How To Delete People From Messenger

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So you’ve decided to clean your messages, and you want to know how to delete people and contacts from Messenger?

Deleting people from Messenger is one of the best privacy actions that you take on your Facebook to get rid of unwanted messages.

So you can delete the conversation between you and the person.

Also, when you delete contacts from Messenger.

You will get more privacy on your Facebook and Messenger by stopping Facebook from uploading your phone contacts.

You can also block them if you want, or turn off your contact on Messenger.

Today, I will show you how to delete people from Messenger.

How To Delete People From Messenger

To delete people from Messenger, tap on the person you want to delete, then tap on their Facebook profile and block them on Messenger.

So when you block the person from messenger, they will be only blocked from messaging you.

However, the best way to do delete people from Messenger is by blocking them.

Now, if you want, you can just delete the conversation between you and the person without blocking them.

1.Open your Messenger app

Open Messenger app on phone

Open the Facebook Messenger app on your Android or iPhone phone.

Make sure you see the people that you want to delete on your Messenger.

If you don’t find the conversation between you and the person, you want to delete it.

The message may be archived or already deleted by accident.

2.Tap on the person you want to delete

Open the person conversation page

When you open the Messenger app, and you find the person.

Tap on the person or the chat to open it.

Now, when the chat page opens, you can start the blocking process from here.

However, if you just want to delete the message without blocking the person.

You can long tap on the chat, then when you see the popup, tap on “Delete”.

3.Tap on their Facebook profile

Tap on the people's profile to delete them from Messenger

When you tap on the person’s chat, you will be redirected to the conversation page.

So tap on the person’s Facebook profile.

Then the conversation settings page will open.

So here you can delete people from messenger by blocking them.

4.Block the person on Messenger

Block people on Facebook to delete them from Messenger

Now that you’ve opened the conversation settings page.

Scroll down until you find the “Block option” then tap on it.

A new page will open, which is the “Block” options page.

So you can choose whether you block their messages and calls only.

Or block them totally from Facebook.

However, when you block them from Messenger only.

You can still communicate with each other in groups.

So you have to leave the groups or rooms to not communicate together.

But the best way is to block them totally so that you will cut all the possibilities of communicating together.

How To Delete Contacts From Messenger

To delete contacts from Messenger, open Messenger settings, then tap on “Phone Contacts”, now tap on “Manage Contacts” to manage and delete contacts.

This method will help you to delete all people that Facebook suggests for you on Messenger.

So you will just keep accepted friends on your Messenger list.

But if you choose to delete all your contacts without turning off the “Upload Contacts” option.

Your contact will be synced and uploaded again to your Facebook account.

1.Tap “Phone Contacts” on Messenger settings

Open the Phone Contacts page to manage contacts

Open your Messenger settings by tapping on your profile picture on Messenger.

Then scroll down until and tap on “Phone Contacts” when you see it.

Now a new page will open, so tap on “Manage Contacts” to see all your contacts page.

2.Delete all contacts from Messenger

Delete all contacts and people from Messenger

When you open the contacts page, you will see all your phone contacts there.

So Facebook automatically syncs your phone contact to Messenger.

Which makes you see the suggested people on Facebook feed and messenger.

Now tap on “Delete all contacts” to delete people from Messenger.

Keep in mind that if you want to delete suggested people from Messenger, you have to delete your contacts also.

3.Turn “Upload Contacts” Off

Turn off contacts upload on Messenger to delete people

After deleting all your contacts from the contacts’ page.

Go to the “Phone contacts” page again.

Then tap on “Upload Contacts”.

A new page will open, so tap on the “TURN OFF” button to stop the contacts from being synced automatically.

So when you turn the Upload off, your contacts will not show again on the Facebook suggestions.

Even you will not see their chat icon again on your Messenger.


When you delete people from Messenger for any reason, and your contacts also.

You will get more privacy on your Facebook when using it, so not anyone can see you or get to know you if you don’t want to.

So the best way to delete people from Messenger is by blocking them and turning the contacts upload off.

Now, if you deleted the message by accident, you can find out how to recover deleted messages on Messenger.

But keep in mind that when you upgrade your privacy settings to not let people see you.

It will be hard to find people you know.

However, it’s more secure for you if you like your account to be private.

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