The Best Fiber Optic Router for Fast Internet Speed and Good Price

People trying to increase internet speed with 5g fiber optic router

Have you ever thought about having the best fiber optic router to make your internet connection fast?

Internet speed is a must to achieve your online connection goal, no matter what is a scenario you are in, you will definitely need the best fiber optic router to achieve a fast connection.

Having a busy life on the internet is not easy today, each day you will open at least 4 pages on each website you visit.

However, as an average internet user, you will be using the internet for 2 hours and 25 minutes on average.

Imagine what you will be doing at that time, youtube, google search, online gaming, downloading, uploading…

Today I will show you the best fiber optic router for a faster internet speed and affordable price.

What Is Fiber Optic Technology in the Internet World

Fiber Optic technology is a type of data transmission that allows transferring large amounts of data and info through very thin plastic cables made, it performs very well over long distances.

This technology is used today by many people and businesses, and the minimum download speed of the fiber optic is 5 to 25 Mbps for telecommuting, 10 Mbps for Downloading, and 1 Mbps for social media.

These results give us a clear view of what fiber optic can do with an average internet user, which can be more than enough to download large files and work on a daily basis.

How Do Fiber Optic Routers Work and Why They Are Fast

Fiber optic routers perform better than the normal wifi router because they are made to receive and exchange a high amount of data with multiple devices at the same time.

As the fiber optic is a fast internet connection, fiber optic routers also are made to afford the high internet speed depending on what you are working on.

In fact, internet speed is the first factor that can affect your router speed, no matter if your router was fast and well-performing.

However, most fiber optic routers need a modem to transform the fiber cable into a LAN Ethernet cable, or what we call a media converter (ISP), then you will the fastest internet.

What Is the Best Fiber Optic Router

After this comparison, you will be able to choose what is the best fiber optic router that can fit your needs, fast, and has an affordable price.

1.Asus RT-AC68U

Asus RT-AC68U fiber optic router

If you are a person who is searching for good internet speed, affordable router price, and secure connection. Then go for the RT-AC68U:

  • Price: $129.99
  • Can connect to other Asus routers
  • Has a two-band range which is 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11ac, which means you can connect 2.4GHz devices and 5GHz devices
  • Contains AiProtection, Lifetime security by trend Micro
  • Has Parental Control
TP-link RT-AC1900 fiber optic router

Tp-link is a good choice for your home if you had a family, and all of you use the same network, so you will need a high speed using that router.

  • Price: $103.99
  • 4-gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for better LAN connectivity
  • Fast access to multiple Ethernet connected device
  • 1Ghz dual-core processor that can handle multiple devices at once
  • It has a USB port to easily share your files or printers across the home network
  • Has dual-band that can provide 2.4Ghz and 5GHz devices with internet connections
  • Tp-link setup interface ready

3.Asus RT-AC86U

Asus RT-AC86U fiber optic router

This is a fiber optic router for gamers and high-speed internet consumers, also for people who like to watch 4k streaming events.

  • Price: $119
  • Dual-Band available 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Works with Alexa
  • Has 5 ethernet ports to connect multiple devices broadband cables
  • Contains Asus router mobile phone and PC app to set up and check it
  • Parental Control available
  • Provide a maximum speed of 2167 Mbps which is enough for gamers
  • Has an 8Ghz 32bit dual-core processor to optimize network traffic and bandwidth
  • Trend Micro protection to prevent external attacks on your network
  • Has a range of 5000Sqft
TP-Link Archer AX11000 fiber optic router

If you look for an advanced and professional fiber optic router with a lot of features, and you can afford the price.

Then Tp-link AX11000 is the choice, as it’s one of the fastest Wifi 6 routers, mostly used for hard pressure environments, like gaming, high-speed download, and upload.

  • Price: $299.99
  • Contains 8 LAN ports of 8Gbps speed plus 1 port of 2.5Gbps speed
  • Has 1.8Ghz 4 cores CPU, to give you the best network connectivity
  • Tri-Band with a Dedicated 5GHz gaming band and 2.4Ghz normal devices band, plus 5Ghz PC devices band
  • Thanks to OFDMA technology which reduces lag and lower the ping
  • Ultra internet speed machine which provides 4804 Mbps speed with 5GHz bandwidth
  • Can connect home devices at once with the ability to share at the same time
  • Work with Alexa
  • Can connect in up to 1700sfqt home, with range of 20ft away from the house, using 2.4Ghz network band

5.Asus AX88U

Asus AX88U fiber optic router

Another gaming performance fiber optic router, with wifi 6 technology, but this time with affordable price, and Asus mark.

  • Price: $299.92
  • Contains Next Generation wifi 6 for better network connection
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Has 8 LAN ports to support more devices at the same time
  • Lower your gaming Ping to get the best out of your gaming experience
  • Provide 160Mhz bandwidth with a speed of 6Gbps on the 2.4Ghz band and 4.8Gbps on the 5Ghz band

6.NetGear Nighthawk XR1000

NetGear Nighthawk XR1000 fiber optic router

For best Ping rates, and smoother streaming the Nighthawk XR1000 is a good choice.

As all pro gamers consider the ping as an important factor in their wins, this router can help them fix that issue.

  • Price can range depending on your needs, but it starts at $140 for wifi 5 technology
  • Dual-Band connection for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz devices
  • Fast internet speed of 1.7 Gbps
  • Bypass network congestion and reduces lags
  • Contains a Geo-filtering feature to connect to the nearest network server and provide you with the best internet speed
  • Contains 4 LAN ports with 4Gbps speed
  • Has a 1Ghz processor to support more devices at once

A small tip to think about is that wifi 5 technology can hit a speed of 3.5Gpbs as maximum, in addition, Wifi 6 hits 250% of Wifi 5 speed which is 9.6Gbps.

Now let’s talk about the best choice for you.

  1. If you are a person who uses the internet normally and just looking for faster internet speed then go for the TP-link RT-AC1900.
  2. If you are a gaming beginner and looking to reduce your ping and have a good internet speed for some multitasking, then go for ASUS RT-AC86U.
  3. Now if you are a person who is a pro gamer, of course, you will be seeking to lower your ping and game lags, and maybe connect more than one device. Also, you will need a high-processing fiber optic router.

No matter what the price is, you just need the best fiber optic router out there.

Then go for the: Archer AX11000.

Which will give you the ability to benefit from the next Wifi 6 Generation, reduce ping, have a better gaming experience, with a secure connection.

WiFi Band 2.4 vs 5 Ghz: Which One Do You Need

comparison between 2.4 Ghz bandwidth and 2.5 Ghz

Bandwidth is the maximum volume of information sent over the internet connection for a specific amount of time.

One of the most important parts is to know that bandwidth is key to choose the right fiber optic router for your home.

As bandwidth is calculated in GHz and there are two types of bandwidth which are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The 2.4 GHz has a lower speed when transferring data connection, while 5GHz can transform data faster at a shorter range.

A lot of appliances and technology devices use the 2.4 GHz frequency, so you don’t have to think so much about it if you are an average internet user. Because most of the devices are in the 2.4 GHz range.

However, if you had some devices with a 5GHz connection technology then go for the 5GHz router.

Modem vs Routers: Why It’s Important To Know

Modem connected to router via fiber optic cable in home

First, let’s understand what is a router. It’s a device made to connect and transform the internet coming from its provider to your home or network devices.

Let’s say you have two or three computers at home, and you want them all to be connected together sharing files and sharing the internet, and even printing together or scanning together.

What you need is a home wifi network, and the router does this for you and provides you with an internet connection.

The modem is also a device that brings the internet into your home or business, but has some router functionality.

On the other hand, it differs in the way it works. So it’s important to have a modem because it can help to understand the two different types of signals used on a computer and on the internet.

A computer will only be able to read the digital signals, while signals out on the internet are analog.

Now signals data will come in from the internet to the modem, then it will transform the incoming signals into a digital signal to let the computer understand them then connect you.

However, a Modem can just be connected to one device, so you will definitely need a router and a modem to have a proper internet connection.

Why Is ADSL Cable Loses in Front of Fiber Optic Cable

The use of fiber optic is growing explosively, and fiber optic cables are capable of transmitting data more efficiently and faster than ADSL cables.

However, fiber optic cables contain a few to hundreds of optical fibers with a plastic casing, so they are able to exchange data for hundred of miles countless times.

Fiber optic cables have become the preferable network cable technology used for most people and businesses, in some places it has the same price as the normal ADSL cable with a higher speed.

In fact, Fiber optic cables are mostly used in the health industry, automotive industry, telecommunication, mechanical inspections. This gives a clear vision of the future of internet cables, as most of the industry will work virtually and need a very fast internet speed.

Advantages of fiber optic cables:

  • They can easily hit risk environments, like submerging into water
  • Stronger cables, lighter and thinner than copper cables
  • Supports very high bandwidth 
  • Can transmit data for long-distance
  • Way faster than an Ethernet cable
  • Has a very low ping for the better gaming experience

How To Connect Fiber Optic Cable

You cannot connect fiber optic cables directly to your router. But the router can work with a fiber modem.

This is why you need to have a modem and a router at the same time.

  • First, bring your fiber optic modem
  • Then you have to connect the optic cable to the modem’s fiber optic cable port.
  • Now take an Ethernet LAN cable and connect it to your modem, then connect the LAN cable to your router
  • After finishing, connect them to the power port together, and then test your connection
  • Finally, you will be connected to the fast internet

You should note that not all fiber optic ready router has an optic port into it, so consider buying a fiber optic modem with your router.

Refer to this video to understand how it happens visually:

Finally: Is the Fiber Optic Router Worth It

Yes, a Fiber optic router is the best option to go for if you wanted a faster internet connection, better multitasking work, higher download, and upload speed, with low ping.

It’s better for all kinds of scenarios you will be in, it’s just a choice that will change while choosing a router that can fit your needs.

If you like to see the speed test and fast websites going crazy, then buy the best fiber optic router, but put in your mind, the more features you want, the more you will expect to pay.

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