How To Change Your Name on Discord

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Have you decided to change your Discord name (username) on your PC or Mobile, and you don’t know how to?

If you’ve ever decided to change your username, you will just need to access the Discord settings.

However, there is a difference between your Discord name, and the Discord tag.

For example, this is your Discord username “Yakoben21#4119”.

The Discord name is “Yakoben21” and the number after the hashtag is your Tag, which is “4119”.

In addition, Discord describes your name as a username also, so changing the name means changing your username.

Now, in order to change your Discord tag, you have to subscribe to Discord Nitro.

But to change your name (username) only, it’s free and unlimited times.

So today, I will show you how to change your name on Discord in 3 easy steps.

How To Change Your Name on Discord

To change your name on Discord, navigate to the Settings page, then click on Edit near your username and change your name.

This method works on both mobile and PC Discord versions.

But there is a little difference in both methods as the design of the app is slightly different.

However, keep in mind that you can change your name anytime you want without any restriction.

You can also clone your friends’ names as well.

But your Discord tag will remain different from the one that your friend has.

This will make the combination of your username, which makes it easy to identify you on Discord.

Now, after changing your name, it will apply to all servers and chats on Discord.

So you can enter each server and change your Discord Nickname if you want to have a different name on servers.

How To Change Your Name on Discord PC

To change your name on your Discord on the PC mode, navigate to “My Account” then click on the “Edit” icon near your username and change your name.

But you can’t change the tag, which is the number that appears near your name if you are not a Nitro user.

1.Click on the “Settings” icon

Navigating to the settings page on PC

Open your Discord app.

Then click on the “Settings” icon.

When the settings page opens, you will find yourself already on the “My Account” page.

So here you can edit your account information, such as changing your email and phone number.

You can also change your Discord password.

2.Find your Discord username

Find Discord username on the settings page

Now, on the “My Account” page, look at your Discord profile.

Then you will find your “USERNAME” below the profile picture.

Which is “Yakoben21#4119” in our case.

So, click on the “Edit” button to open the username editing page to change your name.

3.Change your name (username) and click on Done

Change the Discord name and confirm it by entering the password

When you click the “Edit” button, a new popup will open where you can edit your username.

However, you can only edit your username, this is why you will see the tag number greyed out.

So type any username you want, on the left USERNAME field.

Then add your current discord password.

Now click on “Done” to confirm the change of your new Discord name.

Then your name will be changed instantly on all Discord servers and chats.

How To Change Your Name on Discord Mobile

To change your name on Discord Mobile, tap on your profile to open the “Settings” page, then tap “My Account” and tap on “Username” to change your name.

This method works on both iPhone and Android app.

Note that, don’t try to change your name multiple times in a small amount of time.

Otherwise, you will receive a notification that “You are changing your username or Discord Tag too fast. Try again later.”

1.Open your Discord Settings

Navigating to the settings page on mobile app

Go to your Discord mobile app on iPhone or Android.

Then tap on your profile picture at the top right of the screen.

Now you will be navigated to the settings page.

So you will find that the settings page on Mobile is similar to the one on the PC version.

2.Tap on “Username”

Find the username page to change the name on Discord

When the settings page opens, tap on “My Account”.

Then you will be redirected to a new page.

So tap on “Username” and a new page will open.

On that page, you will find the Discord name that you want to change, and the Tag which makes the Discord username.

However, keep in mind that you can’t change the number tag that is on the right if you are not subscribed as a Discord Nitro user.

3.Change your name

Change Discord username on Mobile and confirm it by typing password

Now that you’ve opened the Username page.

Tap on the field where your username is, then type the new one.

So when you change your name, a new “Save” button will appear.

Now tap on the save button to save your new Discord name.

Finally, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to put your password.

So add your current Discord password and tap on the “Save” button again.


What Is My Discord Username

Your Discord username is the combination of your name that you choose, and the number tag that Discord gives you by default.

So, for example, my Discord username is “Yakoben21#4119”.

If we want to separate the name, it will be “Yakoben21”.

Now the number tag is “#4119”.

However, sometimes Discord can identify the name as a username.


Discord is a fun app to connect with your friends while playing games online, but there are communities too.

So you may want to change your Discord name sometimes for any reason.

However, it’s easy to do it, and you can do it unlimited times.

But keep in mind that there is a difference between the Discord name and tag, which makes a username.

Also, there is a difference between Discord Username which is the general name and Nickname which is the name you use for servers.

So today you’ve learned how to change your name on Discord Mobile and PC versions.

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