What Is Hypesquad on Discord and How To Get It (2022)

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Though you are obsessed with being a Discord member, you need to be a HypeSquad to get the best out of Discord, so you may wonder what is the HypeSquad and how to get it.

If you are someone who spent most of his time on Discord, you might be losing a lot if you aren’t a HypeSquad member.

You probably heard about countries ambassador, don’t you?

Also, you probably know that the ambassador represents his country to the rest of the world.

So if you like Discord so much that makes you want to become an ambassador of Discord, you need to apply for a HypeSquad membership.

It’s free and easy to apply.

So today I will show you completely what is the HypeSquad and how to get it.

What Is Hypesquad Discord

Explaining the HypeSquad meaning

Hypesquad is an exclusive community that Discord users can be a part of, and it’s only available for those who pass a test.

The Hypesquad membership test is represented in a form of 5 multiple choice questions that you need to select from.

When you answer all the questions, the Discord app will analyze your personality.

Then you will receive a badge based on your personality.

HyperSquad has three houses, and you will automatically be a member of one of them after doing the test.

These three houses, are the “House of Bravery”, the “House of Brilliance”, the “House of Balance”.

After joining the exclusive membership, you’ll receive goods and swags depending on your hype level.

It’s like an affiliate program, if you show it to more people, you will get more bonuses.

When you attend an event and have done a good job in representing Discord, you would receive a T-Shirt, a Super Secret Server, Hypesquad profile badge, Discord pins & badges.

How To Get Hypesquad on Discord

It’s easy to get into the HypeSquad community, you only need to open the Discord app and take an aptitude test.

This test will set you in one of the three HypeSquad houses where you belong.

Once the test determines your personality, you’ll be a member of the HypeSquad.

Then you’ll be able to compete with users in the two other houses to get more prizes and swags.

Keep in your mind that you will receive an exclusive newsletter from the community.

1.Open the HypeSquad Settings page

Open the HypeSquad Settings page on Discord

To get the HypeSquad test, open your Discord app.

Then go to the settings page, and scroll down until you reach the “HypeSquad” option.

You’ll find it at the end of the settings page.

When you open the HypeSquad option, you’ll see a video made by Discord which you can watch to understand more about the community.

2.Take the test

Do the personality test to join a new house

Now that you’ve watched the video, you’ll see below it the things that you will receive just after joining the community.

These things are:

  1. “Super Secret Newsletter”, which will send you regular giveaways and newsletters.
  2. “Hype Profile Badge”, which is the badge that represents your HypeSquad house that you’ll be a member of just after joining the community.
  3. “Squad Challenges”, is the ability to represent your house and challenge other houses as well.

So you need to scroll up at the top of the page, then tap on the “Join HypeSquad” button to start the test.

When you tap on the button, a new popup will show up.

This popup contains five multiple choices questions that you need to answer.

So when you reach the 5th question, tap on “Show me my house!”

3.Get into the HypeSquad community instantly

Become a member of the HypeSquad and join a new house

When you finally take the test, you will be picked one of the three houses.

Then you will get a small letter revealing a brief message about your personality as a member of the house.

So you need to defend your HypeSquad house from any argument and challenge that you get into.

After reading the message, you need to return to the settings page.

On the HypeSquad page, you will see your new house badge, therefore, you can get back to your Discord profile page.

To do so, you need to tap on the “User Profile” option on the Discord Settings page.

Then you will see the small badge of your HypeSquad house near your profile picture.

So this is how you get the HypeSquad on the Discord app.

Now if you are very serious about Discord and would like to be an exclusive member, you can apply an application to the HypeSquad.

Does Hypesquad Give You Nitro?

Checking the profile after joining a new house on the Discord HypeSquad

Yes, if you are a member of the Discord HypeSquad, you may get a Nitro gift, depending on your activity in the community.

Someone needs to send you the Nitro as a gift, then you need to redeem it on your Account.

To do so, you need to tap on the “Accept” button when you receive the gift.

Eventually, the person that will send it to you will tell you that this is for you.


HypeSquad is a free bonus membership for Discord users who are obsessed with Discord.

It’s easy to be a Discord ambassador for free, just by passing a personality test.

Then being added to of the three HypeSquad houses.

So the only way to get into the community is by doing the small test from the Settings.

Moreover, you can fill out an application to Discord by applying for the HypersQuad exclusive membership.

Today you’ve learned what is the HypeSquad and how to get it.

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