What Does Outgoing Call Mean

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Using your phone to call someone will show different symbols and words, however, you may wonder what does an outgoing call means.

So when you call someone, and you’re waiting for their response by hearing multiple rings every 5 seconds, this means you are on an outgoing call. 

There are a lot of calls that are happening every day between all types of organizations.

Also, people interact between them on a phone call when they are far from each other.

On your phone when you call someone you may see multiple symbols and different words that have different meanings. 

So it would confuse you, and you can’t understand what these calling symbols and words mean exactly.

Please note that the numbers of rings and times on calls provided below are approximately right.

But may vary in some countries or with some network providers.

What Does Outgoing Call Mean

Answered outgoing call, Missed Incoming calls, Answered Incoming call

An outgoing call is when you call someone, and you have a conversation with them.

So if you hear every 5 seconds a ring more than 3 times, this means you are on an outgoing call and waiting for the response.

That being said, when the receiver opens your call, you are on an outgoing call.

Now, if they declined your request, you will probably hear the ring only twice most of the time.

Then you will get redirected to the voicemail.

However, if they cancel the call it appears canceled on your call history instead of outgoing.

What Does Outgoing Call 1 Second Mean

It means that you’ve closed the call directly after the receiver answered the phone.

Also, if they blocked you, you will see an outgoing call for 1 second.

However, if the call was transferred to the voicemail, then you realized it and closed directly the call.

This means you had an outgoing call for 1 second.

So there are 3 possibilities for this type of call.

This is why it’s good to check the situation that you went through and understand which one of these situations is the same as yours.

What Does Outgoing Call Mean on WhatsApp

An outgoing call on WhatsApp will show up on the call history when you make any call, whether it was answered or declined.

On your WhatsApp call history, you will find the outgoing calls that you attempted to anyone.

However, if you want to check if either the call was declined or missed, just tap on the “i” circle icon next to the call.

Then a new page will open with all the information of the calls you attempted to that person or number.

How To Know Someone Is Busy on Another Call

Do Not Disturb mode page

If you either get redirected to the Voice Mail or you listen to the fast busy signals or tone that occurs every second when you attempt to call them.

However, there are automation messages that you may receive upon calling someone when they are busy or simply enabled the Do Not Disturb mode.

The message for example can be: “The Person You’re Trying to Reach Is on Another Call”.

Now if you hear rings for 2 seconds then you get redirected to the Voicemail.

This means they are busy, or they simply declined your call.

Does Outgoing Call Mean They Answered

Not necessarily that outgoing call means the receiver has answered, yet if it was transferred to the Voicemail, it will appear as outgoing.

So it can be in both situations as are the same.

However, when the receiver answer, and you make a conversation with them for 30 seconds, you will see the call as a 30-second outgoing call in the call’s history.

Now if the Voicemail opened for 5 seconds to let you send the message, the call will show up as a 5-second outgoing call.

Difference Between Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Difference between Incoming calls, Outgoing Calls, Cancelled Calls.

An incoming call is when you receive a call from someone, and you answer it, however, an outgoing call is when you call someone, and they receive your call or transfer it to the voicemail.

Incoming calls can never get the red color as the missed calls.

Because when you answer a call, it appears as an incoming call with the time spent on it.

Moreover, incoming calls will show a phone icon with a down arrow.

But outgoing calls show a phone icon with an up arrow.

Now if someone calls you, and you don’t answer, you will see a zigzag arrow on the phone icon 

with a red color.

However, if you don’t know the caller who called you, you can look up their name or Caller ID.

How Many Times Does a Phone Ring Before Voicemail

The phone rings from 25 to 30 seconds as a standard time before redirecting you to the Voicemail.

So it rings 6 rings usually until you get forwarded to the voicemail message.

However, if the person blocked you, the phone will ring 2 times only then redirect you to the voicemail.

It can also ring 2 times only then sent you the busy signal.

These signals are typically faster than the normal outgoing call signal.

Because it rings one time every 1 second, but the normal outgoing call rings one time every 3-5 seconds depending on the carrier network provider and country.

Now if you want to know that the other person blocked you, try to call the same person from another phone number.

If the call rings 6 times for 30 seconds, this means they blocked your personal number.

However, if the call stops after 2 rings 


An outgoing call is when the receiver receives your calls, or it goes for the voicemail.

So as long as you are still waiting for the response by only hearing the ring, you are still on the standby phase and waiting for the call to be Outgoing or Cancelled.

But please keep in mind that the number of rings and the time of calls varies between the network providers and the country.

Because each country or network provider has its own call rings.

However, the numbers are approximately right in terms of the global outgoing calls status and rings.

So today you’ve learned what does the outgoing call mean and other related information about it.

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