How To Change App Icons on Your Android Phone in 5 Minutes

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App icons can help you find your apps more easily on your phone’s home screen, but you may think to change some app icons on your android phone.

There are several ways to change app icons on android, but some users would like to change one icon instead of all icons.

However, some other users like to customize everything on their phone screen.

Today I will show you how to change app icons on android in 5 minutes by doing both ways easily.

How to Change App Icons on Android

To change the app icons on your android, download the Nova Launcher or Smart Launcher, then apply your icon pack on the launcher using Icon Pack Studio.

Using a launcher is easier than manual customization, as you can change all the app icons at once, which will save you time.

You can install other launcher apps if you want to, but each launcher has its way to change app icons on your android phone.

Now, if you like to work on each app icon without a launcher, follow the second method.

1.Install and open the Smart Launcher App

Download and launch Smart Launcher app

Go to Google Play and Install the Smart Launcher app.

Then open it for the first time and you will get a “Get Started” Page.

Tap on the “Get Started” button, and follow the installation process.

After that, a new theme page will open, so here you can choose the theme type.

Choose the one you like by tapping on it, then tap “Confirm”.

2.Set the launcher as default

Skip subscription page on Smart Launcher app

Now a page will open asking you to make a paid subscription on the app.

Skip it by tapping on the small “X” at the top right, as you want to change your app icons for free.

Then the launcher will start setting up, and sometimes the app will exit.

Set Smart Launcher app as default

So open again the launcher, and set it as the default launcher if you want to.

Keep in mind that setting the Smart Launcher as default will not delete your original phone operating system.

It will just replace your original phone launcher, to make it easy when you want to change your app icons.

So after tapping on the “Set as default” button.

A new page will open asking you to switch your original Phones launcher to “Smart Launcher“.

Tap on “Smart Launcher”.

4.Download and Install Icon Pack Studio

Download and Install Icon Pack Studio to change app icons on android

Now after making the “Smart Launcher” ready.

Download the “Icon Pack Studio” from Google Play.

However, the “Icon Pack Studio” is related to the Smart Launcher app.

So it will be faster for you to change your app icons.

After you’ve downloaded the app, open it, then tap on “Continue” to launch it.

5.Choose the Icon Pack

Choose and Icon pack on Icon pack studio

After opening the “Icon Pack Studio” app, you will find a lot of new icon packs.

You can navigate between the Hot, New, or Top icon packs menus to download and change your app icons into your launcher.

Some Icon packs have the “Pro” blue bade on them.

So skip them because they are paid.

Instead, you can buy them if you want.

So focus on Free icon packs that don’t contain the “Pro” badge.

6.Tap on “Download”

Download the Icon pack and check it on the library

Now after you’ve chosen your preferred icon pack.

Tap on the photo of the pack, then a new page will open, which is the download page.

Tap on “Download”, then the download will start instantly.

A new page will open after the download, which is the library of your downloaded icon packs.

7.Apply the icon pack to the launcher

Apply the Icon pack to change app icons in the Smart Launcher on android

Tap on the pack file, then after the pack opens, tap “Apply”.

A new popup will open with two options, “Home Screen” and “App Page”, check both of them, then tap “OK”.

Now go back to your launcher, and you will see that the change has been made to your app icons.

Check for the new icons after changing them on Smart Launcher

How To Customize App Icons on Android Without a Launcher

To customize app icons on android without a launcher, install the “X Icon Changer” app and change your app icons individually.

1.Install X Icon Changer

Download and install X Icon Launcher and open it

Install the “X Icon Changer” app from Google play.

After installing the app, open it, and you will find all your android app icons there.

You can scroll down to find the app that you want to change its icon.

Also, you can search for the app by tapping on the search bar.

2.Tap on the app icon you want to change

Choose an app icon to change on android using X Icon Changer

After finding the app that you want to change its icon.

Tap on the app’s original icon.

Then a new page will open which is the customization page.

On that page, you will be able to create a shortcut to the app with a new icon and name.

3.Customize the name and icon of the app

Customize the name of the app and change the app icon

Now that you’ve opened the customization page, you will see all new icons there.

To change the name of the app, tap on the small “pencil icon” below the app icon.

Then add the new name you like.

So you can change your app icon by choosing one of the icons in the library.

4.Tap “Ok” and Create a new icon shortcut

Apply the icon shortcut on the android home screen

After choosing the icon, tap on the “OK” button.

A new ad will pop up before making your icon ready.

After watching the ad, a new popup will show, tap “ADD”.

Finally, your app icon shortcut will be ready on your android home screen.

How to Change Icons Back to Default Android

If you want to get your icons back to default, there are two ways to do it, depending on which method you used to change your app icons.

If you used the “Smart Launcher Method”, go to settings on the launcher.

Then navigate to Apps>Default apps>Home app and choose your default android launcher.

However, if you used the “X Icon Changer” method, just go to your android home screen.

Then simply delete the icon by long tap on it and tap “Remove”.


App icons design is interesting when you want to make some design changes on your phone, it can do your theme a new look.

So these were the two ways that can help you to change app icons on your android phone.

However, you can use the Smart Launcher if you want to change the look of your home screen.

Also with the Smart Launcher method, you will be able to change all your android app icons at once.

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