How To Make a Supercell ID

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If you’re a supercell games fan, you may have reached a level on those games where you’re not ready to lose your progress, so you may wonder how to make a supercell ID.

It’s crucial to back up your profile if you play Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, and all other supercell games.

To make a Supercell ID, open your game, then tap on the “Settings” icon, and find the “Supercell ID” option, then tap on it to start the process of creating your account; You’ll need to get the codes on your email and enter them on the game to confirm and start using your account.

After creating your account, you’ll be able to use it on any Supercell game.

Today I will teach you how to make a Supercell ID.

Is It Free To Make a Supercell Account?

Yes, it’s totally Free to make a Supercell account, there are no paid fees upon creating accounts on Supercell games.

However, when you first launch the game, a supercell will tell you that their games are free to play, yet there are in-app purchases to accelerate your progress on the game.

So you may have to pay if you want to buy gems.

How To Make a Supercell ID

To make a Supercell ID, you need to launch the game, and tap on the “Settings” icon, then need to navigate to the “Supercell ID” page.

Therefore, follow the instructions to complete the creation of your account.

Keep in mind that making a Supercell ID is only doable on mobile phones.

You can’t go to their website and create a new account.

So follow the steps below carefully in order to complete all the required account creation tasks without any issue.

1.Open any Supercell game

Open a Supercell game

Start by opening any of the Supercell games.

If you’re not aware of what games they have developed.

Here are all the Supercell games that you can use to make your account ID:

1.Brawl Stars

2.Clash Royale

3.Clash of Clans

4.Hay Day

5.Boom Beach

2.Navigate to the “Supercell ID” page

Tap on the Settings icon to start to make a Supercell ID

When you open the game, you need to look at the top corners of the screen, as in each game there is a slight difference.

You will find a “Three Horizontal Lines” or a “Gear” icon at the top left or right of the screen.

To navigate to the “Settings” page, tap on either the “Lines” or the “Gear” icon.

Then a new menu will show up.

On the menu, you need to find the “Supercell ID” and tap on it.

You may see a “Disconnected” button, so you can tap on it also to start the process.

3.Add your Email

Add email twice

After tapping on the “Supercell ID” or the “Disconnected” button, a new page will load.

On that page, you’ll see a “Next” and “Skip” buttons.

Tap on the “Skip” button to open directly the registration page.

Now tap on the “Register Now” button, then tap on “Continue”.

A new page will show up.

On the new page, enter your email twice then tap on “Register”.

Keep in mind that it’s highly suggested that you use a valid email to receive the confirmation code.

Otherwise, you’ll risk losing your account progress.

4.Get the Code to your email

Get the verification code on email and enter it on the game to confirm the registration

Once you enter your email and tap on “Register”, you’ll receive a confirmation code on your email.

So you need to visit your email inbox and open the Supercell verification code email.

On the received email, you’ll see a 6-digit code, so memorize it and go back to the game.

Then enter the code in the 6 empty boxes, and when you finish tap on “Submit”.

After that, you’ll get to navigate to the confirmation page, so tap on “Okay”.

5.Make your Supercell ID

Activating the Supercell account and start playing

Now that you’ve made your Supercell ID, you’ll get forwarded to the last creation page.

On that page, you are required to enter your name.

Choose any name you would like to use in games.

When you finish tap on “Continue”.

Then a new page will show up, which is the “Avatar” page.

So finally, choose your avatar and the profile picture background color, then tap on “Continue”.

After that, you’ll see your account page, and you can start using your new Supercell ID on all Supercell games.

How Many Supercell IDs Can You Have?

You can only make one Supercell ID with your email address.

So you need to use a different email to be able to make a new ID.

Supercell doesn’t allow you to create multiple accounts with the same email for security reasons.

However, you can switch between Supercell IDs on the same game with your friends or family.


Supercell games have gained a lot of fame, especially when the Clash of Clans game was released.

However, a lot of users have reported that they lost years of gameplay data for many reasons.

So to safeguard your progress, it’s better to make a new ID right away.

To make a Supercell ID, you need to open the Settings menu, then tap on the “Supercell ID” option and follow the instruction to add your email, and enter the verification codes.

Therefore, you can use your account on all your Supercell games to save your progress if any unwanted situation occurred.

Today, you’ve learned how to make a Supercell ID.

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