How Do I Get Messenger Back on My Home Screen

Are you wondering how to get the Messenger icon back on your home screen?

If you were testing some features on your phone and suddenly lost your Messenger icon, you may have removed it by mistake.

This issue is mostly happening with iPhone users.

To get back the Messenger icon to your home screen, check for it in the app library, or simply search for it on Spotlight; In some cases, the app may be deleted so check if it says “Get” in the App Store.

There are other fixes as well that you may need to check out below.

Today, I will teach you how to get Messenger back on your home screen.

Why Has My Messenger Icon Disappeared?

Messenger icon has disappeared from your home screen due to false manipulation that you’ve conducted while using your phone features.

The error is mostly occurring on iPhones.

Starting with IOS 14 on September 16, 2020, Apple has released a new list of iPhone features.

These features may be the ones that are holding your lost icon, like the app library.

So here are the possible reasons why your Messenger icon has disappeared:

  1. You’ve removed the app from the home screen instead of completely deleting it;
  2. There is a hidden page on your home screen that contains the icon;
  3. The Messenger app has been uninstalled by mistake.

If you believe that you didn’t mistakenly remove the app, this may be a clear sign of a technical or software issue that hid the Messenger app icon.

How Do I Get Messenger Back on My Home Screen

To get Messenger back on your home screen, search for Messenger in the Spotlight Search box, so you can make sure the app exists.

Then, navigate to your app library home screen, then check the “Social” for the Messenger app icon.

If you can’t find the app there, you need to take a look at the home screen pages.

However, the last ideal step to do is to visit the App Store and re-download the app if it isn’t downloaded.

1.Search for the app in the Spotlight

Use the Spotlight Search to find the Messenger app

The first ideal thing to do is to search for Messenger in the Spotlight Search app to ensure that the app still exists on your phone.

Start by swiping from up to down on your iPhone home screen, then the search box will appear.

Now search for the “Messenger” app, and once you find it there tap and hold the icon, then drag it to your home screen to get it back.

2.Check the app library

Check the app library to get back the Messenger icon to home screen

Swipe from right to left continuously until you get to the app library page.

There is a high chance you may find the Messenger app icon there when it’s done deleted.

When you reach the App Library page, check if the “Social” folder holds the Messenger app icon.

If you find it, long tap on it, then drag it back to your home screen to get it back.

3.Tap and hold the “Screen Dots”

Get back the unselected home screen

In some cases, you may have hidden a home screen page where the app icon exists.

So you can check those pages by doing a long tap on the “Multiple Dots” located below the speed dial icon.

When you see the app icons start to shake, tap on the “Multiple Dots” again.

Then you will be redirected to a new page where you can see all your iPhone home screens.

Simply tap on the unchecked home screen to select it, then tap on done to get back the Messenger icon to your home screen.

4.Reset the Home Screen Layout

Reset the Home Screen Layout on iPhone to get back the Messenger app icon

Technical or software issues could make either a minor or a major impact on your phone.

You may encounter crashes after opening some apps, and you may lose some icons.

The best way to get your iPhone home screen back on track and recover the Messenger icon if it’s lost is to reset it.

To do so:

  1. Open your iPhone Settings;
  2. Go to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset;
  3. Then tap on “Reset Home Screen Layout” and follow the instructions.

After applying the steps above, the Messenger icon will appear on the home screen again.

Keep in mind that if you don’t see the app icon after you apply this method, it means you need to reinstall the app.

5.Visit the app store and re-download the app

Install the Messenger icon again from the App Store

If you’ve tried all the methods above, but still aren’t satisfied with the results, it means that the app is still not installed on your phone, or it was deleted by mistake.

So visit the app store, and try to download the Messenger app again.

If you see the “Get” button on the app page, it means that the app has been uninstalled from your phone, so you need to reinstall it again.

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