How To Delete Reddit History on Your PC and Phone (2 Ways)

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Have you decided to delete all your Reddit history, including comments and posts?

If you are using Reddit for a while, and you want for any reason to delete all your history, then you have to be sure first.

Because there is no way that you can get back what you’ve deleted.

However, if you are using Reddit on your PC, there is a method to delete all your history at once.

If you are using your Phone, you can Clear History easily while using the app directly.

How To Delete Reddit History

To delete your Reddit history, open Reddit on your browser or your mobile phone, then go to the profile page and delete your Reddit history individually or completely.

Before deleting your history, you have to be sure that you want to take that action.

Then start the deletion process.

However, on the browser, there is an extension that helps you delete all of your history with a few clicks.

But on the phone, there is an option to delete all your history by using the Reddit app.

Now keep in mind that if you want to deactivate your Reddit account, you have to delete all the history.

Because deactivating your account will just disassociate your name from the comments and posts.

How To Delete Reddit History on Your PC

To delete your Reddit history on your PC, sign in to your Reddit account using your browser, then go to your profile.

Now when you open the profile page, you can start to delete your comments and posts individually.

But there is another way to delete them completely, which is by using the Nuke Reddit History extension.

This is what we are going to show you.

1.Download the Nuke Reddit Extension

Open Chrome web store to download Nuke Reddit History extension

On your Chrome browser, search on Google for “Chrome Extensions”.

Or simply open it by going to this link.

So, find the Nuke Reddit History Extension on Google Chrome extensions.

Then download it on your browser.

2.Open your Reddit profile

Open Reddit profile history to delete it

Now go to your Reddit account.

Then click on your Reddit avatar or profile picture.

Your profile page will open, so you can see all your posts and comments.

Which is your Reddit history on the overview menu.

You can also switch between the menus to take a look at comments just or hidden or saved and so on.

3.Click the Nuke Reddit extension

Use Nuke Reddit History extension to delete Reddit history

When you open the profile page and see your Reddit history.

Tap on the nuke extension, then you will see a new popup.

On this popup, there are two options, the first one is “Overwrite & Delete All My Comments”.

The second option is “Delete All My Posts”.

4.Overwrite & delete all your comments and posts

Delete and overwrite all comments

Now to delete all your Reddit comments and posts.

You have to first tap on the first option, which is “Overwrite & Delete…”.

Then the process page will show up in a new tab.

When everything finishes, you will receive a message that it’s complete.

So do the same thing with the second button, which is “Delete All My Posts”.

How To Delete Reddit History App on Your Phone

To delete the Reddit history app on your phone, open the app, tap on your profile picture, and tap on “History”, then delete and clear your history.

1.Tap on your Reddit profile on the app

Open Reddit app on phone

Open the Reddit app on your iPhone or Android.

To delete the Reddit history which means the (Browsing History) you can do it only in the phone app.

It’s not possible to do it using the browser.

So, the browsing history can be seen and deleted only from your Reddit app only.

2.Open the Reddit history

Open the history page to check the browsing history

When you open the app, tap on your profile picture.

Then a new popup will show including multiple options.

Tap on “History” to open and see your Reddit history.

Now you will be redirected to a new page where you can see your recent browsing history.

But comments and posts are not included inside.

To see and delete posts and comments, you have to tap on “My Profile”.

Then you will be able to see your comments and posts and delete them individually.

3.Tap on “Clear History”

Tap on "Clear History" to delete all Reddit history

Now that you are on the “History” page, you can see and edit all your history.

So you can save, hide posts, report, and block other accounts just by tapping on the three points near each post.

Now to clear and delete all your Reddit history, tap on the three points at the top right of the screen.

Then tap on “Clear History” and your Reddit history will be cleared.


Does Reddit App Store history

Yes, Reddit store your browsing history, and you can see it only on your phone.

So when you open your Reddit app, you can see and edit all your Reddit browsing history.

Check also the method on how to do it.

Can anyone see my Reddit history

No, no one can see your Reddit history, it’s private, and only you can see them.

But your comments and posts are visible to others, and you can’t hide them until you delete them.

How Do I Delete All Comments and Posts on Reddit

The only way to delete all your comments and posts on Reddit is by using the Nuke Reddit History extension.

In addition to this, it’s only possible using the PC Reddit version, which is by using your PC browser.

Can You Permanently Delete Reddit Posts

Yes, when you delete any post or comment on Reddit, you can’t retrieve it.

So to make the decision of deleting any post, it’s better to be sure first.

Then take this action.


When you interact with people on Reddit and share comments and posts, you will get famous in the Reddit community and people will trust you.

However, it’s better to be sure that you really want to delete your history on Reddit, including the comments and posts.

Because once you make the decision and delete everything, you can’t get anything back.

It’s not even possible with Reddit administrators or support to get them back.

So today, you’ve learned how to delete your Reddit history on your phone and PC.

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