How to Identify a Font In PDF Online Using These Methods For Free

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What is a PDF font identifier?

When you are sometimes working at your office, and you receive an email from a company or a collaborator with a PDF file attachment, sometimes you will like the font included on the PDF file.

However, it’s not necessary that you receive an email. It can be an e-book or any type of document that you may wonder, what is the font included on that document.

So PDF font identifier is an application that works with AI reverse programming to be able to identify the font included in any type of PDF file or document.

It’s a powerful and time-saving way to identify the font, instead of asking the author for the font or spent time thinking about it.

Today I will show you the best 5 and easy ways to identify a font in pdf documents online

1.Using Adobe Reader

The best easiest and natural way to identify a font in PDF online is by using Adobe Reader, which can save you a lot of time and it happens with some mouse clicks.

You just have to make your PDF file ready on your Desktop or Downloads, if your file is on another PC you can check how to transfer it to your PC.

Let’s find out how it’s done:

Open PDF file with adobe reader to identify font in it
  • Open the PDF file with Adobe Reader
find font in PDF file
  • After the file is opened, hover the cursor to the top left of Adobe reader, then click on File
  • When the file list opens, go down and, Click on Properties
  • After Document Properties is opened, you will see a list of options on the top of the popup
  • Click on Fonts, then you will see the list of fonts that Adobe Reader has identified on your PDF document

2.Artwork PDF Font Identifier

Artwork is a brand label and packaging maker tool that provides a Free service to Identify fonts in PDF online, they have a user-friendly website with a UI design that can make the work easier and faster.

The tool name is Artwork Font Finder, which helps you extract and identify fonts from PDF documents with just a click.

How it works:

Open Artwork online font finder software
  • Go to Artwork PDF-Finder Page.
  • Click on “Try Now”
  • A new page will open, click on “Browse” or you can simply drag & drop your PDF document
  • After the PDF document is uploaded
  • You will get results on all PDFextracted information including the font that was identified
  • On the right side of the result page, you will find the font types that were identified by the tool

3.PDF Converter Online

Another tool to identify a font in PDF online, PDF Converter Online is a tool made at first to convert documents.

However, it also provides you with a font identifier option to be able to identify your font online.

Let’s find out how to use it:

Find font Using PDF converter online
  • First, open the PDF Converter Online website.
  • Then Click on “Choose File”.
  • After File Explorer is opened, Choose the PDF document you wish to identify its font
  • Click on “Open”, then the file will be uploaded automatically
  • Now, click on the “Extract Now!” red button to extract the font from the PDF document you choose
  • Finally, the file will be downloaded automatically on your PC as a Zip folder
  • You can also check it on your download history or in the download file
  • Open the zip folder and you will then see the font file inside it
  • Extract the zip folder to install the font
  • You can double-click on the font file to download and install it directly on your PC.

4.Extract PDF

In addition to identifying the font of PDF files, Extract PDF is a tool that helps you extract the raw images from any PDF document, it allows you to crop, flip, rotate, and inverse colors…

However, users who have tested this app liked it because it’s Free To Use, it has a download limit of 14 Mb.

It’s also available for android users on the play store.

Now get ready for the steps on how it works:

Go to Extract PDF online software
  • Go to the Extract PDF website.
  • Click on “Choose File”
  • After file explorer opens, choose the PDF file that you want to identify its font
  • Click on the file then click open
  • Now you will get back to the ExtractPDF website and click on Start, you will have to wait for the process of extracting (It’s fast)
  • After Extracting complete, you will be redirected to the results page
  • Then you can choose Fonts to see which type of font Extract PDF is found on your Document
  • You have also other options to choose from like (Images, Text, Metadata), these options show you what the tool found on your PDF document after extracting it

5.Aconvert Online Font Finder

A convert is a powerful tool that can help you identify a font in pdf online, For Free. However you are open to choose to just identify your PDF document font, you can also convert a bunch of documents such as (Ebook, Images, Video, Archives…) and a lot more.

By using Convert you can Identify font in PDF online easily, let’s check how:

Using Aconvert PDF tools
  • First, go to Aconvert website.
  • Then on the right sidebar choose “PDF” by clicking on it
  • When the PDF page opens, you will see multiple options at the top of the page, choose the “Extract” Option by clicking on it.
  • Then click on “Choose File”, then file explorer will open to let you choose the PDF document.
  • Now choose the document or file that you would like to identify a font in, and click open (Then the file will be uploaded automatically)
  • After the upload is complete, choose the type of process you like to do, in your case you want to identify a font in PDF, so click on “Type”>” Fonts”
  • Then click on “Submit”
Download font after being identified
  • After the tool have checked the font you will see an output file just down below the “Submit” Button
  • Click on the small download Icon, and Voila! Your font will be downloaded, and you will be able to use it.

6.[Bonus] – How to check font for a selected part of a PDF file

If you want to just select a small piece phrase or even a word on the document and identify the font of the selected part only, you are at the right place.

After learning this method, you will be able to identify the font in a PDF file online by just selecting a small part of the document.

That’s how it’s done:

Download and Install PDF exchange viewer software from website
  • Download PDF-XChange Viewer.
  • After the download is complete, install the app
  • While installing you should choose the Free Version of the app
  • When the install is complete, lunch the PDFX-Viewer app
Identify font using PDF exchange software on windows 10
  • Double click on the middle of the application window to choose your PDF document from file explorer
  • You can also simply drag & drop the document on the app
  • Now the document will be opened on the app
  • Select the “Selector Tool”, then choose the word or phrase that you like
  • After the selection of the font, right-click on your mouse and hover down to “Text Properties” then click on it
  • Now you will see a simple text if you selected a word, or a list of texts if you selected a phrase
  • There will be a + sign at the right of each text, click on that sign, and then you will see all the font details and types


These were the best ways that I found to help you identify a font in PDF online by using those simple and easy-to-use tools.

As you can see there are very easy ways to find that you never thought about.

Now it’s your turn to tell me, which way did you liked the most? And do you like to identify all the document font or a part of it?

Please share your answer below in the comment section.

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