How To Make a Welcome Channel in Discord (5 Welcome Bots)

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Having a server on Discord is great to work that needs a lot of attention to keep new users on your server, so you may wonder how to make a welcome channel in Discord.

Most of the well-known bots on Discord have welcome settings where you can make your welcome channel on.

Each Discord bot has its own settings for creating and preparing a channel like MEE6, Carl, and Dyno.

So it’s up to you to choose the one that fits your needs.

However, the Carl bot is pretty easy to work with as well as the MEE6 bot.

Just keep in mind to make your message looks cool and simple, so when new users join your server they will stay in and interact with your welcome channel message.

Otherwise, they will ignore it as they do with other Discord servers.

So today I will show you how to make a welcome channel in Discord with all the details, easily.

How To Make a Welcome Channel in Discord

To make a welcome channel in Discord, enable the developer mode, then click on the “+” button to create a new channel, then add your welcome message and image on.

After adding your new channel, install the Carl bot on your Discord server.

Then go to the Carl settings to set up your welcome message and prepare it.

Now copy the welcome image URL to embed it in your message.

After that, test your new welcome channel and make sure that it’s working without issues.

Please follow the steps below carefully to get the same results as ours.

This is what your Welcome Channel Message will look like after finishing:

Discord Welcome Message result after following the steps

1.Enable the Developer Mode

Enabling the Developer mode on Discord

Firstly, open your Discord app and click on the “Gear” icon to open the settings page.

Then scroll down until you find “Advanced” and click on it.

Now on the Advanced page, switch ON the toggle of “Developer Mode”.

Note that you will need the developer option when you want to copy the ID of the chat channel and mention it in the welcome message in your Discord channel.

2.Create the Welcome Channel on Discord

Make a new Discord welcome channel

Now go back to your Discord server and click on the “+” icon in the channels’ menu to make your welcome channel.

Then in the new popup add a name for your Channel and click on “Create Channel”.

Therefore, locate the new channel that you’ve created and click on the gear icon at the right of your channel’s name.

On the new page go to the “Permissions” menu, then click on Advanced permissions.

So you’ll see the menu of the permissions that you can edit.

Now enable the permission “View Channel”, and “Read Message History” by clicking on the green checkmark icon.

Then disable the permission “Send Messages” by clicking on the red “X” icon.

After that click on “Save Changes”.

3.Install the Carl bot on your Server

Add the Carl bot to the discord server

Now that you’ve created your new welcome Channel, visit the Carl bot website.

Keep in mind that you have to be signed in to your Discord account before proceeding.

So click on “Login with Discord”.

Then on the new page select the server you want to add the bot on.

Therefore, a new page will open so click on “Authorize”.

Now on the next page choose your welcome channel to add the bot to. 

Then a new small pop-up will show up, so click on “Continue” and again on “Authorize”.

After that, verify that you’re a human by clicking on the empty box, then the Carl bot will be added to your server.

4.Click on Welcome

Go to the welcome settings to open the start making the Discord welcome channel

After adding the Carl bot to your server, click on “Skip”.

Then you will find yourself on the Carl bot Dashboard page.

So it’s time to make a welcome message for your Discord channel.

To do so click on the “Welcome” section in the settings.

Therefore, you will be redirected to the welcome page settings where you can start preparing your welcome message.

5.Click on “Show embed builder”

Adding the title and the profile image of the message

When you open the welcome page, head over to the “Welcome message” field.

Then click on “Show embed builder” to start preparing your message.

So in the first left “Icon url” box add your or your server profile picture link, so you can copy it from Google or your website.

Next, it’s important to follow each step to understand how to make your welcome message and connect it properly to your Discord channel.

6.Add your server welcome message

Make the welcome message to add it next on the channel

After adding your server profile picture, add your welcome message title in the “Title” box, for example, “Welcome Message”.

Therefore, in the “Description” box type your welcome message.

Keep in mind that {mention} will show the new member’s name on the message, and {server} will show your server’s name.

So you can add these two commands anywhere you want on the message.

Now if you like to get inspiration for some messages templates, check the messages templates below.

You can also follow the GIF above to understand how it’s done.

7.Add a chat channel

Add a chat channel on the welcome message

When you add your message, click on “Add field”.

Then two new boxes will be added to the message page.

So in the “Title for field 1” box you can add the new field title to mention something new.

For example, if you want to add rules or link other channels in the message you can use this field.

In our case, we will add “Important Channel Links” as a title.

So in the “Description for field 1” box add “ Chat <# your chat channel ID > “.

To copy your channel ID simply right-click on your Channel in Discord, then click “Copy ID”.

Now in the “Image url” box below the “Add field” button, add the welcome image link.

By adding the image you will make your welcome channel looks cooler than other Discord servers.

So copy any image link from Google Image or the GIPHY website if you want to add a GIF.

Then paste the link in the “Image url” box.

In the next “Thumbnail URL” box add this command {user(avatar)} to display the picture of the new use.

Now click on “Save” to save the changes.

Do the final steps and test the message

As the last step, head over to the welcome channel menu.

Then click on “# No Channel selected” to select your Welcome Channel.

After selecting your welcome channel, click on “Save” to save changes.

Finally, you can test your welcome message and check if everything works fine.

In addition to that, new users will be able to see the welcome page and get the message that you’ve created.

Discord Welcome Message Template

Below you will find 3 Discord welcome message templates as a standard example that you can relate to when you want to make a welcome channel on Discord.

  1. Aesthetic Anime Template:

✧・゚: ✧・゚: Welcome to peachology :・゚✧:・゚✧

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰

Hi my little cookies!! Check out:




Have fun!!!

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰

  1. A Cool Welcome Message Template:

Welcome Message

Hello {mention}, welcome to {server}!

Enjoy your stay with our {server(members)} members.

Important Channel Links

Chat in <# your chat channel ID >.

  1. Standard Welcome Message Template

Welcome {mention} to the {Server} Discord server! Further server information and guides will be sent to you directly.

Then, watch movies, play and chat with us!

Note that all the commands added to the templates are Carl bot commands, so you can replace them with other bots commands as well.

Because each bot has its own commands.

Discord Welcome Bots

Here you can find a list of 5 good welcome bots for your Discord server:

  1. Carl (The bot we are using in our tutorial as one of the easiest Discord bots to add your welcome message on).
  2. April (A cool welcome bot to make a custom welcome image on your Discord server).
  3. Mimu (An aesthetic bot that helps you to make an Anime welcome message on your Discord channel).
  4. MEE6 (One of the Best moderation bots that you can use to make your welcome channel).
  5. Dyno (A fully customizable web dashboard for adding rules to your message).

There are other lists of Discord welcome bots that you can check at ““.


Discord is a huge messaging app that has a lot of potential in terms of connecting you with your friends on one server.

However, to welcome your new users and friends you need to make a cool welcome channel.

So using Carl is one of the easiest ways to perfectly create your welcome message from A to Z and connect it to your Welcome Channel on Discord.

Therefore, keep in mind that each server has its commands and settings, so you can try other bots as well.

Today you’ve learned how to make a welcome channel on your Discord server.

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