Best 5 Ways on How to Create Gmail Signature Free for your Business

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When was the last time that you sent an email without a signature? There is a high probability that you are reading this post because you still don’t know how to create a Gmail signature or you still don’t have one.

Finding a free signature template is easy today.

Today I will show you how to create a Gmail signature for free and with 5 easy steps to make a professional signature for your business brand.

What is a Gmail signature?

Gmail signature is a group of text that is automatically added at the end of your email, showing your personal information including your name, phone number, position…

However, it’s not just a signature that shows your personal info, it can level up your brand and show that you are a professional entrepreneur.

It’s used mainly as an alternative to the business card given to entrepreneurs, at a real-life business meeting.

Why it’s important to create Gmail signature today?

Imagine that you sent an email to a stranger company that doesn’t know anything about you, without an email signature, how would it be?

Maybe you are sending an email to promote your business and services to someone. Without an email signature, your message will not be taken as seriously as if you had a signature.

Creating a Gmail signature is a must because it reinforces brand awareness and gives you additional marketing opportunities.

Before we begin to learn you can check How To Transfer Any File From Pc To Pc Online (2021), to be able to transfer files between multiple PC.

How to create Gmail signature:

Now coming to the application process, let’s learn how to create a Gmail signature for free in 5 easy ways, step by step.

Please follow each step when you create a Gmail signature to make sure that your email looks interesting.

1.Manually add signature to your Gmail account

In this method, you will learn how to manually add a signature to your Gmail account, without using any designing tool or software, which is a simple signature:

  • First, open your Gmail account.
going to gmail settings
  • Click on the Settings icon at the top right near your account photo
navigate to all settings page on gmail
  • After the settings tab opens, click on “see all settings
create signature new name on gmail
  • A new page will open, with a group of menus to choose from, you have to stay on the “General” menu
  • Now scroll down to “signature”,  and click on the “+ Create New” button
  • Create a signature name with the desired nomination
adding name information on text box
  • Then start with typing your personal info: your full name, job title, company name, phone number, email address…
  • You can now add some formatting to make the text look more interesting, without overloading it
insert hyperlinks on gmail text box
  • Also, include a hyperlink on your email to help people send you email easily or visiting your website
confirm changes on gmail
  • Now it’s time to add an image to make it look more professional
  • Click on the insert image icon
  • Now you can copy your link image from your website or just uploading it directly from your pc
  • After uploading the image you can change the size by choosing between, Small, Medium, Large or keep it on the original size
  • Finally, click on save changes at the bottom of the page to save your work, and your signature will be ready to send.

Your Gmail signature will be shown every time you send an email. In some cases, if you don’t want the signature to appear on your email, you can delete it by clicking on it and then hit the “Backspace” button on your keyboard.

You can also learn how to create your Gmail signature by watching this video:

2.Using Hubspot free signature generator

Hubspot is a leading marketing website that offers a Free signature generator tool. This tool helps you create Gmail signature professional design for free.

In this method you will learn how to make a Gmail signature with Hubspot:

create gmail signature using hubspot email signature generator
  • Go to HubSpot signature generator page
  • Choose one of the templates that you would like to use
  • After choosing your template it’s time to fill in all the information, to make the signature looks professional
  • On the top left, you will see 4 menus that will help you complete the design of your signature
adding information on hubspot tool
  • Click on the second menu which is the Information Menu, and start filling your personal info such as full name, company name, website…
customizing email signature on hubspot tool
  • After adding your personal info, it’s time to click on the Brush Icone that represents the 3rd menu
  • In this menu, you are free to choose your design color that fit your needs and your business brand
  • Click on each circle that represents its color menu, to change it choose your perfect color
  • Also you can customize your font by clicking on the font option, and change the size of your font by choosing the perfect size
addind hyperlinks on hubspot tool
  • When you finish from the customization menu, click on the image icon to go to the 4th menu, where you can add images and hyperlinks
  • Add your image by copying the link of your image or upload it directly from your pc
  • Then add hyperlinks to your images or logo
sending work to text box on gmail
  • When you finish click on Create Signature
  • For Some users, Hubspot may ask you for your company name and website, fill them
  • If you don’t have a website simply add any website that you want and any name
  • Finally, your signature will be ready to use and execute, click on copy signature and paste it on your Gmail signature text box

3.Create professional Gmail signature with canva

Canva is an AI tool that provides an easy photo editing and design service, it also has a paid service to create Gmail signature, but I will show you how to do it for Free:

create signature using canva
  • Open Canva website
  • Sign it or create an account if you are not a member
finding signature templates
  • After signing in, click on the search box on the top of the page then type “Signature
  • The result will come up, showing “Signature Template”, click on it
editing template on canva
  • Then you will be directed to the email signature template page
  • Now as I told you it’s a paid version, but you can do it for free by clicking on the “Free & Pro” menu on the left, and changing it to “Free”
  • You have to choose from the templates that contain a “$” sign on the right only, don’t choose those with the yellow crown, because it’s paid
  • After choosing your template you will have to edit all the information and colors by clicking on them
  • To change the color click on each object in the template, then click on color square, and change color as you want
download free signature image after editing on canva
  • When you have finished editing, click on the “Download” button to download the design, and the download menu will open
  • Then At the bottom of the menu, click on “Download a Free watermark drafts
add image to gmail account after finish editing
  • Finally, go to your Gmail account and on the text box click the image icon
  • Upload your photo by dragging it from the download file or uploading it manually using file explorer, don’t forget to save changes, and you will be ready to go!

4.Using Honeybook Free Signature Maker

Honeybook is a business management online software, they also have those free tools to use on your business journey such as invoice templates, mission statements…

They offer a Free email signature design to their visitors.

In this method I will show you how to create gmail signature using Honeybook:

create signature using honeybook
  • Go to their Free Email Signature Generator
  • After opening the page you will see the information box which contains 3 menus on the left, and the template demo on the right
export free template from honeybook website to gmail
  • Start by adding your informations on the info box
  • Click on the “+ Logo/image 100×100” button, then file explorer will open, choose a photo from your PC to add it to template
  • After adding your Photo, click on the “Social” menu, and add your social accounts links
  • When you have finished adding social account links, Click on the “Template” menu to choose from the templates you like
  • Now click on “Finish”, and a popup will show asking for your email, add your email and click “Send Me My Signature
adding signature on email
  • Check your Gmail inbox, and click on the received email from Honeybook
saving changes on gmail account
  • Finally, Copy the signature and paste it to your signature text box on gmail settings, then click save changes, and your signature will be ready!

5.Create a signature on Mail-Signature website

Mail signature is a professional email signature tool, this website just focus on email signature, they have a lot of information regarding email signatures designs, tips & guides.

However, they offer you Free Signature Templates to create Gmail signature.

You can also create the same signature for all email service providers.

Let’s find out how it works:

Creating a Gmail signature with mailsignatures tool
  • Go to the Email Signature Generator page
  • On that page you will se on the left the 1.Email platform to choose from, 2.Signature ready templates, 3.Information sections
  • Start with the first menu by choosing Gmail platform
  • Then go to the next menu and choose the template that you like
  • Now coming to the 3rd menu start with each section by adding your Personal Data, Company Data
  • After adding your info, click on the style graphics section, to add logo image or personnel image. Note: it’s necessary to add your image link just.
  • Then you can add hyperlinks on the “linking” boxes
  • When you finish with the graphic section, click on the style section to choose the color that fit your company branding
  • If you finish with the style section, click on the “Social Media Links” section to add your social accounts
export work from emailsignatures website
  • Now after finishing all those sections, click on “Show Signature Preview” or “Apply Signature”, then a new tab will open
  • Click on “Copy” then go to your gmail text box and paste the Signature
adding signature on gmail text box
  • Finally, save changes on your google page setting, and voila!

[Bonus] The 5 email signature dos and don’ts

1.Make your Signature social

Social media is on the mind of every marketer right now, use your signature to connect socially with mail.

2.Do use The Right Tool

It sounds vague but keeps it in your mind, it’s a signature, not a Word document, not a web page, and not an image on its own.

If you know HTML, code accordingly, this may help you to have a correct signature.

3.Do keep it slim and simple

The industry standard is about six hundred and fifty pixels, even your signature should go a little slimmer at six hundred.

Also, make sure nothing gets locked out on your email layout.

Keep the layout as robust as possible, let the images and links make an impact, not only with the way they’re arranged.

Be sure that it’s solid enough to stay well presented in lots of circumstances number.

4.Don’s Use Bullet

Bullet points tend to render strangely from client to client what Gmail thinks of as a bullet point differs from Outlook’s definition.

So to keep them all happy just avoid bullet points altogether if need be use different rows in your table to get that list.

5.Don’t Forget alt text

Add image alt text to your photos, you never know where your mail may end up after sending it.

Anyone who gets that email, can hover over an image and get an idea of exactly what it does because each image in your signature tends to perform a function.

For example: When you hover to social media icons you will find out where this icon will take you, maybe to a Facebook page or a Facebook profile, or a Facebook event.


Maybe creating a signature is something that you will not care about if you are just starting your business, however, this small action will lead to building trust with your customers and companies who are receiving your emails.

These were the 5 best and simple ways to create your professional Gmail signature, and now it’s time to share your opinion.

Which method do you like the most and why you will use it for your signature? What Impact will Gmail signature have on your business in the long term?

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