How to Use a Fake Phone Number App to Make a Call

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Do you want to know how to use a fake phone number app to make a call?

Maybe you want to prank your friend, or just are looking to secure your privacy by calling someone.

However, spoofing phone numbers has made it widely used for a lot of purposes.

One of these is marketing and automation, and it can be used for a lot more things.

So people use these apps to protect themselves sometimes from stalkers and strangers that try to get their number.

Today I will show you how to use a fake phone number app to make a call.

What Are Spoofing Calls?

Spoofing calls is when you attempt to change the phone number ID including the caller ID to pretend you are someone else.

This can happen when you want to prank your friend and family.

You can spoof calls if you are an agency for example and your business phone number got a spam badge.

Or you can use it for marketing purposes, and for protecting your privacy also.

Is Spoof Calling illegal?

Spoof calling is illegal in these cases, if you use it to harm or scam other people by changing your caller ID.

On the other hand, changing your identity by spoofing to cause harm, or intent to defraud is illegal (According to FCC).

If there is no harm or any prohibited results behind spoofing, this is not illegal.

This means if you are doing it for good, like protecting your privacy and keeping your personal phone number private.

It can be used also for calling friends in other countries without spending a lot of money on international calls.

How to Use a Fake Phone Number App?

To use a fake phone number app, you have to download the TalkU app.

Then Do some additional steps and you will be ready to go in around 5 minutes.

So let’s begin.

1.Download TalkU App

sign up to TalkU app from an android phone

First, download the app from Play Store for Android phones and App Store for iPhone.

You don’t have to worry about being in the US to download the app.

It’s available internationally.

However, other apps are just available in the US.

This is why I chose TalkU app.

2.Register With Your Email Address

sign up to talkU using email address

Sign up for the app using your personal phone number.

Instead, if you don’t want to use it, you can choose to sign up using your email address.

However if also you don’t want to use your personal email you can generate a fake email address.

Now after adding your email address you can add any name you want.

So after registering your email the app will give you access to start using it.

3.Get Free Credit

Visit settings page to setup talku app

You have to get Free credit to be able to call for Free.

It’s very easy to get Free credit for calls, you just need to follow small and fast surveys like watching a video.

However, give it a try and you will see that’s easy to get those free credits.

When you open the app, tap on “Me” at the right bottom of the screen.

Getting Free credit on talku fake phone number app

A new page will open with a lot of options, Tap on “Get Free Credits”.

Then you will see there is a lot of options to choose from.

watch video to get free credits for call

If you watched a video you will get 0.5 credits which will allow you to make a call.

So each video you watch will allow you to make a call for free.

You can choose other ways as well, this will depend on you.

4.Start Calling For Free

Now that you’ve got some credits and you are ready to make some calls.

You can start calling people by taping on the “Phone Icon”.

going to dial page to call with talku fake phone number app

The dial page will open, then you have to dial the number which you want to call.

After dialing the number, tap on the “Call Button”.

Linking message to link phone number and start calling using talku

A message will pop up asking you to link your phone number.

If you want to link your personal phone number, tap on “Link”, then add your number.

And make the call again.

But if you don’t want to, then after tapping the “Link” button, a new page opens asking for your phone number.

Tap on the back button of your phone to cancel the linking process and return to the dial page.

Now the call will start automatically.

So you will be able to call your friends with a fake phone number if you linked your personal phone number.

Or with a private phone number if you didn’t link your personal phone number.

How To Find Out a Phone Number is Fake?

To find out if a phone number is fake, simply you can try to sign up for a new Instagram account using that number.

If it tells you that you are using an invalid phone number, this will be a sign that is a fake phone number.

It can tells also that the person may have been using a fake phone number app

But if the Instagram sign-up passes with that number.

finding a fake phone number using true caller app

Then try to download the TureCaller app from Play Store or App Store.

Which will help you a lot to identify spam calls and find you the caller ID directly.

Simply download the app, then open it.

Tap on “Get Started”, then a popup will appear asking you for contact permission, tap “Continue”.

Add your phone number or any other number for verification.

It’s highly recommended to be your phone number.


This app can get the job done when it comes to making a fake phone number.

But this can help you with a lot of tasks and can be used for other fun purposes.

However, you have to make sure that, spoofing will become illegal when it’s against the rules set by the FCC.

So you have to avoid using the app to spread negativity, instead, use it to protect yourself or for doing some pranks.

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