How to Do a Facebook Reverse Image Search to Find Unknown Person

searching image to find an unknown person profile

So you saw a picture on the web and decided to know how to do a Facebook reverse image search?

To find who’s behind that image, and check if they have a Facebook account.

The easiest way to do it is by searching their image with the help of some AI robots, which is reverse image search.

Today I will show you how to find someone’s Facebook account using reverse Image search.

Facebook Reverse Image Search, is a technology technique that can be used by anyone, to find an unknown person’s profile on Facebook.

Although, there is a lot of other techniques used to find a person on Facebook.

For example, you can find someone on Facebook by just copying their names from any website and paste it on google.

Then type “” near their name and if they have a Facebook profile it will appear on search results.

But with reverse image search, you will likely be able to quickly display all similar photos of the desired person.

Not just on Facebook, on other social media platforms also.

Can You Search Facebook by Image?

Facebook never announced or has shown a way to find someone’s profile on its platform using reverse image search.

However, Facebook disallows Google Bot Image from crawling the website.

But you can still find unknown people profiles using google images if you were doing a reverse image search.

This technique can bypass the privacy of Facebook users, so this is why it can be hard sometimes to find unknown people by image.

To use Facebook reverse Image you have to first reverse search the image on Google images.

But if you didn’t find it there, you can try other methods as well.

So let’s start.

1.Using Reverse Image Search Apps

Downloading app to do Facebook reverse image search

You have to download and install the app first from Google Play or App Store.

Note that apps have different names but are similar in results, so here I will be using an android phone.

The app is called “Reverse Image Search & Finder”, and is available on Google Play.

After downloading and installing the app, open it, then click on “Skip” at the top right of the screen.

Now choose the option of how you want to reverse image search.

You can copy the URL of an image, or find an Image on your gallery, or import a photo from the camera roll.

Also, you can search a photo by keyword.

So choose what you are more comfortable with.

In my case, I will copy the image URL.

searching image of an unknown person on google using an app

After copying the URL of the image, go to the app then choose the “Paste Image Web address” option.

Then a popup will show up, paste the URL in it, then tap on “Search”.

You will get a small ad as you are using the Free version of the app.

finding results on google after doing a Facebook reverse image search

After watching the ad, skip it, and a new Google page will open showing you the results.

Maybe you will find a Facebook account related to the photo you are searching for.

You have to make sure you see the same photo of the image you are searching for.

Otherwise, maybe the person you are searching for doesn’t have a Facebook account.

But to find out if the person has a Facebook profile, try to replace the text near the image on Google with “Facebook”.

Then check the results.

If you see nothing, so this is a sign that the person doesn’t have a Facebook profile.

On the other hand, you can type the name of other social media platforms to check out whether they are represented on other platforms or not.

searching for an unknown person using google image search

Using Google Chrome, Right-click on the image you want to search for.

Then hover the cursor down and click on “Search Google for image”.

results of image search for an unknown person on google

A new image search result will open, so you will find here similar images to what you are searching for.

replacing text on google search bar with Facebook to narrow results

To find the Facebook profile of the person, replace the text that appears near the image on the search box with “Facebook”.

Now you will start getting all Facebook profiles that contain the same or similar images.

3.Download TinEye Chrome Extension

Downloading TinEye reverse image search app on google chrome web store

TinEye extension can do half of Facebook reverse image search for you, it’s similar to google image search.

Go to Chrome Web Store and download the TinEye app from there.

Enable the extension then go to the page where the image is.

searching a person image with TinEye app

Right-click on the image, then hover down to “Search Image on TinEye” and click it.

A new page will open taking you to the TinEye website, so you will find the results there.

To ensure that the results on the page are related to your image, hover the cursor to one of the image results.

comparing results of TinEye app after doing a reverse image search

Then click on compare, and you will be able to compare the image you chose with the image on the result page.

However, you will be able to visit the source of the image by clicking on the black title near each one.


It’s possible to find a Facebook profile by doing a Reverse Image Search on Google or with apps.

However, it will take some more time for you as a beginner, then after doing it more than two times you will get used to it.

Just you have to ensure the person had a Facebook profile link on search results by adding “Facebook” on the search box near the image.

Because to find an unknown person it could take like an hour or two if you really want to get some info about them.

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