How To Get Google Snake Mods

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Google snake is a game made by google and played by millions of people, it brings back the old days of the Nokia Snake game, so you may wonder how to get Google Snake Mods.

The Google Snake game was released back on the 27th of September 2017.

To get Google Snake mods, you need to download a file from the GitHub website.

Then add the file to your Chrome bookmarks.

MoreMenu.html is the name of the file.

So after downloading the MoreMenu.html file, you need to open the game and play it to be able to activate the mods.

Today I will teach you how to get Google Snake Mods.

How To Get Google Snake Mods

To get the Google Snake game mods, you need to download the MoreMenu.html file, then import it to the Chrome Bookmarks.

After importing the game to the Bookmarks, you need to open the game.

When you open the Game, you will be able to activate the mods.

Follow the steps below carefully, because if you skip any of them, the mods won’t work.

1.Download the MoreMenu.html file

Download MoreMenu.html

Start by visiting the GitHub website.

When you open the page, you will find three files that are related to the game mods.

These files are, “MoreMenu.html”, “Source Code (Zip)”, and “Source Code (tar.gz)”.

You only need the “MoreMenu.html” to get Google Snake game mods.

To download the file tap on the “MreMenu.html”, and click on it.

Then it will start downloading instantly, and you will find it on the downloads.

2.Find the Google Snake Mods file

Show the folder location in which the file is downloaded

After downloading the MoreMenu.html, you need to go to locate the download file.

The ideal location for the Chrome downloads is the “Downloads” folder on your PC.

However, if you’ve changed the location and selected another one, you need to open the one that you’ve chosen.

To find the download location that you chose, open your Chrome browser.

Then click on the three dots, and on the Chrome settings, click advanced, then “Downloads”.

You’ll find the location in the “Location” option, which is the first one.

3.Click on “Bookmark manager”

Open the Bookmarks Manager to get the Google Snake Mods file

When you find the location of the “MoreMenu” file, you need to import it to the Chrome folder.

Start by clicking on the “Three Dots” in the Chrome browser in the top right corner.

After seeing the popup, click on “Bookmark”, then click on “Bookmark Manager”.

Alternatively, you can hit the “Ctrl+Shift+O” to get into the Bookmark Manager’s page.

You will be navigated to a new page, where you will see all your saved bookmarks.

On that page, click again the “Three Dots” that you see in the top right corner.

A new popup will then open, so click on “Import bookmarks” to get the Google Snake Mods file, which is the “MoreMenu.html”.

After clicking on Import, the Windows file explorer will show up.

4.Click on Open

Click on the MoreMenu file

Now that you’ve opened the file explorer, make sure that you’re on the “Downloads” page where you’ve downloaded the MoreMenu file.

After opening the download page, you’ll find the downloaded file.

Click on the “MoreMenu” file then click on “Open”.

Then the MoreMenu.html will be added to your bookmarks in a folder called “Imported”.

5.Open the Google Snake Game page

Open the Google Snake Game

When the download is finished, go to the Google search page and search for “Google Snake Game”.

After seeing the game on the results page, click on the “Play” button.

When you open the game you need to tap on the “Gear” icon to open the settings page.

6.Activate the Mod and play the game

Click on the More Menu Stuff to get the Google Snake Mods file

Finally, when you open the “Settings” page, click on the three dots in the top right corner.

Then click on “Bookmarks” and find where’s the imported file.

On the “Imported” file you’ll find the “More Menu Stuff” bookmark.

Now click on the “More Menu Stuff” file to open it and get the Google Snake Mods.

Then your mods will be implemented on the game, and you can play it with no issues.

Please keep in mind that if you refresh the page, the mods will disappear, and you will have to restart the 6 steps below to re-get the mods.

If you face any issue with the game while trying to get the mods, refresh the page by hitting the F5 button and retry the steps.

Alternatively, close Chrome completely and then reopen it.

What is the Highest World Record in the Google Snake Game?

Highest World Record for Google Snake Game

The world record Google Snake Game has been hit by a user named “ImSchnippi” on the 7th of February 2021 with 248 apples and keys, which is the highest score in the world.

The game took the player 36:34:965, which is approximately 36 m and 35sec to break the world record.

If you want to get updates about the latest Google Snake game world record, you can visit the website.

Can you still play snake on Google Maps?

Google Maps Snake Game

Yes, you can still play the Snake game on Google Maps on PC, iPhone, and Android.

It’s basically a different distinct version of the Snake Game.

The game has 6 maps on it, which are “Cairo”, “São Paulo”, “London”, “Sydney”, “San Francisco”, “Tokyo”, and the “World” map.

The only difference is that there are different kinds of trains that replaces the snake, and you need to catch the people and the destinations on the map to get points and grow the train.

If you want to play it you only need to visit and then click on “Start”.

However, you can’t get the Google Snake Mods on that version.


There are a lot of mods for the Google Snake, yet, the ideal one is the one that you’ve installed today.

To get the ideal Google Snake Mods, you need to visit Github only and download the MoreMenu.html file from there.

Then add it to your Chrome Bookmarks to be able to get the mods.

Keep in mind that it works only with the Chrome browser.

So today you’ve learned how to get mods for the Google Snake game.

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