How To Delete Watched Videos on Facebook

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Videos watched on Facebook are always saved in your activity logs, so you may wonder how to delete those watched videos on Facebook.

As you watch any type of video, Facebook stores it on your settings.

In fact, if you watch a part of any video, it will not be saved in your activity.

So when you watch the full video from start to finish, this will be recorded and saved in your watch history.

Today, I will show you how to delete watched videos on Facebook.

How To Delete Watched Videos on Facebook

To delete watched videos on Facebook, open your “Settings” and tap on “Activity Log”, then tap on “View Activity History” and filter the watched videos to delete them.

So when you open the Activity log, you can check all your accounts’ information.

Such as profile Information and connections, interactions, and so on.

But as we are concerned about the watched videos, we will just focus on this topic.

How To Delete Watched Videos on Facebook Using your Phone

1.Open your Facebook app settings

Open Facebook settings page on phone

First, open your Facebook app on Android or iPhone.

Then tap on the three lines in the menu on your Facebook feeds page.

So the “Settings” page will open.

You will find the “Activity Log” here.

2.Tap on “Activity Log”

Tap on the Activity Log button to check activity history

After opening the “Settings” page.

Scroll down until you find the “Activity Log” button, then tap on it.

A new page will open, which is the “Activity Log” page.

So on this page, you can manage and view all your Facebook activities.

3.Tap “View Activity History”

View activity history on Facebook app to delete watched videos

After opening the “Activity Log” page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Then you will see the “View Activity History” page.

Tap on the button, then a new page will open.

Which is the “Activity History”.

4.Filter to see your watched videos

Filter activities to delete watched videos on Facebook

Now, on the “Activity History” page, you have to filter your activity log to see the videos.

So tap on “Filters” then a new popup will show up, so tap on “Categories”.

Now, when the “Category” page opens, tap on “Logged Actions and Other Activity”.

Then, when all the options show up, tap on “Videos you’ve watched” and you will see all the videos you’ve watched.

To find out more about the Facebook videos, you can also check the “Videos you’ve searched for”.

So maybe you will see a part of the videos that you’ve searched for and watched a part of it.

5.Delete videos by clearing the watch history

Select and delete all Facebook watched videos on phone

After opening the watched videos page on Facebook, it’s time to delete them.

So you can tap on “Clear video watch history” to clear all your watched videos on Facebook.

Or, you can tap on the “three points” icon near each video to delete only the video you’ve chosen.

If you tap the “Three points” icon, you will see a popup with a “Delete” word.

Tap on it to delete this single video.

How To Delete Watched Videos on Facebook Using your PC

1.Click on “Settings” in your PC

Open Facebook settings on PC

On your Facebook page, tap on the down arrow.

Then, on the new popup, tap on “Settings & Privacy”.

Now tap on “Settings”, then the settings page will open with all the options on it.

But it’s somehow different from the phone version.

2.Open “Privacy”

Go to Privacy page and Use Activity Log

When the Settings page opens, look at the left options menu.

Then tap on “Privacy” and your Privacy page will open.

Here you have to focus on the “Your Activity” menu.

3.Click on “Use Activity Log”

Check Logged actions and other activity

Now on the “Your Activity” menu, tap on “Use Activity Log”.

Then you will be redirected to the “Activity Log” page.

Look at the left menu and tap “Logged Actions and Other Activity”.

Now all your activities will show up on the new page.

4.Open the Videos page

Delete watched videos on Facebook using the PC

To filter the videos, tap again on the “Logged Actions and Other Activity”.

Then a new menu will show up, and you will see new options.

So tap on “Videos you’ve watched”.

Then you will see all your watched videos on Facebook, so go to the next step to delete them.

5.Delete the watched videos on Facebook

Clear video watch history on Facebook

When you open the videos you’ve watched page.

It’s like the phone method now, you can tap on a single video if you want to just delete it.

Or tap on the “Clear Video Watch History” to clear all of them.

Then all your videos will be deleted from Facebook.


Facebook has an interesting feature which is deleting your activity log, so it gives you more privacy freedom.

Today, you’ve learned how to delete your watched videos on Facebook using your phone and your PC.

However, when you clear video watches history, they will stay on the “Trash” for 30 days.

Then will be deleted automatically from Facebook servers after the 30 days limit.

Keep in mind that Facebook may sometimes keep your data on their server for security reasons.

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