Why Is Messenger Profile Picture Greyed Out?

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If you’ve opened your Messenger app and found out that your profile picture is greyed out, you may wonder why it’s happening.

There are multiple causes when your profile picture becomes entirely gray.

The main reason why your messenger profile picture is greyed out is that there is a bug in the app right now; The best thing you can do is to uninstall and then reinstall the app.

You can fix it as well by logging out and then re-login.

If both fixes above don’t work, then you need to try using another phone to find out if the problem is occurring on your phone only.

Today, I will show exactly you why your Messenger profile picture is greyed out.

Why Is Messenger Profile Picture Greyed Out?

If your Messenger profile picture is greyed out, this is because there is a glitch with the app on your phone, and probably it’s a bug.

To confirm this, you can try another phone to check if your profile or your friends’ profile is still greyed out.

If the profile picture appears on other phones or tablets, this means there is a bug, and if not you may have to double-check if you’re blocked, or they might simply have deleted their Facebook.

Profile picture greyed out on Messenger

The main reasons why your Messenger profile picture is greyed out:

  1. You have an internet connection issue;
  2. The app needs to be updated;
  3. A bug is currently existing on Messenger;
  4. The phone you’re using is overloaded;
  5. .Facebook is working their different platform;

These causes could also apply if you’re encountering the same issue with your friends’ profile pictures on Messenger.

Additionally, these two reasons could also cause you to see a greyed-out profile:

  1. The person is no longer using Facebook and Messenger;
  2. They have removed their profile picture.

What Does It Look Like When Someone Blocks You on Messenger?

Circle looks unfilled after block on Messenger

When you send a message to them, they will see an unfilled empty gray and white circle.

The only way you can deduct that you’ve been blocked on Facebook is based on how the app will behave upon sending messages to your friend.

So here are the possibilities:

  1. You may see an unfilled check mark icon;
  2. The message won’t get delivered by showing you that the check mark is filled, so it will never get filled;
  3. You may see “The person is unavailable on Messenger” notification if they blocked you on Facebook, and you won’t be able to send messages.

However, you might still see their profile picture on Messenger, and it won’t get greyed out.

What Does It Mean When There Is a Grey Circle on Messenger?

A gray circle near the messages means that the person has received the message but still hasn’t seen it yet.

However, if you see a circle that’s not filled in gray, it means that the person has blocked your messages and calls.

It could also be a connection issue, so don’t conduct the block fast in this situation.

You have to take a look at the possibilities first.

Here’s what happens when someone blocks you from sending messages and calling them:

  1. You will see a circle filled in white and a gray check mark in the middle;
  2. Their profile will stay normal and not greyed out;
  3. .You won’t be able to visit their profile properly and see all the details that you were seeing before.

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