How to Fix Unexpected Client Behavior in Roblox (Error 268)

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Roblox is kicking users out for unexpected client behavior, so you’ve had the same issue and wondering how to fix it?

You may have got the Error code: 268 suddenly in Roblox while you were enjoying your game.

The unexpected client behavior (Error 268) kick is temporary for most gamers.

This error occurs in the form of “You have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior. (Error Code: 268).

However, there are multiple fixes that you can try and apply in order to regain access to your account.

These fixes aren’t complicated, so they won’t take you much time to apply.

You need to keep in mind that some of them may work with you and others won’t.

To be able to fix the error, we’ve put all the fixes in one method by ordering them in chronological order.

So today I will teach you how to fix the Roblox unexpected client behavior.

What Does Unexpected Client Behavior Mean in Roblox

The Unexpected Client Behavior (Error 268) means that you’ve been kicked because you’ve been using an exploit or doing any type of automated behavior on the server.

You might get this error when you’re violating the Roblox terms of service.

Additionally, you may use these exploits in games like Pet Simulator X, All Star Tower Defense, Blox Fruits, Natural Disaster Survival, and other games as well.

As a gamer, you’ll feel sometimes bored, that’s why you will try to break the game standards.

For example: having more coins faster, getting more passes, leveling up faster, and so on.

By doing so, you are breaking the rules already.

So Roblox has the right to terminate your account in case you’ve got kicked multiple times.

This is why it’s important to follow the terms of service on Roblox.

Some users may get the error if they have an internet connection issue.

How to Fix Unexpected Client Behavior In Roblox

To fix the unexpected client behavior error in Roblox, you’ll have to first close the Roblox app, then delete the Roblox file in the %AppData% > Local > Temp.

After that, you need to delete 3 more files in the %AppData% folder.

Additionally, you need to configure the DNS settings and flush it on the cmd.

Then you have to restart your PC and check if the kick is still existing.

It’s important to follow the steps below carefully in order.

1.Close the Roblox app

Close the Roblox app to start the process and fix the unexpected client behavior in Roblox

First, to ensure that everything you’re doing is right, you need to close the Roblox app.

Usually, when you get the error it’s better to close the app to prevent any other network issues.

Sometimes the app may freeze or lag, so you can use the Task Manager to force stop Roblox.

After closing the app, you can proceed with the steps below to start to fix the “Kicked for unexpected behavior” error in Roblox.

2.Change your Network Adapter DNS

Change the DNS settings to fix the unexpected client behavior in Roblox

To change your network adapter DNS settings, click on the “Wifi” or “Ethernet” icon in the bottom right menu of Windows 10 or 11.

Then, when the popup shows up, click on “Network & Internet Settings”.

A new page will show up, which is the Network Status page.

On that page, click on “Change adapter options”.

After doing so, you’ll see in a new page all the network connections of your PC.

Right-Click on the network name that you’re using, actually.

Then click on “Properties”.

On the Properties page, click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), then click on “Properties again.

A new page will show up with the DNS options on it.

You need to click on “Use the following DNS server address”.

After that, add in the Preferred DNS server box, and in the Alternate DNS server.

Now click on “OK” and follow the next step.

3.Delete the Roblox “Temp” file

Delete the Roblox folder in the Temp folder on Windows 10

After changing the DNS settings, you need to navigate to the Temp file.

To do so, follow this directory path in any folder on your Windows 10 “C:\Users\”YourUsername”\AppData\Local\Temp”.

You can also reach this location directly by searching for %AppData% on the Windows Search box and hitting the Enter button.

When you reach the Temp file, find the Roblox folder.

Then delete it from that place.

This is one of the crucial steps as it will help you to fix the unexpected client behavior error in Roblox.

4.Check the %App Data% file

Delete files in the Roblox folder to fix the unexpected client behavior 268 error

Now that you’ve deleted the Roblox folder from the Temp folder, you need to go back to the Local folder.

It’s simply done by hitting the Backspace button on your keyboard.

When you reach the Local folder, find the Roblox folder again and open it.

Now on that folder, you need to delete these three files “AnalysticsSettings”, “frm.cfg”, “GlobalBasicSettings_13”.

After deleting these files, you’ll have to flush the DNS as the last step before restarting your PC.

5.Flush your DNS

Flush PC's DNS using the cmd

To flush your DNS, you need to navigate to the Windows Search Box.

On the search box type “cmd”.

Then you’ll see the cmd app in the results.

Now click on “Run as Administrator”.

When the cmd opens, you’ll have to copy and paste this text command in the first line “ipconfig/flushdns”.

Then hit the Enter button.

After doing so, you need to add this text command again “netsh winsock reset” and hit Enter.

In the results, you’ll see in the results that you need to restart your PC.

6.Restart Your PC

Restart the PC

Now that you’ve flushed the DNS in the CMD, it’s time to restart your PC.

So proceed by restarting your PC to reset all the files’ registry.

This step is important as a lot of users have stressed that Roblox worked after the restart.

After restarting your PC, you can open your Roblox app and try again.

Then the Unexpected Client Behavior error should be fixed.

However, if it doesn’t work, you need to wait for 3 hours and then check back if the kick has been removed.

Is Error Code 268 a Ban?

Yes, the error code 268 is a temporary ban (kick) that you would get if you tried to overpass the Roblox terms of service.

However, you might get permanently banned if you attempt to use automated bots to get more coins and rank faster in the games.

If try to cheat or use 3rd party interference like antivirus software programs, you’ll get the “Kicked due to unexpected client behavior” in Roblox.


Roblox is a fun game development tool that you can spend a lot of time on it without even feeling that you’re playing the game.

If you get the unexpected client behavior on the server, you’d have to flush the DNS and delete the files in the %AppData%.

However, if it doesn’t work, you need to simply wait for 1 hour at least then try again.

So a lot of users have reported that waiting for the Roblox server to refresh after at least 30 minutes and trying again will fix the issue, without needing to remove files or restart the PC.

Today you’ve learned how to fix the Roblox unexpected client behavior.

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