How To Transfer Any File From Pc To Pc Online (2021)

two person sharing files from pc to pc

If you feel that something is not going on correctly on your pc, and you want to keep your files safe as fast as possible, you should consider transferring your files immediately or upload your files.

One of the best ways to keep your data safe as long as you use a pc is to transfer files from your pc to another pc, but this process can take so long if you didn’t have the right software or knowledge to do it.

Maybe you have to share files with your collaborators in work, or anyone out there, or simply you want to transfer any file from your pc to another pc online.

So do you want to know how to transfer any file from pc to pc online? Let’s find out.

Here’s how to transfer life from PC to PC:

  1. Use Your Wifi to Transfer Files
  2. Use A Cloud Storage software
  3. Use an online software file uploader
  4. Send Files Directly By Email

1. Use Your Wifi to Transfer Files

The first solution is to transfer your file using a Wifi connection, no matter you are in the office or at home, if the two pcs are connected to the same wifi router, then it’s a green light that you can do it.

Now moving to the steps:

  • You should confirm that the two pcs are connected to the same wifi network.
home network file in windowns 10
  • Go to Network in any file explorer you open, you will find the Network icon on the left.
  • You should see that the Second PCshowed near the HP-Pavilion Icon.
  • If all is okay, then go to the next step.
  • Right-click or press a file, select Give access to > Specific people.
steps on how to share file on windows 10
  • Select a file you wish to share, then select the Share tab at the top of File Explorer, and then in the Share with section select the “Specific people” icon.
choose specific people to enable sharing on windows 10

TIP: You can share multiple files at once with this same tip, so it will be faster.

2.Use A Cloud Storage software

One of the best ways to do this is by using online cloud software that allows you to send files via their server.

You can do it from your pc to your second pc even if the second pc wasn’t at the home.

Let’s talk about the best online cloud software that you can use to transfer a file from pc to pc.


MEGA is cloud software that can be used from any device and platform anywhere in the world, via the internet.

The good thing about Mega is that you have 50GB of Free Storage.

steps on uploading file into Mega website
  • Click on the upload iconDropbox that is in the top right of the screen.
  • Choose between “Folder Upload” or “File Upload”.
steps of choosing image for upload
  • After Windows Explorer opens, Choose the File or Folder that you want to upload.
  • Then Click Open.
upload process on Mega completed
  • The File Will Be Uploaded.
downloading image from second pc on Mega website
  • Open The same Mega account on the second PC.
  • Download The File.

2.2.Upload files to Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based software that allows you to upload any type of file, transfer files across multiple devices online, by login into your Gmail account.

However it has a 15GB of storage available Free to Use, if you attain the limit you will have to upgrade your google account.

Now let’s find out how to do it:

uploading image on google drive dashboard
  • On the left of your screen you will find “+ New” button, click it.
choose type of file to upload in google drive
  • Choose File Upload.
steps of choosing the image to upload
  • Choose the file or folder you wish to upload, and then click Open.
uploading file to google drive
  • You will see on the bottom right of the screen a popup that showing you the status of the upload.
showing file upload successfully on google drive
  • When it’s completed it will show a green icon with “Upload Complete”.

2.3.Use Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the leading Cloud Storage software online that can help you and your team, to upload & share files. 

However, you can download large files like videos from youtube to your PC and send them to other PCs online.

You can use Dropbox to backup important files or folders, access your documents when you move from your pc to another pc, share files with your group team, or send large files online.

steps of uploading file to dropbox
  • Click on Upload.
choosing the type of file to transfer in dropbox
  • Click Files or Folder.
choosing file in file explorer for dropbox upload and transfer
  • Choose your files and then click Upload.
receiving file on second pc after transfer file online

Note that each file or folder should not exceed 50GB. For uploading larger files or folders, use the desktop or mobile apps, which don’t have a specific file size limit.

2.4.Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is the default cloud storage location that saves your files and documents in Win 10. This means new folders or files are automatically saved to OneDrive if you were connected to your Microsoft account unless you choose to save them to a different location on your PC.

Using Onedrive, you can upload files up to 5GB in size.

  • On the OneDrive website, sign in with your Microsoft account, and then choose the location where you want to add the files.
steps on how to upload file in microsoft onedrive
  • Select the Upload button.
choosing file to transfer into onedrive
  • Select the files or folders you want to upload, and then select the Open button.
uploading process in onedrive
  • You can also drag files from your desktop directly to Onedrive space.
showing file uploaded sucessfully and ready to transfer

3.Use An Online Software File Uploader

Another choice to send files from pc to pc online is by uploading those files to a ready-made software online that keeps your file into their servers and then send you a downloadable link so that it permits you to download those files anywhere in the world.

However, there are drawbacks of using this software which is the limitation of sending a large file, which is up to 10GB max storage.

Instead, you have to subscribe to a specific plan depending on your needs.

What is interesting about this method is that is a secure way to transfer your files online.

3.1.Use Send Anywhere

With Send Anywhere you can send files online securely, and share files with your team, also transfer a file from pc to pc online easily.

steps on how to upload file to sendanywhere
  • Click on the “+” button that shows on the left of the screen.
choosing file for upload into sendanywhere
  • After file explorer opens, choose the file you want to upload.
  • Click Open.
steps on sending file for upload in send anywhere
  • Choose whether you want to send it directly, by Email, or by a Downloadable link.
  • Then click send.
receiving 6 digit code and qr code for file transfer
  • Now you will receive a QR code with 6 digits key.
  • From the second PC, open again SendAnywhere website.
reception of the file in second pc after transfering it with sendanywhere
  • Input the 6 digits key received from the first pc.
  • Click on the download icon and wait.
file downloaded successfully on sendanywhere
file in download dirtectory on microsoft edge
  • Then your file will be downloaded.

3.2.Use We Transfer

We Transfer allows you to transfer files up to 2GB of data transfer, and it should be done with your email address so that you can put the sender email and recipient email address.

steps of transfering files to we transfer
  • Click on Add Files and choose the file that you want to upload then click open.
  • Add your email address to the email box.
  • Click on “Transfer”. You will receive an email from Wetransfer and a download link to download the file after the file is uploaded.
receiving transferred file on email address
  • Click on “Get Your File” to download the file.
  • You can find the file which has been downloaded on your browser download history. Click on “Show in folder”, and then your folder will be there.

4.Send Files Directly By Email

4.1.Transfer Files Via Gmail Email Attachment

steps on transfer files from pc to pc online with gmail account
  • When composing the email from the Gmail website, select the Attach File Icon.

| You can send the large file by using the Google Drive icon on your email.

  • Select the file that you want to upload, then click open.
adding email recipient and transferring file online with Gmail
  • Send the email, and open it from the Second PC.
receiving file and download it on gmail
  • Go to your second PC and open your Gmail inbox.
  • You will see the email in your inbox, open it.
  • Download the attachment.

This is how you can transfer files using the email method.

4.2.Transfer Via Yahoo Email Attachment

With this method, you can send files up to 25MB.

steps on how to transfer file online using yahoo email
  • Start a new message on Yahoo, go to the toolbar at the bottom of the window, then select the paperclip icon.
choosing the file from file explorer to transfer via yahoo mail
  • Select Attach Files from the computer, then click open.
choosing the recipient of the image then sending email
  • Attach your file and then send the email to another recipient, or you can send it to your same email address if you like.
receiving email from second pc after image transfer
  • Go to your second PC and open Yahoo inbox.
  • You will see the email in your inbox, open it.
  • Click on the File > Preview, then the file will show up on the left.
downloading image after receiving an email in yahoo mail
  • Download the attachment.

These are 4 ways to send files from pc to pc online, which method do you think is the best one to send files from pc to pc online?

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