How to Clear Clipboard on Android and iPhone

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Do you want to know how to clear your clipboard on iPhone and Android phones?

When you copy items like text or links, even images, they will be automatically saved on your clipboard.

However, on iPhone, you can save one item or link but if you used the SwiftKey you can save multiple items on the clipboard together.

Now for Android users, your clipboard can save multiple items by default.

So when you decide to clear your clipboard for any reason, you need to use your clipboard again.

But sometimes you can’t clear your clipboard on iPhone or Android because you don’t have access to it easily.

So today, I will show you how to clear your clipboard on your iPhone and Android phones.

How to Clear Clipboard on Your Android

To clear your clipboard on your Android phone, tap to open your keyboard, then tap on the “Clipboard” icon and clear the items.

But when you open the clipboard on some Android devices, you can clear items by swiping right or left.

On other devices, you can do it by long-tapping on each item then delete.

However, you can clear multiple items on your android clipboard, but on iPhone, there is another way.

So let’s see how it’s done.

1.Tap on a place to open your keyboard

Tap on the phone screen to open the keyboard

Choose a place like notes for example to apply the steps, to be able to use your keyboard easily.

Because to open the keyboard you need a place where you can type.

So tap anywhere on the Notepad to open your keyboard.

Then you will see all the options that are related to your android keyboard.

Paste and test to find saved items on clipboard using an Android phone

After opening the keyboard, make sure you’ve already copied some items.

To check if you already copied text or links, long tap on the Notepad, then tap paste.

So you see a text or link or even an image that showed up.

This means you’ve copied items on your Android clipboard, so you have to clear them.

But if you don’t, try to copy anything to continue the steps.

3.Tap on the “Clipboard” icon

Tap on the Clipboard icon to check items and clear them on Android

After checking your copied items, check the small “Clipboard” icon.

In some Android devices, you can’t see it, so you need to tap on the three dots at the right of the keyboard.

Then the options’ menu will show up.

So, after you see the options menu, tap on the “Clipboard” icon at the top of your keyboard.

4.Delete and Clear the clipboard on your Android phone

Clear saved items on the Android clipboard

After tapping on the “Clipboard” icon, you will see all the items that you’ve copied.

Now, to clear the items from your android clipboard, you just have to swipe them right or left.

Then the items will be cleared from your clipboard.

But if you deleted the wrong items, you can undo them immediately.

In some other android devices, you can just long tap on each item and delete them.

Now for iPhone users, you can clear your clipboard by creating shortcuts or using the SwiftKey keyboard.

How to Clear Clipboard on Your iPhone

To clear the clipboard on your iPhone, open the “Shortcuts” app, then tap on the + button to create a new shortcut, then add new actions.

After adding the actions to the new shortcut, add a new name to it.

Then add it to your home screen as a bookmark, so when you tap it your shortcut will be cleared.

So when you clear the clipboard on iPhone it will clear all the items, instead of in Andoird, it will clear only one item.

1.Open the Shortcuts icon

Tap on shortcut icon on iPhone

Open the shortcut app on your iPhone.

When the app opens you will see all the shortcuts that iPhone has as default.

So on this app, you can create for example a shortcut multiple actions that you can perform in one tap only.

You can also say it’s a way that helps you to use the apps without searching for them and opening them.

2.Tap on the + button

Tap on the + icon to create a new clipboard shortcut on iPhone

After opening the shortcuts app, it’s time to create the new clipboard shortcut.

So tap the + button that you see at the top right of the page to create a new shortcut.

Then a new page will open which is the shortcut creation page.

So here you need to add all the actions that will help you clear the clipboard.

However, this shortcut helps you to clear the clipboard on iPhone, so it’s a good feature that android doesn’t have.

3.Add clipboard actions to the new shortcut

Create new shortcut to clear clipboard on iPhone

After opening the new shortcut creation page.

Tap on the search bar at the bottom of the page to add a new action.

Now type and search for “Nothing”, then you will see the action “Nothing” on the results page.

Tap on “Nothing” to add it as an action.

Then search for “Copy to Clipboard”, and tap on it when you see it in the search results.

4.Name the shortcut “Clear Clipboard” and add it to iPhone home screen

Name and add the shortcut to home page

Now that you’ve added the two actions to your shortcut, you have to name the shortcut.

So tap near the “Icon” of the shortcut at the top of the page to name it and type “Clear Clipboard”.

Then tap the blue “Icon” near the “X” icon at the top right of the page.

A new page will open, so tap on “Add to Home Screen”.

Then a new page will show up, so tap “Add” and your new shortcut will be ready to use.

5.Tap on the Shortcut to clear your clipboard

Use the shortcut to clear the clipboard on iPhone

Go to “Notes” to try your new shortcut.

So copy anything on your notes such as a text or image or link.

Then paste it on the Notes to make sure that your clipboard has an item saved on it.

Now go to the shortcut on your home screen to clear your iPhone clipboard and tap on it, then your clipboard will be cleared.


When you think that you have some items saved on your clipboard, it’s better to go and check it.

So today, you’ve learned how to clear the clipboard on your iPhone and Android with two easy methods.

However, you can use the SwiftKey keyboard on both Android and iPhone.

Which will save you a lot of time when it comes to using the clipboard.

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