How To Make a Group Chat on Discord

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Though you are trying to chat with multiple friends on Discord at once, you may wonder how to make a group chat.

Discord has a feature that helps you to create a Group Direct Message or (DM) page.

This feature is distinct, as you’ll have the potential to chat with your friends without having to create a new server.

So you don’t need to reinvent the wheel just because you want to chat with a group of friends.

To make a group chat on Discord, you need to find the “+” icon and tap on it on the Discord home page.

You can add up to 9 friends on the Direct message chat.

Today, I will show you how to make a group chat on Discord.

How To Make a Group Chat on Discord

To make a group chat on Discord, you need to open the home page on the app, then tap on the “+” icon to start adding friends to the group.

After adding your friends, you’ll get an invitation link that you can send to other friends to add them to the group.

The most interesting thing about creating a DM group on Discord is that you are in full control of what’s happening at the moment.

You don’t need to add rules or commands as you do on the server.

As long as you create the group chat, you will be able to start chatting instantly without any further do.

1.Open your Discord Home page

Open Discord home page

First, start by opening your Discord app.

In this tutorial, we will be using the PC version, but you can follow the same steps on your mobile app.

When you open the app, you need to access the “Friends” page by going to the Home page.

You’ll obviously get access to the home page when you click on the “Discord” icon at the top left of the app.

2.Tap on the “+ Chat” icon

Tap on the "+ Chat" icon

After opening the home page, you need to tap on the “+ Chat” icon.

You’ll find the icon at the top right of the screen, preceded by a “?” and “Inbox” icon.

Tap on the “+ Chat” icon to make your Discord DM group and add friends to it.

However, to do so on your Discord mobile phone, you need to tap on the “Three Lines” in the top left corner.

Then tap on the same “+ Chat” icon, then you’ll be able to complete the following steps below.

3.Pick the names of the people you want to add

Make a DM group chat on Discord by adding friends

When you tap on the icon, a new popup will show up, which is the place where you need to select your friends.

Start by adding your friends to the new group that you’re creating by selecting each one of them.

If you have a lot of friends, you can type their names in the search box to find and add them.

To do so, tap the box where you see, “Type the username of a friend”.

Keep in mind that you can add up to 9 users, which will be in total 10 users with you in the group.

4.Create Group Direct Message

Tap on Create Group DM to make the new Discord group chat

Now that you’ve found and added your selected friends, tap on “Create Group DM” to make your Discord group chat.

Then you’ll be navigated to the group chat page.

When the chat page opens, you will see all your group friends which are the recipient on the right menu.

Furthermore, there is an interesting feature that allows your friend to invite other friends to the group.

So when you add new friends they will be able to add other friends as well.

5.Setup your new Discord group chat

Set up the group chat to complete its creation

As you are the admin, you’ll have full control over the group chat.

You can change the group icon by right-clicking on the group name and then clicking on “Change Icon.

To change the name of the group, simply click on the Title near the “two-person” icon at the top.

Then type in your new group’s name.

Now to add new friends to the group, tap on the “Person +” icon.

Then on the new popup, type their names in the search box to find and add them.

However, in the same popup, there is an extra feature that you can benefit from, which is sending an invitation link to your friends directly.

To do so, you need to tap on the “Create” button to create a new invitation link.

Then your new link will be created, yet, consider sending it before 24 hours, otherwise, the link will expire after the given time.

So tap on “Copy” to copy and send the link to your friends.

6.Start Chatting with your friends

Start to chat with friends after making the group

Now that you’ve added your friends you can start chatting and calling them.

You can even start a conference video call with all of them at the same time.

To start a video call on your Discord group, you need to click on the “Camera” icon.

The same thing applies to starting a voice call, you simply need to click on the “Phone” icon.

It’s the same as a WhatsApp group chat.

How To Add Bots to Group Chats on Discord

You can’t add bots to a Group chat on your Discord DM to control it, as it’s a group that has only 10 users in it, so you will be the only moderator of the group.

Bots are only available to add to the servers.

When you have a server, it will probably don’t stop receiving new users every day.

This is why you’ll need to add bots on your Server, whereas groups don’t need bots to be added on.

So far, there is no feature that allows you to add bots to Group chats on Discord.

Can You Transfer Ownership of a Discord Group Chat

No, you’ll need to create a new group in order to transfer the ownership of your Discord group chat to someone else.

Otherwise, you’ll remain the only moderator who controls the group chat.

When you decide to transfer your ownership.


Discord group chat is a different landscape of communicating with your friends.

It provides you with more privacy in a closed room with only people you want to chat with and getting distanced for a while from the crowded servers.

So when you make the group chat on Discord, you’ll find out that it has the same concept as WhatsApp.

Keep in mind that you’ll be the only moderator of the group chat unless you leave it, so the ownership will get switched to someone else.

Today you’ve learned how to make a group chat on Discord.

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