Top 5 Better Discord Themes and Plugins to Download Now

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Have you recently downloaded Better Discord and you want to know what’s the top themes and plugins to download and use?

Better Discord is a third-party tool that you install on your PC and use on Discord.

It gives you more ability to customize and make changes on the Discord app by using themes and plugins.

So today, I will show you the top 5 better discord themes and plugins to download and use now.

Top 5 Better Discord Themes

Some of the Better Discord themes are customizable after downloading.

But it’s done by opening the theme file and editing it with the Notepad++ app to change the background photo and adjust other options.

However, there is a part of themes that you can customize directly before downloading it.

Which is the easiest way to get your theme done as you like.

In addition to this, if any Better Discord theme is customizable, the developer will mention this and provide a link to teach you to customize their theme.

Also, you can use Better Discord plugins with the themes without issues.

So let’s check the top 5 Better Discord Themes.

1.Fallout 4 Terminal

Fallout 4 Terminal one of the best Better Discord Themes

If you already played Fallout 4, you will notice that the use of Terminals are a must to complete the game.

So, Fallout 4 Terminal is a theme that transforms your Discord app into a Terminal machine.

Which makes the design looks like a programmer machine that will inspire and surprise your friends.

However, the new update of the Fallout 4 Terminal theme gave a better look for the Discord design.

2.Opera GX Gaming Theme

Opera GX gaming Theme

For the pro gamers that are always browsing the internet through the Opera GX browser, you can now bring the same Opera GX design to your Discord.

By using the Opera GX browser, the first thing you think about is the dark and red color of the browser design.

So bringing the same design to your Discord means you’ve made a new achievement in your gaming journey.

The Opera GX Gaming Theme has an active gaming design which makes Discord looks unique.


NotAnotherAnimeTheme theme

NotAnotherAnimeTheme is a simple reskin that allows you to add a new, fresh look to the Discord UI.

It’s good for gamers who like and watch Anime movies or play games like Genshin Impact and have a passion for it.

The good thing about this theme is that it’s fully customizable.

But there is a way to customize it, which is by editing the theme file using Notepad++.

Now if you get issues while customizing the theme you can check the developer page on Better Discord.

They teach you how to customize their Better Discord theme.

You can also click on this link, to see their YouTube video tutorial.


EmojiReplace Theme

If you use Emojis a lot on Discord, then you have to think about using the EmojiReplace theme.

Of course, you’ve already used Facebook and iPhone Emojis to express your feeling on the screen.

So EmojiReplace is likely a plugin that you can use, but the developer made it a theme.

Because you can’t make Better Discord plugins for Emojis.

However, you can use it with other Better Discord themes without any issue.

They have nearly all Emojis’ collections from providers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Microsoft, and others.


Discord+ Theme

Discord+ is a good-looking Better Discord theme that is fully customizable to match your preferred design and colors.

The theme adds to your Discord a new UI design with rounded corners.

It helps you to navigate easier while using your Discord app.

The changes are made starting from the Icon sizes and changes to the background image.

Also has a background blur color with overall spacing between the menus in the front end look.

Top 5 Better Discord Plugins

For the Better Discord plugins, you can use them directly, just after enabling them.

But first, you have to download them from the official website.

Then copy and paste them on the file directory of the Better Discord app.

So you can learn How To Install Better Discord Plugins and Themes in the section below.


VolumeUserBooster One of the Best Better Discord Plugins

UserVolumeBooster, allow you to set the volume up by more than 100%, which is 200%.

So if you are a person who always likes his ears to stay high, then this is a good plugin for you.

It’s one of the most used Better Discord plugins.

But keep in mind that high-volume sounds can hurt your ears, so use the plugin wisely.


SplitLargeMessages Plugin

SplitLargeMessages allow you to send larger messages on Discord.

Now, if you don’t have Discord Nitro actually, you’re limited to 300 – 320 characters per message on the app.

But this Better Discord plugin allows you to send larger messages, which also Better Discord Nitro doesn’t.

So it’s useful for Discord server admins that they need to send longer messages to their users.


ReadAllNotificationsButton Plugin

If you want to read all the notification and make your notification button looks easy to navigate.

Then ReadAllNotificationsButton plugin will make it happen.

So this Better Discord plugin, adds a pro look and more features to the notification buttons.

You can read all your notifications and get access to all types of messages.


GameActivityToggle Plugin

The GameActivityToggle gives you full control over your game activity status.

Which makes you activate or turn off your gaming activity on Discord.

Using this plugin gives you more privacy while playing games and using discord at the same time.


MessageLoggerV2 plugin

MessageLoggerV2 is a Better Discord plugin that allows you to see deleted messages on Discord.

You can save all purged and deleted messages and even edit messages history.

As well as editing ghost pings.

So if you want to see deleted messages on Discord, then use the MessageLoggerV2 plugin.

How To Install Better Discord Plugins and Themes

How to Install Better Discord Themes and Plugins

To Install Better Discord plugins and themes, go to the Better Discord official website, then download the Themes and Plugins and paste the files on the Discord directory.

However, you can use the same method for both plugins and themes.

So here are the steps of Install Better Discord plugins and themes:

  1. Download Themes and Plugins files from the official Better Discord website.
  2. Copy the downloaded plugins files from the download directory to the Better Discord Plugins directory (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins).
  3. Copy the downloaded themes files from the download directory to the Better Discord themes directory (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\themes).
  4. Enable the Better Discord plugins and themes on Discord by switching the toggle buttons ON.
  5. Start using them.

Now, if you face issues with the installation and you don’t understand how the installation works.

Then you can check How to Install Better Discord and Use it in (5 minutes).

Are Better Discord Themes Allowed

No, Better Discord themes aren’t allowed on Discord, because it’s against their TOS (Terms of Service).

So Discord can ban users from using the Better Discord app and changing their client on the server.

But there is no proof that Discord removed or banned users’ accounts for using the Better Discord themes and plugins.


When you use the Better Discord app, it’s easy to get more possibilities and enjoy more features.

However, Discord itself is very limited with its features, and they have a paid option which is the Nitro.

But with Better Discord plugins and themes, you can get a lot of new trending features that facilitate your app usage.

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