Fix: Instagram Emoji Reactions for Direct Messages Not Working

Are the Instagram emoji reactions not working on your direct messages, so you’re wondering how to fix it?

A lot of users were recently encountering the issue.

The problem is that when you tap on the message you can’t get the reactions popup.

The reason why Instagram emoji reactions aren’t working is that you still haven’t updated the “Messaging” app; To fix this issue, open the “Settings” page and tap on “Update Messaging”.

Therefore, the emoji reactions will show up.

Some users have reported that they aren’t able to see the “Update Messaging” on “Settings”.

No matter what are the circumstances, there are still a variety of solutions to fix this issue.

Today I will teach you how to fix the Instagram emoji reactions on your direct messages when they’re not working.

Why Won’t My Instagram Let Me React to Messages?

Instagram emoji reactions feature on direct message

You can’t use the Reactions on your Instagram direct messages because your messaging app isn’t updated yet.

The new update of the Instagram messaging app brings a batch of features to the table.

The emoji reactions are one of the features announced by Instagram.

So your Instagram direct messages may be out of date.

Hence, you can’t use the reaction emojis until you update the app.

Here’s the list of most possible reasons why you can’t use the emoji reactions on Instagram:

  1. You haven’t updated the messaging app by tapping “Update messaging” on “Settings”;
  2. Instagram isn’t granted to get full permissions on your phone;
  3. The feature is still not available in your country;
  4. Your Instagram app is out of date, and you don’t know it;
  5. There is a bug or glitch on Instagram.

How To Fix Emoji Reactions for Direct Messages When It’s Not Working On Instagram?

To fix the emoji reactions when it’s not working on your Instagram account, you need to update your Instagram messaging.

This is done by going to the “Settings” page and finding the option to update the app.

Note that you may find the “Update messaging” option in other places as some rare cases occurred with different users.

Most Android users are seeing the option somewhere else.

In some other cases, the account may be eligible for the messaging update, yet a technical issue may get in the way, such as a bug or glitch on Instagram.

To buckle up all the issues above and fix them efficiently, follow the steps below carefully and chronologically.

1.Tap on “Update Messaging”

Update Messaging button on Instagram settings

Firstly, you need to update your direct messages to be able to use the reactions.

To do so, tap on the “Three Lines” at the top right of your profile screen on Instagram.

Then, when the new menu opens, check if the option exists at the bottom of the menu.

Otherwise, tap on the “Hamburger” Settings icon which is the first option in the menu.

Then you’ll see the “Update Messaging” option at the top of the “Settings” page.

So tap on it to update the Instagram messaging app.

Now if you can’t see the “Messaging app” there could be other issues, so follow the fixes below.

2.Update your Instagram app

Update the app

Make sure that you’ve updated your Instagram app.

If your Instagram app isn’t updated, the emoji reactions won’t appear in your direct messages.

When you have a lot of apps, or your phone is having an issue, it won’t notify you of updates.

So update the app manually by visiting the App Store on iPhone or the Play Store on Android.

It’s pretty obvious and straightforward that updating your app will have an instant impact on your whole in-app experience.

3.Deactivate then Reactivate your Instagram account

Deactivate then reactivate Instagram account

Some users have mentioned that deactivating their account and then re-enabling it has solved the issue.

Keep in mind that deactivating your account is temporary, and it won’t delete any data.

Instead, your data and profile will remain hidden and therefore be refreshed by reactivating your account.

To deactivate your Instagram account:

  1. Tap on the “Three Lines” icon at the top right of your profile page;
  2. When the menu opens, tap on “Settings”;
  3. Navigate to “Account > Delete account > Deactivate account”;
  4. Then follow the instructions to complete the process;
  5. Once you finish, log in back to your Instagram account to reactive it.

Therefore, the Instagram emoji reactions will show up on your direct messages if it wasn’t working before.

4.Grant full permission to Instagram

Grant full permissions to fix the Instagram emoji reactions feature on direct message when it's not working

If you’ve blocked Instagram from accessing any element on your phones such as the microphone or your gallery, you need to undo this action.

To do so on Android go to “Settings > Apps > Instagram > Permissions” and then allow all permissions.

On your iPhone, tap to go to “Settings > Instagram”, then allow your microphone and all photos.

5.Force Stop the app and clear the cache

Force stop Instagram app and clear its cache

The last thing to try and which worked ultimately with a lot of users who have encountered the emojis issue is to force stop the app and clear the cache.

It’s a very obvious task that you may see a lot when it comes to fixing bugs and glitches.

This is because it’s efficient, and it completely refreshes the app data.

So to do so:

  1. Log out of your Instagram app;
  2. Navigate to “Settings > Apps > Instagram > Tap on (Force Stop)”.
  3. Navigate to “Storage > Clear Cache” to complete the process.

For iPhone users, simply uninstall and then reinstall the app to clear the cache.

By following all the methods above, you will get the Instagram emoji reactions back on your direct messages if it’s not working.

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