Facebook Message Sent but Not Delivered? (Answered)

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If you sent a message to your Friend on Facebook and you found out that it was sent but not delivered, you may wonder why did this happen.

So you may chat with your friend the first day and find out that your messages haven’t been opened yet after sending them.

Although they may ignore your messages on Facebook Messenger, there are also different reasons to know why it happened.

So today I will show you why the Facebook message is sent but not delivered.

What’s the Difference Between Sent and Delivered on Facebook Messenger

Message Sent vs Delivered on Facebook and knows the difference

When your message is sent, it means that it went out from your messenger to the Facebook server and is pending until the recipient receives it.

Therefore, the next destination of the message is your friend’s inbox.

However, a sent message on Facebook Messenger represents a blue circle filled in white and a blue check icon inside.

Now, if your message is delivered, this means the person you’ve sent it to has received it.

So when the message is delivered, they may have read your message from the Facebook notification on their phone, but still haven’t opened it.

As a sequence, the circle will turn into a fully blue circle with a white check icon on it.

After that, the message will be awaiting the official reception, which will happen when they open the message directly and show you that they read it.

Why Your Facebook Message Is Sent but Not Delivered

If your message on Facebook is sent but not delivered, it can be due to a connection problem or that your friend blocked you, or they unfriended you.

Also, if they close the app, your message will remain sent but not delivered until they open it again.

So, you can check in the steps below how to find out why this is happening.

1.They are offline or without an internet connection

Check the connection to Facebook server on DownDetector

The first thing you have to think about is the Internet connection issue.

So the message sent but not delivered may be caused by a Facebook server error, or you and your friend’s connection issue.

So first try to send a message to someone else of your friends, this will help you to know if the connection issue comes from your part.

If other friends receive your message, it means that you don’t have a connection problem.

Therefore, the issue may likely be happening on your friend’s part.

However, you can check if there is a server error that is causing this issue.

So visit the DownDetector website and check if there is a huge spike on the graph of the Facebook app.

Therefore, if you see a spike, this means that there is a server error that may cause this issue.

2.They’ve closed the app and doing something else

Close Facebook app and Messenger

If your friend closes the Facebook Messenger application completely, your message will remain sent but not delivered until they open it again.

So if they close the application, or they may be busy doing something else, your message stay in the sent mode.

Also, if they close their phone and put it away when you send them the message you will see a blue circle filled in white color with a blue check icon.

This means that your message is sent but not delivered.

So you have to wait until they open their Messenger app again to deliver your message.

3.They decided to block or unfriend you

Message sent and not delivered because of an unfriend or block action from the friend

If your friend decided to block you or unfriend you on Facebook, you will get the same message issue.

The only difference is that you will not see if they are active on the app.

Therefore, your message will remain sent but not delivered on Facebook Messenger.

Now you can verify if they did block you or unfriend you by visiting their profile page.

Then check if they are your friend or there is an “Add Friend” button.

If you see the Add Friend button, this means they unfriended you.

Although, when you can’t see their account when you visit them, it’s likely that they blocked you.

Now, if there is a blue “Friend” button with a “Message” button, it means you are still their friend.

So you can check other reasons as well to know what’s the issue.

If Someone Is Logged Out of Messenger Will the Message Still Be Delivered

If someone is logged out of Facebook Messenger, your message will be sent but not delivered until they log in back.

So when you send them the message, you will see a blue circle filled with white color and a blue check icon inside it.

However, you can also check when they were active last time, and check their activity in general.

If you see that they are getting online frequently then going offline, it can be a connection issue.

Although, when they sign in again, your message will remain delivered and land in their inbox.

What Does It Mean When You Can Only Message Someone on Facebook

When you only can message someone on Facebook, this means that you can’t add them as a friend, because they changed their privacy setup.

So you may only see the message icon on their profile.

Because they deactivated the “Add Friend” request button.

However, you can tap on the three dots to follow them only.

What if the Person Active Now but Not Seen Message

If the person is active now but your message is not seen by them, it’s very likely that they unfriended you recently by doing so on the Facebook settings.

So they can choose to unfriend you from the messenger app.

This means your Facebook message can be sent but not delivered or seen.

Although, they will see that you’ve sent them the message only if they check it in their messenger.

So it’s up to them to decide if they want to read your message or keep it ignored.

In some cases, your messages may go to the requests as they edited their privacy.

Therefore, you can take a look if they unfriended you, by visiting their profile.

But if you find that they’re still your friend, this means that one of you has a connection issue.

If a Facebook Message Says Sent but Not Delivered Can I Delete It

Unsend message on Facebook Messenger

Yes, you can delete a sent message that is still not delivered by unending it before they read it.

Moreover, it’s possible to unsend any message that you’ve sent before to your friend on the messenger chat.

However, after unsending the message, they will see that you’ve unsent a message.

So, to unsend a message on your messenger, simply tap and hold on to the message that you want to unsend.

Then a small popup will show up at the bottom of the screen.

So tap on the “More…” option at the top bottom right.

Then, when the new popup shows up, tap on “Unsend”.

Now another notification will show up, so tap on unsend for everyone.

Finally, your message will remain unsend, and will get replaced by a “You unsent a message”.

Do ignored messages show as delivered

Yes, ignored messages on Facebook shows as delivered but if the person unfriended you, or they have a connection issue, your message may remain sent only but not delivered.

So Your friend will be able to see the messages and read them.

However, you will not be notified or see that they read your message until they unignore you.


Facebook Messenger is always updating, which can affect its functionality and the efficiency of delivering your message.

However, there are multiple reasons that your message is sent but not delivered.

Which likely are that’s your friend is offline or there’s a connection issue, or they decided to unfriend or block you.

So you can check their profile most importantly to know if they are still your friend, then you can go for the other options.

Today, you’ve learned why your Facebook message is sent but not delivered.

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