How To Make Someone a Mod on Discord in (7 Steps)

A moderator rewarding his member on work

Your Discord server has to always be in control when you have a lot of users, so you may wonder how to make someone a mod (moderator) on your Discord server.

In order to make someone a mod in your Discord server, you have to create a role for him.

Then assign that role to the person you want them to have the mod roles and permissions.

So today, I will show you how to make someone a mod on your Discord server.

What Are Roles in Discord

Roles in Discord are the list of permissions that you enable or disable to assign to a specific person or bot.

So when you make the permissions ready for the role, you can give the role a name.

Then assign it to the person or the bot you want.

For example, if you want your friend “Charlie” to become a moderator on your server.

You will create a role and name it “Moderator”.

Then add what permissions can your friend Charlie has.

Like giving him access to private channels, banning and kicking users, and so on.

However, there is a default role called “everyone” that has basic permissions for anyone who join your server.

How To Make Someone a Mod on Discord

To make someone a mod on your Discord server, open the server settings and go to roles to create a new role, then add permissions to it and assign it to someone.

Now when you create the role, you have to give it a name, then start enabling the permissions.

However, for the moderator, there are specific permissions that usually a moderator should have.

This is why it’s important to follow the steps below carefully to understand what permissions you have to give to the moderator.

Now there are bots on Discord that can auto-assign roles without having to make them manually.

So, if one of the members reached a specific milestone on your server for doing particular tasks.

You can grant them some specific privileges on your server’s hierarchy.

To get this type of bot, you can visit website.

1.Open your Discord server

Open Discord server on PC

On your Discord app, click on the server icon to open your server.

Now when you are on the server page, you will see at the right all your server members.

Including the bots that you’ve added.

So when you assign the role to any member.

You will see each member what roles they have on the same right sidebar.

2.Click on the drop-down arrow

Go to the server settings to start creating the role

Now, to open your settings page, click on the “Down Arrow” button.

Then a drop-down menu will open, so click on “Server Settings”.

And your server settings page will open.

You will need this page every time you want to make someone a mod on your Discord server.

3.Go to the Roles’ page on the settings

Open the Role page on Discord to check roles and permissions

On the settings page, click on “Roles” to open the roles page.

Now you will see all the assigned roles that your server bots already have, and you will create your first role here.

If your server is still new, you will not see anything on the roles page.

So from that page, you can add roles and grant permissions on Discord to make someone a mod on your server.

However, you can click on the default permission button to check the default roles.

That Discord has been granted to your server members.

You will see that the only default bot Discord has, on the permissions page, is called @everyone.

This role is undeletable, but you can modify the permissions in it.

So you have to create a new role in addition to the @everyone role to assign it to your mod.

4.Click on Create Role

Create a new role to make someone a mod on the Discord server

After opening the roles page, click on “Create Role” to get started with the feature.

When you click on the “Create Role”, a new page will open.

So on that page, start by giving the Role a name like “Mod” if you want to make someone a mod on your Discord server.

Then choose a specific color for this role to facilitate finding the roles in your server.

5.Edit the Role permissions for the moderator

Open the Permissions page to start editing permissions

Now that you’ve added the color and named the role, it’s time to start enabling the permissions.

So, click on the “Permissions” menu, then a new page will open.

On this page, you will find here the default permissions that Discord already has for a new role.

If you scroll down, you can see that each group of permissions is related to a menu.

However, to start enabling the permissions to the role, you can click on each of the toggle switch buttons to enable them.

6.Enable the suggested permissions for the mod

Enable the ideal permissions to make someone a mod on the Discord server

When you take a look at all the permissions, you will find that they are a lot.

But there are some important permissions that we strongly discourage you to give to someone as a mod on Discord.

However, the ideal permissions that someone as a mod should have:

  • In the “General Server Permissions”, enable just “View Channels” and “Manage Emojis and Stickers”.
  • Create Invite
  • Change Nickname
  • Manage Nicknames
  • Kick Members
  • Ban Members
  • Timeout Members
  • All the “Text Channel Permissions” can be granted
  • All the “Voice Channel Permissions” can be granted

On the other hand, you can check what’s the best permission to give for your Discord server mod.

It depends on how much you trust that person.

But you have to be aware of the Administrator’s permission, as it’s a dangerous permission.

Because with this permission, the mod can make harmful things to your Discord server.

Now don’t forget to click on “Save changes” when you finish granting the permissions.

7.Assign the Mod Role to the member

Assign the created role to a server member on Discord

If you did grant all the permissions, then click on the “Manage Members” menu.

A new page will open, so click on the “Add Members” button.

Then a new popup will show up with all the server members and bots that you have.

So click on the checkbox to make someone the mod of your Discord server.

Then click on “Add” to confirm your choice.

Finally, click on “Save Changes” and the role will be assigned to the member you choose.

You can now see their profile on the right sidebar and click on it to check the roles that you’ve assigned to them.


Keeping your Discord server without a moderator is a waste of time if you are concentrating to build and grow your server.

But you have to be careful when selecting the permissions to grant to someone on your server.

However, if you trust that person, you can grant them access to most of the permissions without allowing them to be an Administrator.

Because the Administrator’s permission, can ruin your server and bring harmful activities to it.

So today, you’ve learned how to make someone a mod on your Discord server.

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