Does Do Not Disturb block calls [Answered]

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Minimizing your calls becomes a must when your phone rings a lot, so you would choose to turn the Do Not Disturb mode ON, yet you may wonder if it doesn’t affect or block calls.

So the Do Not Disturb mode will silence all your incoming calls and notification and block them temporarily.

It’s a mini silent mode but with a network connection established.

When silent mode is activated on your phone, you don’t hear any sound when you receive any notification or phone calls.

Whereas, the Do Not Disturb mode will let you select who you don’t want to receive a call from.

But if there is an unknown person calling you, it’s easy to find their caller ID before enabling the Do Not Disturb mode, by using 3rd party apps like TrueCaller.

So there are a lot of questions that you may be worried about when you enable Do Not Disturb.

Today I will answer multiple questions and reveal if the Do Not Disturb mode blocks your calls.

Does Do Not Disturb block calls

Yes, the Do Not Disturb mode will block incoming calls temporarily and send most of them to the voice mail in the time range you chose upon the activation of the mode.

So when someone calls you they will realize that your phone is closed.

What happens is that your phone beeps multiple times continuously, which means that your phone may sound closed or out of the network.

However, there is an option enabled by default on the Do Not Disturb mode.

This option makes an exception for people who called you twice to override the Do Not Disturb mode.

Therefore, causing your phone to receive the call and ring as normal.

So it’s a future that is made for unexpected calls like someone from your family trying to reach you, or other persons as well.

But it’s customizable on both iPhone and Android.

What Does Do Not Disturb Do on Android

When you activate the Do Not Disturb mode on your Android, all incoming calls, notifications, and messages will be silenced and muted, except what you select to receive.

So it’s typically a customizable version of the silent mode.

For example, if you want to mute everything on your Android phone, yet you want to receive a message or calls from a specific person, the Do Not Disturb mode does it.

In addition to that, there is a feature enabled by default that allows a second call from the same person within 15 minutes.

Yet, this feature is modifiable, so you can turn it OFF if you wish to.

What Does Do Not Disturb Do on iPhone

Enabling the Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone, silences all phone notifications, messages, and block calls temporarily, except for whom you select to receive calls from.

When someone calls you they will hear multiple continuous beeps.

Each carrier provider company has its own way to reveal the blocked call.

In general, this means that either you are out of the network area, or you blocked the person’s call.

Now if the same person calls you twice within 3 minutes, their call will not be silenced as default.

However, you can disable this feature.

How To Turn On Do Not Disturb

To turn on the Do Not Disturb mode, on iPhone go to the Focus menu and activate it on that page, and on Android just swipe down and turn it to activate it from the quick access control.

However, on Android phones, it differs slightly in terms of design on different OS versions.

Yet, on iPhone, you can create a new “Focus” mode to customize it with your needs.


Turn on Do Not Disturb mode on in Android to block incoming calls temporarily

On your Android phone swipe down to open the quick access menu from the top of your screen.

Then when it opens, find the Crescent (Moon) icon, then tap on it.

Therefore, the Do Not Disturb mode will be activated and will block incoming calls and send most of them temporarily to the Voicemail.

So you can edit the timing and other features as well by tapping and holding on to the same Crescent icon.

Then you will get into the Do Not Disturb mode settings.

Here you can adjust or schedule the time by tapping on “Add”.

Now to disable the second call within the 15-minutes feature switch the “Repeated calls” toggle OFF.

Also, to make an exception for apps, calls and messages tap on “Calls” or “Messages”.

Then select if you want “Contacts only”, “Favorite only”, or “Everyone” to interrupt you.


Turn on Do Not Disturb mode on in iPhone to block incoming calls temporarily

On your iPhone, go to “Settings”, then scroll down and tap on the “Focus”.

The “Focus” page then will show up.

Tap on “Do Not Disturb” to navigate to its settings page.

Now you will find the “Do Not Disturb” option at the top, so you can tap on the toggle to enable it and block incoming calls temporarily.

But before doing so, tap on “People” to allow selected contacts to call you.

On the same people page, you can disable the second call within 3 minutes feature by tapping on “Calls From”.

Then on the new page switch OFF the “Allow Repeated Calls” toggle.

After that, go back to the Do Not Disturb page, then tap on “Apps” to allow notifications from specific apps.

If you want to schedule the mode, tap on “Add Schedule or Automation” to enable the mode automatically based on your time, location, or app you use.

Then finally, toggle the Do Not Disturb mode ON to activate it.

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarms

No, the Do Not Disturb doesn’t block alarms on both Android and iPhone, because it’s only made to silent notifications.

Alarms will remain ringing to wake you up regardless of the activated Do Not Disturb mode unless you turn OFF your phone completely.

Even if you switch your phone to silent mode, alarms will still disturb you.

So the only way to turn OFF your alarms is to disable them manually.

Does Do Not Disturb Send Calls to Voicemail

Yes, most of your calls will go straight to your Voicemail on both Android and iPhone.

However, when the person calls you, they will listen to multiple rings and then go straight to the voicemail.

So when people try to reach you out, they will come to a conclusion that your phone is turned OFF.

Therefore, they will be able to send you a voicemail.


The Do Not Disturb feature is made for silencing your phone eventually from incoming calls.

Therefore, it will block most of your calls and send them to your phone’s voicemail on both Android and iPhone.

However, you can configure your settings to allow desired people or apps to interrupt you.

Therefore, focus on what you are trying to do outside your phone or in your phone without disruption or getting awfully irritated again.

So today you’ve learned if they do not disturb block calls and got answers for multiple related questions.

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