How To Add Emojis to Discord Channels

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If you are trying to make your Discord server looks better, you are definitely wondering how to add Emojis to your Discord channels.

To do it, there are five simple steps to follow that will help you to add emojis easily.

You can do it by using online Emojis websites, as it’s the fastest way.

Such as Getmoji, Emojikeyboard, Iemoji, Emojiterra.

However, if you want to add emojis to your Discord app overall including channels.

Then you can do it’s possible by downloading the Better Discord app.

Which has plugins that contain all types of different emojis.

So today I will show you how to add emojis to your Discord channels (names and chats).

How To Add Emojis to Discord Channels

To add emojis to your Discord channels, go to the Getemoji website, then choose the Emoji you like and copy it by selecting it with your mouse.

Then go to your Discord app and open your server.

On the server, select the channel you want to add the Emoji to and click on the “Settings” icon.

However, you can use Better Discord to download new emojis and use them on your chat without needing to upgrade to the Nitro version.

Also, there are bots that contain GIF emojis, which you can use to add more collections of emojis to your Discord for Free.

Such as Mirus Emotes, ChillZone, Zodiac Bot.

Note that we will be using a PC to make this tutorial.

1.Copy the Emojis from the Getmoji website

Open the Getmoji website to copy the Emoji and add it on the Discord channels

Firstly, head over to the Getmoji website.

When the website home page opens, you will see for instance a bunch of emojis.

So you can scroll if you want to find out more emojis that you can add to your Discord channels.

However, if you are looking for a specific emoji idea, you can type about what you are thinking of in the “Search box”, at the top of the page.

To do so, click on the search box then search for example for the word, “Smile”, “Airplane”, “Yellow”.

Then hit the Enter button, and you will get all the related results.

So click on the link to open the page and copy the emoji.

After the page opens, select the emoji with your mouse, then copy by clicking “Ctrl+C”.

Then your emoji will be copied successfully.

2.Click on the Channel settings icon

Navigate to the Discord channel settings page

After copying your emoji, go to your Discord app.

Now, when you find your server at the right menu of the app and click on it.

Then, on the new page, click on your Channel’s name to open it.

When your channel opens, hover your cursor to the channel’s name.

Then click on the Settings icon to open the settings page.

Then you will be redirected to the Channel Settings page, where you can edit and add your emoji.

3.Add the Emoji to your Channel’s name

Paste and add the emoji on the channel name field

After opening your channel’s settings page, hover to the Channel’s name section.

Then click on the name to edit it.

Now paste the emojis you’ve copied to the channel’s name.

And you will be ready to save changes.

However, if you want to add emojis on your Discord app and channels in chats.

You can learn how to install and use the Better Discord app.

Which with it, you will be able to add new emojis that you use on social media.

There is a process to download the app.

Therefore, you can check the emojis’ plugins link to get and use them on your Discord.

4.Save the changes on Discord

Save and apply changes on the Discord app

Now that you’ve copied the emoji to your channel’s name, it’s time to save changes.

So click on the “Save Changes” green button.

Then you will see that your channel has now an emoji on it.

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to copy an emoji directly from your Discord.

Hence, it’s better to do it with an online website, which is ideal.

5.Download Better Discord to add emojis on your channel chats

Install Better Discord to add emoji on Channels

After changing your channel name, you can visit the Better Discord website to download the app.

Then use its plugins to add them to your Discord channels and servers chats.

After downloading the Better Discord, visit the plugins page and search for “Emojis”.

Then you will see all the emojis plugins available.

Click on the Download button to start the download directly.

Or you can click on the plugin to visit the description page and get more information about it.

Finally, when you download the plugin, drag the download file to the Better Discord page in your app.

Then enable it, and you will be able to add and send new emojis on your Discord channels and servers.


When you want to engage and specify channels on your Discord server and grow it exponentially.

You will need to bet unique, and this happens by adding emojis to your channels.

So the best way to add these emojis is by copying them from an online website like Getmoji.

Then paste them on your channel’s names in your settings.

Hence, today you’ve learned how to add emojis to your Discord channels (names and chats).

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