How to Make a Transparent GIF in 5 Minutes Online for FREE

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Are you trying to find out how to make a transparent GIF online for Free?

So you will be able to get a proper GIF image without a background and using it in just 5 minutes.

However, remove GIF background online is the best way to gain time as online software can make it transparent fast.

Today I will show you how to make GIF transparent online for Free.

But I will be using a ready GIF image that I downloaded from the GIPHY website, so it will be better to understand.

Best GIF Maker Online

There is a lot of tools that help you make GIF transparent, but I will show you the best two online software that I tried.


Unscreen is a professional online software to make a transparent GIF. They have multiple features added to edit GIF.

One of the most interesting features is that you can add background image or video to your GIF after making it transparent.

However you can remove the green screen from videos and GIFs at the same time, so it’s interesting.


Lunapic is a basic online software you can use to make transparent GIF fast, but it has a lot of other online apps.

Which makes it basic without some added features for the transparent GIF.

If you have a GIF image with one solid color it will be easy to use Lunapic to make it transparent.

But if you have a multiple solid color GIF image, it’s better to use Unscreen.

How To Make a Transparent GIF

Animated gif for a pc with a solid background color

This is the GIF image that I will be using to make its background transparent.

I will be using Unscreen website as it will be more professional and easy to use.

There are also more features included in the software to get the most out of it.

So let’s take a look at how to Make a Transparent GIF, using Unscreen website.

1.Upload your GIF to the Website

Upload GIF image to unscreen website from desktop or link

First, go to the Unscreen website then click on “Upload Clip” if you already have a GIF.

But If you had the link of the GIF already, then copy the link of the GIF image and come back to Unscreen website to paste it.

To paste the URL of the GIF tap “Ctrl+V” on your keyboard.

Locate the GIF image on desktop

Now if you want to upload the image from your PC.

Click on “Upload Clip”, then find the GIF on your PC and click on “Open”.

You Can also Drag in the Image from your PC directly to Unscreen website.

However, you have a choice to click on Search GIF if you would like to search for a new GIF image.

2.Remove the background of your GIF

Editing GIF background by adding video or color

Now after you’ve uploaded the GIF image to the website, it will automatically remove the background.

The website will load the photo then show you a transparent screen behind the GIF, which means it’s done.

The GIF then will be ready to download.

However you have to keep in mind if the image had one solid color on the background, it will be easier to be removed.

If you had colors like, white, blue, yellow, red, it’s easier to remove.

But if the background had more than one solid color, it’s a little harder to be removed from the GIF in some cases.

So when you use Unscreen app, it will be more easier to remove multiple solid colors from a real video.

On the other hand, using other online software will be useful, but for cartoon GIFs that come with one solid color in the background.

3.Final Touches on The GIF background

Adding a video background to the image

You can choose whether you want to edit the background on your GIF or keep it transparent.

If you want to keep it transparent then go to skip this step 3 to 4.

On the other hand, if you decided to edit the background before downloading the GIF image.

Then you can add some background images or video to make your GIF looks more special and unique.

You can add animation to the GIF background by clicking on the “Video” tab, or a simple color by choosing the “Color” tab.

However, it’s possible to add an image also by clicking on the “Image” tab.

If you are a person who likes to combine GIFs you can also choose to add a GIF on the background in the Video tab.

After Editing everything, you have to make sure you don’t reload the page because your image will be discarded automatically.

So keep on the same page and start with the next step, which is step 4.

4.Download GIF after Editing

Download the image by choosing the file format

When the GIF is ready to download, you will choose whether you download it for Free on your desktop or share it.

But if you like to check the results before downloading, you can switch between the “Original” tab and “Transparent”.

This will help you to make sure the results are satisfying and nothing to add more.

So when everything is okay, you can click on the “Download” button.

Then your image will be downloaded as a GIF with the new transparent background.

You can choose to download the image in another format by clicking on the down arrow next to the “Download” button.

This will show you more file options like Animated PNG, Single Frames, or GIF.

Now if you wanted to share the GIF, instead of Downloading it, you should consider using the “Share” button.

Click on the Blue “Share” button with the share icon.

Then the GIF will be encoded.

Now a page will pop up in front of you with multiple options.

You can choose which option do you like to share your GIF with.


Making a transparent GIF has never been easy like before, online software is worth it.

You can choose whatever software you like, in the end, it’s up to you.

But after the small trial experiment that I did on multiple online GIF Maker, I realized that Unscreen will be a good choice.

Because both real videos GIFs and Cartoon animated GIFs will be easier for you to remove their background professionally.

However, it’s Free to use and you can get enough satisfactory results after using it.

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