What is the Green Dot on Facebook Messenger (Full Guide)

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When you open Facebook Messenger you can see there is a green dot near each of your friend’s profiles, maybe you will ask what is the green dot on Facebook messenger that I am seeing here.

There is more of one sign to know the reason you are seeing this green dot. Also, you will see it in more than one place, not just on Messenger.

However, it is used by nearly most social media and communication platforms.

So today I will show you what is the green dot that you are seeing on Facebook Messenger.

What is The Green Dot on Facebook Messenger and What Does it Mean

The green dot is an icon that shows near profile pictures and names on Facebook, to tell you that the person is active or has been active. It can also tell you, that the person is ready to receive a message on Facebook messenger.

So you can say that it’s related to the status of the person which can be online or offline (active or inactive).

The green dot on Facebook messenger can make the communication between you and your friends more efficient and easy on messenger by confirming their status.

If you see the green dot on your friend’s profile that doesn’t mean he is online right now. So many people have blamed the Facebook messenger green dot.

Yes, it’s like the other social media platform, but that doesn’t mean the person is currently online.

Where You Can Find the Green Dot

The green dot on Facebook messenger is shown in more than one place, and each place can lead to something you may determine with the actual status of your friends.

It’s shown in 3 main places to help you know easily who is active or ready to communicate.

On Facebook Messenger

Green dot near friend profile on Facebook Messenger

The most common place is Messenger, maybe it was the first place where you saw the green dot.

The green dot show near the photo of each profile when you open messenger.

You can sometimes find the dot is not showing anymore, which means your friend became offline or inactive. Or maybe he switched his status to always be inactive.

If you send a message to your friend after seeing the green dot near his profile photo, then he didn’t see your message, that doesn’t mean he is ignoring you.

On Facebook Profile or Webpage

The second most common place where you can see the green dot is on Facebook Profile.

This can tell you that your friend is active in communicating. So if you decided to check an old friend’s profile, and you found this green dot, you can instantly send him a message to say hi and communicate.

Next to the Camera Video Icon

Green Dot Shows on Facebook Messenger chat near the camera icon

If you see the green dot near the video camera icon it means your friend is ready to receive a video call, and you are able to hit the call with him now.

If the dot is not showing, that means you haven’t allowed Facebook to access your camera, so you will be limited only to see the green dot on Facebook messenger and profile.

You have to be careful in this case when you try to video call strangers or new friends because they can report you as spam and you are risking losing your Facebook.

It is not necessary that if someone accepts your friend request means they are ready to make a video call instantly with you, some people may see this as spammy, so try to build a relationship with them by chatting at first.

Most of the time you will see the green dot near the video call, but your friend can be working out of the Facebook application actually.

How You Can Tell if Someone Is Chatting With Others on Messenger

To be honest, it’s not possible to know if someone is chatting with others on Facebook messenger, however, there are tips and signs that can help you know if someone is currently online or not.

  • First, if you see your friends profile on messenger with no green dot next to their photo, means they are offline.
  • Second, when you see the green dot on their profile means they are currently active and online, maybe they are using the smartphone but not inside the Facebook app. So Facebook can be open in the background, or maybe he is chatting with someone.

What Does It Mean When the Green Dot Shows Next to the Video Camera Icon

If you see the dot near the video icon, you will be able to call your friend by using a video call directly.

It can means also, that Facebook synced your friend profile with the server and your friend will likely have used the Facebook app before 30 minutes minimum.

Remember to allow Facebook to access your camera to be able to see the green dot on Facebook messenger.

Why the Green Dot Is Showing in Your Friend Profile Picture on Facebook

It’s the same as the other cases that tell your friend is online and ready to receive messages. You will just be able to receive a reply back from your friends, and chat with them if they wanted to do so.

On the other hand, be careful to send a lot of messages to new friends that are active, to prevent being reported and blocked.

I think that if Facebook realizes that you are doing this frequently they will take strict action on your account.

What Does the Letter “m” Means Next to Profile Picture on Facebook Messenger

The letter “m” represents minutes, “h” represents hours, “d” represents days and “w” represents weeks.

If you see the letter “m” at the place of the green dot on Facebook Messenger, that means the person was actively navigating and using facebook before “5m” – (5 minutes) for example.

This shows the last online status for your friend, using Facebook or Messenger.

One more thing, you have to know that Facebook Messenger and Facebook Chat are both different applications, but related to the same place which is Messenger.

Can You See the Green Dot on Your Friend Profile While He Is Sleeping

Let’s take an example that if your friend was using Facebook before he went to sleep.

He scrolled for 3 minutes on his news feed, checked his messenger for 1 minute, and added a status on his feed in 1 minute, which leads to 5 minutes in total.

After 5 minutes he locked his phone and went to sleep without exiting both Facebook App and Facebook Messenger.

Now, you opened Facebook Messenger after 5 minutes of when your friend fall asleep, maybe you will find a green dot on his profile or a “10m” – (10 minutes), which means that he was recently active.

So don’t be mad at your friend if they didn’t reply back

How To Turn Off the Green Dot and Switch to Offline Status on Facebook Messenger

If you wanted to appear offline on Facebook, then you will have to make a change on your Facebook account settings.

Using Android and iPhone

Turn off active status on Facebook Messenger
  • For android users, check these steps:
  • On Messenger, tap on your profile picture
  • After your Messenger settings page opens, find “Active Status” and tap it
  • Then the “Active Status Page” will open
  • Choose the first button to switch it off which is “Show when you’re active”
  • A message will pop up asking you to confirm, so tap “TURN OFF”

Note: when you turn off your active status, you will not be able to see again your friend’s status until you switch On the button again.

Using Your Computer

For Computer users:

  • At the top right of your Facebook news feed page, click on the Messenger icon.
  • After messenger open a new window, click the Options icon “…” on the top right of the screen.
  • Then a window called “Chat Settings”, will open, hover down and click on “Turn Off Active Status”.
  • Now a popup will show, and you will have the option to choose whether you want to turn off the status for all contacts or some of them.
  • When you finish choosing, click on “Okay”.

Cons of Activating Privacy on Facebook Messenger

If you activate Facebook Privacy by turning of the active status, you will not be able to see your friends online or active status.

The privacy will be active just on the mobile phone you are currently using.


Finally, communicating with your friends online is a good thing, especially if you are busy and cannot meet them.

However, you can also make new friends on Facebook, and chat together if you saw the green dot on Facebook Messenger.

Do you think that active status can mislead your thought about your friends? And will you apply the privacy option on your Facebook Messenger?

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