15 Top Best, Cool and Fun Discord Bots For Your Server

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If you are looking for the top best cool and fun Discord bots for your server, then you are at the right place.

Using your Discord server with your friends is one of the most fun things that you can do.

So if you want to make your server the best server on Discord, then you may think about adding the top and best bots.

However, each bot has its commands that you should use on the chat rooms or server channels to make it work.

But keep in mind that there is also a prefix like “?”,“–”,“+”,“++”,”!”.

These are symbols that you have to add before the command to let the bot react with you.

For example, if you want to get help from the Dyno bot you have to type “?help”, and from the Yggdrasil bot “–help”.

So today, I will show you the 15 top best cool and fun Discord bots that will add to your Discord server more fun.

Therefore, you can learn how to add these cool and fun bots to your Discord server from here.

Now, to download the bots, you can download them from their websites directly.

As most of them have their website already, but you can also add them to your Discord server from the Top.gg website as well.

Top Discord Bots

On this list, you will see the top Discord bots in terms of the number of usage and popularity.

So these bots are used by a lot of servers.

In addition to that, they are bots that can be used in your server to moderate and add rules for people on Discord.

1.Carl Bot

One of the top best Discord bots, Carl Bot for facilitating role moderation

When you are searching for a bot that can do multiple tasks for you, then you need Carl Bot.

So you don’t need to add multiple bots on your Discord server to get what you require.

This bot has multitasking power that can save you time and effort.

It reduces your bots’ usage, which makes you use 1 bot at the place of 3.

With Carl Bot, you can:

  • Highlight and appreciate the new server member
  • Punish spammy messages and bad links
  • You can add up to 250 roles to a single message
  • Add your custom commands

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

2.MEE6 Bot

One of the top best Discod bots, MEE6 bot for making different custom commands and much more

MEE6 is one of the top used bots on the Discord communities.

The good thing about this bot is that you can customize the welcome message of new server members.

Also, add your server rules to let them know directly what’s your server bot is likes and dislikes.

With MEE6, you can:

  • Create Custom commands
  • Setup Streaming and get notification alerts from social media
  • Add levels and XP points to bring more fun for members

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

3.Dyno Bot

One of the top best Discord bots, Dyno for multitasking

Dyno bot is an alternative to the MEE6 bot, as it also has multiple tasking features on Discord.

It has anti-spamming automation that deletes unwanted messages.

The web dashboard is configurable, so you can configure your bot from its website directly.

With Dyno bot, you can:

  • Customize and configure your bot settings from the web dashboard
  • Add reminders to let users know when you are going live on Twitch
  • Allow your Discord server members to assign their rules by themselves

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

4.Hydra Bot

Hydra bot website homepage for general server moderation

If you are searching for a multilingual Discord bot, then Hydra is at the top list of bots is a good choice for you.

It has moderation, web dashboard, and reaction roles like other bots.

Hydra bot supports 24 languages including Chinese, Deutsche, and Hindi.

With Hydra Bot, you can:

  • Assign reaction roles
  • Edit the server settings on the web dashboard
  • Add your custom command list

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

Cool Discord Bots

This list has cool Discord bots that add more features.

And gives you exclusive access to your server and adds cool moments to your Discord journey.

Like statistics of your server and switching between multiple accounts at once.

1.Server Stats Bot

ServerStats bot, one of the cool discord bots for showing statistics

If you are the guy who likes to see the numbers, then you will get cool features with the Server Stats bot.

This bot has a lot of features in terms of statistics for your Discord server.

With Server Stats bot, you can:

  • Get all your server information in numbers
  • Check the number of your server members
  • Find how many users are online and offline

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

2.Tupperbox Bot

Tupperbox bot, one of the cool discord bots to change identity

Tupperbox allows you to use different identities on Discord servers chat.

Which adds more fun with your friends on Discord when you talk from different characters.

With Tupperbox bot, you can:

  • Convince users that you have multiple account
  • Control abusing and spammy users
  • Chat using multiple identities

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

3.Snipe Bot

SnipeBot for Discord server to check deleted messages

When users delete their messages for no reason on your Discord server, you can always get to see these messages using Snipe Bot.

This Discord bot allows you to get 25 messages history back.

With Snipe bot, you can:

  • Snipe messages that users have deleted in channels
  • Edit your snipes by removing them or aiming specific users
  • Find how far you can get back with deleted messages on your Discord server

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Top.gg.


StatBot for showing in depth data statistics on the server

This is another statistics cool Discord bot that has interesting features in showing you your server stats.

Statbot has its web dashboard that you can get a lot of your Discord server stats from.

With Statbot, you can:

  • Check the number of your server members over time
  • Get all the members’ information on your Discord server
  • Show countdown

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

5.YouTube Bot

YouTube cool bot for Discord facilitate watching videos better than other bots

Keep your community up to date with the YouTube bot.

You can bring YouTube directly to your server, like videos, channels, and most trending.

This bot brings cool features to your Discord server that other bots don’t.

With YouTube bot, you can:

  • Watch YouTube videos on your Discord server
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe on YouTube channels
  • Watch trending YouTube videos on the server

Add the bot to your Discord Server from Top.gg.

6.Streamcord Bot

Streamcord Discord bot for Twitch Streamers to enable streaming easily

Grow your Twitch community on Discord easily with the Streamcord bot.

You can add your Twitch live streaming on the Discord server.

As well as notifying other members about the streaming.

With Streamcord bot, you can:

  • Use it with 29 different languages
  • Watch and listen streams on Twitch
  • Get info about Twitch streamers profiles and watch their clips

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

7.Arcane Bot

Arcane cool Discord bot to add engagement and voice leveling to server members

Keep your server clean and give a push for your server engagements using the Arcane bot.

One of the best features that this cool bot does, and other bots don’t, is the YouTube notification.

Which makes you send notifications to your YouTube audience via Discord.

Plus voice leveling them and award your Discord members.

With Arcane bot, you can:

  • Add Role rewards for free on your server unlimitedly like XP’s.
  • Voice leveling your members by calculating their voice activity
  • Setup the YouTube notification system

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website or Top.gg.

Fun Discord Bots

Add more fun to your Discord server by trying this selected list of fun Discord bots.

These bots will most likely add enjoyable moments to your Discord server while playing games and chatting with your friends.

1.Vexera Bot

Vexera Discord bot to moderate easily the server

Vexera bot is one of the moderation bots that can facilitate your tasks on the server.

By easily kicking and banning users from the server.

As well as sending greetings to the new members, which makes it one of the top fun bots.

With Vexera bot, you can:

  • Send warm greetings to your new members
  • Easily modify the moderations
  • Edit the settings from the web dashboard

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website.

2.Color Chan Bot

Color Chan bot for adding fun colors to usernames on server chats

To add a lot of colors, you need a Discord bot that has this type of fun feature that other bots don’t have.

Color Chan bot has more than 16 million different colors to add to your server.

With Color Chan bot, you can:

  • Create a color list to use it after
  • Add random colors on your Discord server
  • Change usernames color in the servers’ chat

Add the bot to your Discord Server from Top.gg.

3.Poketwo Bot

Poketwo bot to bring the Pokemon fun gaming experience

If you already like Pokémon and you want to bring this experience to your Discord server.

Then Pketwo Bot is one of the best fund Discord bots that you can try.

You can battle with your friends by catching Pokémons.

With Poketwo bot, you can:

  • View all the caught Pokémon
  • Play a battle Pokémon catching game with your friends
  • Guess the Pokémons

Add the bot to your Discord Server from Top.gg.

4.Yggdrasil Bot

Yggdrasil bot for playing games and sending jokes on the Discord server

To play fun games with your friends using one of the top discord bots out there, you have to give Yggdrasil bot a try.

Using the Yggdrasil bot, you can play racing and guess games with your friends.

With Yggdrasil bot, you can :

  • Play Guess and racing games
  • Send a random joke
  • Flips your conversation
  • Make your personal ice cream

Add the bot to your Discord Server from the Official Website.


Adding bots to your Discord server will bring more fun and makes you control it better.

Because without these discord bots, it’ll be hard to grow your server.

However, you have to be careful when you choose the bots because some of them can ruin your server.

So today you’ve got the 15 top best cool and fun bots to add to your Discord server.

Now if you don’t know how to add bots to your Discord server, you can check this link.

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