How To Find Font From Image for Free and Download It

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When you are searching for a font, and you find an attractive font on a photo, you will ask yourself how to find a font from an image and download it.

So making your project unique is crucial for your career, and choosing the best font will make a huge impact on your project.

Today I will show you how to find font from image for free and download it.

Which Method of Font Identification Should You Try

You have two types of identification you can try, first one is by using photoshop which is fast and efficient.

But this method will need an internet connection and you have to have an Adobe registered account in some cases to be able to download the font.

Using Font TypeKit you will be able to download all fonts found on images, and any font you like will be downloadable.

So you can download and use them directly on your Adobe Account.

The second method is by using an online tool that is dedicated to finding fonts from the image.

So you will upload the image you want to check its font.

Then the tool will find the font for you, and you can download it, and install it after download.

But this method will take time, but it’s also worth a try to find the font.

How to Identify a Font From an Image in Photoshop

Using photoshop you will be able to find font in multiple ways, so in order to get your font identified, I will show you the easiest way.

1.Go To Photoshop

Upload the text image to photoshop

First, go to photoshop  (Starting from Photoshop CC 2015 and up).

Then you have to log in or at least activate it, to be connected to the internet and find your font

Import the photo you want to find its font, by dragging the image into photoshop screen

2.Search For The Font

Use the match font feature in photoshop to find font from image

Now click on “Type” then hover down to “Match Font…” and click on it.

Then select the font on the photo that you want to find.

Now, already downloaded some fonts on your PC, the “Match Font” tool will show it to you.

If your PC doesn’t contain the font, you will get the font from the internet by the “Match Font” tool.

3.Install The Font

Now, when you find the font on the internet.

You have to click on the small sync button just at the left of each font to download your font from the internet.

Finally, you will be able to use this font on your PC.

The Match Font tool is a powerful, easy tool that can find you any font from image using photoshop.

It can help you to download them also which will save you a lot of time.

How To Find Font From Image

If you found a random image with a font that you liked, there is a good probability that you will find the font on that image online.

There is also another way to find font from image online.

With the ability to download the font for Free, which is also time-saving and professional.

So starting with the steps:

1.Upload The Image To The Online Tool

Upload image to website

If you have the photo on your PC that’s fine, but if you find an image online on a website or in Google, downloaded it or copy the image URL.

Now visit Myfonts online tool.

When you are on the website, you will see a drag area where you can drop down your image.

Upload your image into the drag area by dragging it into the area or by clicking on the link inside the area to upload it.

2.Analyze The Font

Find font results after surfing on myfonts website

When you upload the photo, you have to select the font on the photo by using the editing tool.

Also automatically you will see that MyFonts tool has already selected the fonts inside the image.

After choosing the selection, click on the Blue Button to identify the selected font.

Then after a while, you will get all the fonts related to the font you have selected on the image, with prices, but continue to the next steps to download fonts for Free.

3.Download The Font From Google Fonts

Download the file from google

You can now go to and search for the font you found on MyFonts, then select the style you like the most and download it.

You can also search and download fonts on FontsHub website.

Also, you can click on Download All to download all the styles of the same font.

After downloading the font, you will find it in the “Downloads” directory, so click on it and install it.

Then after install, you will be able to use it on your PC.

How Do I Identify an Unknown Font for Free

Another website to visit is, you can identify unknown font for free from an image using Fontsquirrel.

However, it’s the same method as website but has a few changes, so I am going to show you how it’s done.

1.Go To Fontsquirrel

Identify font after uploading image to Fontsquirrel website

First, go to website.

After the website opens, you will see a purple button with “Upload Image” inside it.

To upload your image, click on the button “Upload Image” or you can click on “Ctrl+V” if you copied the URL of the image online.

The image will be uploaded after some time, depending on your internet speed.

2.Find And Download The Font

Unzip and download the file

After uploading the image, FontSquirrel tool will start doing research about the font that is represented inside the image.

Then you will be able to download the font directly from the tool online, or by visiting google fonts to download it.

You can also find the same font by searching on Google for it.

A bunch of websites will have the font and will be ready to download.

This method also can help you find font from image easily and fast.

So you will be able to use it on all your project.


There is multiple ways to find font from image, depending on your career and projects you are working on.

If you are a person who spent his time wisely then you have to try the first method which is the Photoshop method.

However, if you are a person who is not willing to pay any penny and have a little more time to do researches by finding the font online.

Then you can try the second method.

In the end, you will be able to find font from image using both method, then download and install it for free.

Which method you will use? And Why?

Do you think that online tool are worth it? And will you decide to buy the font if you haven’t find another Free solution?

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