How To Fix Netflix “Unable to Switch Profile” Error

Are you wondering how to fix the Netflix unable to switch profile error?

It happens when you randomly open your Netflix app and try to get to your profile but find out that you aren’t able to.

To fix the Netflix “Unable to Switch Profile” error, sign out from your account, then download and use a VPN app to change your IP location, and try logging back again; By doing so, you will switch to another country temporarily until the Netflix issue get solved itself.

As Netflix updates the app or may be working on the website development, the server may encounter an outage, which causes this issue.

It could also be that a lot of users use the website at the same time, which could interrupt the server.

Today I will teach you how to fix the Netflix “Unable to Switch Profile” error.

What Does It Mean When Netflix Says Unable to Switch Profile?

When Netflix says “Unable to Switch profile” it typically means that either there is a server outage, or the app on your mobile has an issue.

This error may occur on the mobile phone app and the web version.

Data conflict on the Netflix app on phone, as well as website cookies on PC, could cause the same error.

Yet, it’s represented in different numbers “-1016”, “-1014”, and “-1026”.

If you’re wondering what those numbers are, they all refer to the “Unable to Switch Profile” error.

How To Fix Netflix “Unable to Switch Profile”

To fix the Netflix “Unable to Switch Profile” error, you need to use a VPN app to change your country, then try again.

However, make sure that you log out before turning ON the VPN app, then log in after.

If the first method didn’t work, you need to check if there is a server issue.

There are other fixes you might need to pass through to have better chances on solving the issue.

So follow the methods below one by one.

1.Use a VPN app

Use VPN app to fix the Unable to Switch Profile error on Netflix

The first, thing to do is to use VPN app like Psiphon Pro.

VPN app helps you to switch the location of your current internet source from the country you’re living in, to another country.

When you do this on Netflix, you will be taken to the nearest server of the country you’ve been transferred to via the VPN app.

To do so:

  1. Log out from Netflix;
  2. Download the Psiphon app;
  3. Open Psiphon and tap on the “Connect” button;
  4. When you get connected, open the Netflix app;
  5. Log in to your Netflix account and try to switch between profiles.

2.Check the Netflix server for issues

Check the Netflix server outages

By checking server issues you will have an overview of what’s happening now with Netflix, and compare it with your situation.

One of the best websites that show you live statistics of what’s going on with the Netflix server is Downdetector.

Visit the Downdetector website, and take a look at the Netflix server graph.

If you see a spike in the graph, this is a clear view that there is a server outage.

This particular situation could cause the “Unable to Switch profile” error on Netflix.

3.Restart your device

Restart device to fix the Unable to Switch Profile error on Netflix

According to Netflix, the “Unable to Switch Profile” error, comes from information stored on your device that needs to be refreshed.

So restarting your device will refresh its memory and remove all the temporary files.

Therefore, you will open the app as it’s the first time you open it.

Make sure that you sign out before restarting your app, then sign in upon the restart.

4.Clear the app Cache or Cookies on PC

Clear the Netflix app cache on iPhone by uninstalling then reinstalling the app

By clearing the app cache, you will remove all files stored on the Netflix app such as your temporary files and other files the app uses to load faster.

Those files aren’t that important but could have a negative impact sometimes on the app.

Website cookies on browsers have the same concept as app cache.

  • To clear your app cache on your iPhone, you simply have to uninstall and then reinstall the app.
  • On android go to “Settings > Apps > search and find “Netflix” > tap on Netflix > tap on Clear Cache”.
  • On your PC browser, visit the Netflix website, tap on the “Padlock” icon at the left of the URL, then tap on “Cookies”. After that, select the cookies and delete them, then try switching profiles again.

5.Wait until the issue gets solved

The last thing to do is to wait for Netflix to solve the issue by itself, as it may be having a server outage or issues that will need a fast intervention to repair.

So it’s better to wait for at least 30 minutes before you try again.

In the meantime, they may be working to fix the “Unable to Switch Profile” error.

However, the time isn’t definitive, as fixing any company servers could take between 30 minutes to 24 hours.

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