How To Change Your Age on Discord (Without Getting Banned)

Multiple generation ages which represents the circle of life

Are you wondering how to change your age on discord without getting banned?

If you already created your discord account with a fake age, it’s okay.

The first thing you should think about is to contact Discord support to solve the issue for you.

However, this may not work all time if you didn’t verify your age by sending them an ID.

But there is another option to delete your current account and make a new one.

Which sounds a bit frustrating and takes more time, but it works.

So you have to wait for 2 weeks in order to delete permanently your current account.

Today, I will show you how to change your age on Discord without getting banned.

How To Change Your Age on Discord

To change your age on Discord, visit the Discord support page and submit a ticket, then optionally add your personal ID, or a driver’s license, or any valid ID to get verified.

You have to keep in mind that your account may get locked when you visit an NSFW (Not Suitable for Wumpus) channel.

Which are servers that contain adult content and texts that are not suitable for users under the age of 18.

So when Discord locks down your account, you will receive a notification that asks you to verify your age.

Now the important part about this is the time you have to verify your age which is 30 days.

However, there are two ways to solve this issue with the hope of not getting banned before 30 days.

Method1: Change age by submitting a ticked on Discord Support

One of the best options to not get banned if you want to change your age is to contact Discord support.

However, if you’ve mistaken about your age, it will be hard to get your account verified.

Especially if you are under 18, but if you are older, the case can be more flexible.

1.Submit a Discord Ticket request

Submit a ticket request on the support center

First, open the support page by going to

A new page will open where you will see a form in the ticket form.

So on the first form, there is a “Trust & Safety” option that’s already there.

However, you have to continue filling the other fields to complete the request and change your age on Discord.

2.Fill in the blanks with your email

Add email and fill in the blanks to chagne the age

So type your Discord email on the “email address” field.

Then on the next option, there is a “How can we help” question with a small arrow on the right.

Click on that arrow, and you will see a dropdown menu containing multiple options.

So choose the “Appeals, age update, other questions” option, which is the last option.

Then on the next field also, select the “Update my age information” option.

3.Add your phone number

Add optional contact to higher chances of accepting the request

When you select “Update your age information”, a new field will show up.

So, in this field, you can enter your phone number to higher the chances of accepting your request to change your age on Discord.

4.Add your original Date of Birth

Add the new birthday date on Discord age change request

Now, the most important part is to add your original Discord birthday date that is included on your verified ID.

So add your new original Discord birthday date as the format of (Month/Day/Year).

5.Upload a Photo of your ID

Making a message on the support page to send it to Discord

After adding your birthday date, on the subject field, write “Update and Change My Age on Discord”.

Then write on the description a brief message that describes your situation.

So you can ask Discord support to kindly change your date or that you’ve made a mistake if you added a false age.

Now the final step is to add a photo of you while holding your photo ID that contains your face image and a piece of paper that you’ve written in the discord username.

For example, (Yakoben#4119) is my username that should be written on paper.

Then click on the checkbox to confirm the information that you’ve added.

However, adding your photo and ID is optional, but it can also higher the chances to change your Discord age.

Method2: Delete your Discord account and create a new one

The second method takes about two weeks to get a new Discord account and change your age in it.

However, you can keep your account instead of deleting it and creating a new one with a different email address.

But you can’t create a new account with the same email address that you’ve already used on Discord.

So let’s check how to delete your current account and create a new one.

1.Navigate to “My Account”

Navigate to the Discord account page

Open your Discord settings page.

Now make sure you are on the “My Account” page.

Then scroll down until you find the two red buttons.

Which are “Disable account” and “Delete Account”.

2.Click on “Delete Account”

Delete Discord account to change the age and create a new one

After finding the two buttons, click on the “Delete Account” button.

Then a new popup will open with a message to confirm with you that you will not be able to log in again after the deletion.

So to confirm your choice, enter your password then click on “Delete Account”.

However, if you have a server you have to delete your servers or assign them to another moderator to be able to delete the account.

3.Create a new account

Create a new Discord account and change the age

After deleting your Discord account, you will have to wait for 14 days until the process ends.

But you can log in again to your account and get it back on the processing time.

However, after 14 days, your username will change to “Deleted User#0000”.

So to create a new Discord account, you can add the same email after 14 days.

Then change your new Discord age and add the new birthdate.

Keep in mind that it’s advisable that you associate your old Discord account with a random email you create before the deletion.

To prevent if anything happened of getting banned when creating the new account.


Can a 12 Year Old Use Discord

No, a 12-year-old teen can’t use Discord, the minimum requirement to use Discord is 13 years old.

Discord is strict about the age restriction to make to protect teens in most cases.

Because there are NSFW channels on Discord servers that contain adult images and text, which is not suitable for teens. 

Is Discord Safe for 10 Year Olds

Not always. Discord has a lot of NFS channels, which means children can get into these channels by mistake.

But as long as parents are taking control of their children’s activities, Discord is a safe place.

This can be done by adding the parents’ email.

How Long Is a Discord Server Ban

There are two types of a ban on Discord, which are Kick and Ban.

So if you were kicked from a server, you can join again at any time.

Now, if you got banned, you will be banned permanently from the server.

Your IP and phone number will also be affected by the ban.

So you will impossibly be able to join the server until you contact the moderator to remove the ban.


When you decide to change your age on Discord, there are two things you have to get into consideration.

You have to submit a request or delete your current account and make a new one.

So these two ways are the best ways to avoid being banned on Discord.

Today, you’ve learned how to change your age on Discord without getting banned.

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