How to Clear Gmail Storage

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Have you decided to clear your Gmail storage from emails and large files?

Google offers a 15 GB storage for files that are stored in Google Drive for each user.

But if you already exceeded the 15 GB storage, you need to upgrade your Google storage.

This costs you $1.99/mo or $19.99/year.

Now, if you want to clear your Gmail storage, there are several ways to do it.

One of the easiest ways is to do it with Google One storage service.

Which will help you to delete all your files fast and easily.

So today, I will show you how to clear your Gmail storage by removing your emails and large files altogether.

Note that if you deleted all your files or emails from the Google One Storage Manager, you can’t get them back.

So be sure before you make this decision because accidentally deleted files on Google One can’t be recovered.

Instead, if you choose to delete your files from your Google Drive, it’s possible by finding them in the trash.

How to Clear Gmail Storage

To clear your Gmail storage, open your Gmail inbox and click on the checkbox to delete all your emails, then open Google One service to clear the storage.

So when you click on the checkbox, you have to select all your emails by clicking on “Select all conversations in All Mail”.

Then delete them as a first step.

Now you have to clear the Gmail storage completely, there is a second step.

This is by going to Google One and clicking on “Free up account storage”.

Then start to delete all your files, like docs and large uploaded files, and other files in the junk.

However, the Google One gives you full control over your Gmail storage.

It’s the service that you use the most

1.Open your Gmail inbox

Open the Google Mail Inbox

First of all, start on your Gmail account by opening your inbox.

So when you get into your inbox page, the first emails that you will see are the valid emails on your inbox.

But these are not all the emails you’ve received, and they are divided into multiple categories.

Such as spam, promotional and social emails.

So there are other emails in the different inboxes as well.

Now keep in mind that you have to clear your emails on Gmail first, then go to the storage and clear the rest of the files.

2.Select all emails and delete them

Open the All Mail page and select all the emails to clear them from the storage

After opening your Gmail inbox, it’s time to select all your emails.

To select all your emails, hover the cursor at the left sidebar of your inbox page.

Then find the “More” button with a down arrow and click on it.

Now a drop-down menu will show up with multiple options.

So click on the “All Mail” section, then a new inbox page will open with new emails.

Which is the section that has all your Gmail account emails.

Once you see that page, click on the first checkbox to select your emails.

Then a small popup will show up just below the checkbox icon.

Now, to select all your emails, click on “Select all (number of your emails) conversations in All Mail”.

Then you will see that all your emails have been selected.

So, to delete them, click on the “Trash” icon to move them to the trash.

And follow the next step to clear your Gmail Storage completely.

3.Go to

Go to the Google One page

Now that you’ve moved your emails to trash, go to the Google One website directly.

You can open the website from your Gmail inbox by clicking on the square with the arrow icon at the bottom of the page after you scroll down.

Or by going to “” on your browser.

So when you open the website, scroll down a little to check your storage usage.

Then look at the left sidebar, which we will use to clear your Gmail account.

4.Click on “Free up account storage”

Click on the Free up account storage button

When you open the website link directly, you will find two options, a “Free up account storage” button and a “Download the Google one app”.

Click on the “Free up account storage” button to open the Gmail storage page.

So when the page opens, you will see multiple menus.

Such as “Discarded items”, “Large items” and “Other items”.

Then you can see the size that each menu is tacking from your Gmail storage in Kb or Mb or Gb.

Now the process is easy, you just have to enter into each one to clear all your Gmail storage files in a few easy steps.

5.Clear your emails from your Google Storage Manager

Start to clear Gmail emails from the Google One Storage Manager

On the Google One Storage Manager page, start first with your emails.

So click on the blue “Review and free up” button each time you see it on each menu.

However, keep in mind that if there are no items to clear, you will see greyed-out words instead of the blue “Review and free up” button.

Now, when you click on the blue button, you will be redirected to the emails junk page.

In our case, we will click on the deleted emails that we’ve cleared and moved to trash recently.

And clear the Gmail spam page also from the storage.

So click on the blue button below the “Deleted emails” menu.

Then, when the page opens, click on the Checkbox to select all items which are your emails.

After that, you will see a red notification with an alert that you can’t recover your emails or files from the trash. 

Now click on the trash icon at the top right of the screen to delete all those emails.

Then repeat the same steps with the spam folder.

6.Clear the large files from your Google Storage Manager

Clear Gmail large files from the Google One Storage Manager

After clearing your emails from the Google Storage Manager, it’s time to delete other files.

So the most important part is to clear the large files from your Gmail storage.

Which will free up your storage completely.

Now on the Google One Storage Manager page, hover down to the Large files’ menu.

Then click on the blue button on each menu to clear your Google Drive files.

Once the page of the large files opens, click on the checkbox again to select all the items.

So, after selecting them, click on the “Trash” icon to delete them from your storage.

Then repeat this with other menus as well.

Finally, your Gmail Storage will be clear, and you can add new files to it from zero.


Gmail is a part of every person’s life who is using the internet.

This is why checking emails became a daily task for many users that check their business emails on average three times per day.

So using Gmail every day while doing business or any type of task on it, will get your storage to be fully occupied.

Therefore, you need to clear your Gmail Storage often by using the Google One Storage Manager.

Which is the easiest and best way to clear your Gmail Storage completely.

But if you want to delete some files only, use Google Drive and drag and drop unwanted files to the “Trash” icon.

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