord server on Mobile.

Also, you will learn how to get into your bot settings and find these commands to use later.

However, you can apply the same method in both Android & iPhone as there is a slight difference in the steps.

So it’s applicable on both phones.

1.Visit or other Discord bots discovery platform

Visit the website on mobile phone

First, visit the website.

We are using this website as it’s the most visited and famous website.

You can choose to visit other bots’ discovery platforms as well.

Like DiscordBotList and Ondiscord.

However, you will usually find the same bots on all these websites.

Note that there are a lot of crappy bots that can ruin your server.

So be careful while picking your bots on your Mobile phone to add them to your Discord server.

2.Find the bot

Find and search for bots to add them on Discord server using the mobile phone

When you open the website, you can see that the bots are ordered in descending order starting from the most voted and famous one.

So to find your bot, you can simply choose one of the famous bots.

Also, you can scroll down and tap on “Show more” to find more bots.

However, if you want to add a specific bot, tap on the search bar and search for the bot.

3.Tap on invite to add your bot

Tap on Invite to add the bot

Now that you’ve found the bot, tap on the “Invite” button.

Sometimes the button can be “Add”, so it depends on the website that you are using.

Then, if the bot has a website, you will be redirected to its website directly.

But if it’s a normal bot, you will be redirected to the Discord page on your browser.

In our case, we are using the MEE6 bot to show you easily how to edit its settings.

4.Login to your Discord app on your browser

Login to the Discord account

After tapping on the “Invite” button, a new page will open asking you to login.

If it’s the bot’s website, tap on “Add to Discord”, then the Discord page will open.

But if it’s a normal bot, the discord page will directly open.

So add your Discord email and password, then tap on login.

You need to use your browser each time to add bots to your Discord server on Mobile.

5.Authorize access of the bot to your Discord app

Authorize the bot access to Discord

When you login to your Discord account.

A new page will open, which is the page where the bot asks you to access your account.

So to authorize the access of the bot, tap on “Authorize”.

Then the bot page (MEE6) will open to start the bot setup process.

6.Select the Discord server you want to add the bot to

Add the bots to the Discord server on Mobile by tapping on the Setup button

Now, on the bot page, you will see all the Discord servers that you are an admin of.

But if you don’t see the server that you want on the list, go to your Discord server settings to add yourself as an admin.

Then on the Discord server page, tap on “Setup” to select the server that you want to add your bot’s on.

7.Tap on Continue to add the bot to your Discord Mobile

Continue the process of adding the bot

On the Discord page, you will see an “ADD TO SERVER” menu.

So tap on the drop-down menu to confirm your server choice.

Then tap on “Continue” to confirm adding your bot.

A new page will open, so check all the permissions of the bot.

Make sure to check all bots’ permission when you want to add them to your server on your Discord Mobile app.

After checking the permissions, scroll down to the end of the page and tap on “Authorize”.

Then an identity verification page will open, so tap on “I am human” to confirm the captcha.

And your bot will be added to your Discord server.

8.Make your final bot setup and start using it

Check the discord bot after adding it to the Discord mobile app

If you are using a bot that has a website, you will be redirected to the bot website to make the setup.

But if it’s a normal one, you will be able now to use it directly.

So as we are using the MEE6, the “Plugin gallery” page will open.

This will help you to manage your bot settings and add commands and roles from the bot website directly.

So the MEE6 has its own website where you can always manage the settings on.

Now tap on the three lines at the top right of the page to take a look at all the MEE6 bot settings.

Then, finally, go to your Discord mobile app and start using your server with the new bot.


How To Get Discord Bots Online

The best places online to get your Discord bots from are the bots’ discovery websites.

So as is a famous website, there is also a list of alternative websites that you can use.

This is the list:

  1. Discord Bot List
  2. Discord Bots gg
  3. Bots Ondiscord xyz
  4. Carbonitex
  5. Disforge
  6. Botblock

Now, if you like coding and want to get more advanced on finding Discord bots.

Then Github is the best place for you.

But these bots will be hard to add to your Discord server using your Mobile.

It’s better to use your PC and add them from your Discord PC app.

How To Remove Installed and Added Bots From Discord

To remove installed bots from your Discord server, using your Discord mobile app, tap on your server to open it.

Then go to the chat page and tap on the “Persons” icon.

Now find the bot on the Member’s List.

Then tap on it, and on the new popup, scroll down, then tap on “Kick” to remove the bot.

A new page will open, so tap again “Kick” to confirm the removal.


Servers on Discord need always bots to make it easy for you to manage.

But you have to be careful when choosing the best Discord bot for your server.

However, the best website to use when you want to find bots is

So today you’ve learned how to add bots to your Discord server on Mobile.

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