How to Ping Cell Phone Location for Free With 5 Methods

Mother searching for her son on train station by pinging location on phone

Have you ever thought about how you can track and find the location of your kids, your loved ones in your family, girlfriend, or sometimes friends? You can do it today is by Ping Cell Phone Location, with the best ways that I will show you today.

What is ping location tracking?

First, let’s understand what does Ping means. In a simple way, Ping is a command-line (or command prompt code) that you write in order to check Your device’s connectivity to another device.

A ping according to its real definition, is a sound wave that happens when you for example close the door or ring the bell, but in the world of a computer, it’s a little bit different.

It’s also a wave but a connection wave that works between two connections for the process of providing connectivity between the devices, like ping location tracking for example.

Why do you need to Ping Cell Phone Location?

Sometimes you want to check the location of your girlfriend or boyfriend, or maybe your kids, you can ping cell phone location and check their places on the map.

On the other hand, this technology can be used often to find your phone location if it was lost somewhere or maybe stolen. so you can open and check your phone from home if it’s secured with your account.

Sometimes people may want to find each other in a local place by using this type of technology, this can also help to make life easier for everyone.

Indeed, using ping cell phone location technology in an illegal way may cause you serious problems on a personal and legal level, so please be careful while using it.

What are the best 5 ways to ping cell phone location for Free:

1.Using Whatsapp location sharing

Whatsapp location sharing is a way to ping cell phone location for free with the permission of the other person who has the target device.

That means if you want to find your friend’s location and visiting them, you have to ask them to share their location with you via messages, or you can ask them to send it as a live location.

Let’s find out how to send  location on WhatsApp message:

  • First, open WhatsApp, then go to messages
sending current location by google maps on whatsapp
  • Tap the Attach icon, then tap location
  • Now WhatsApp will ask you for location permission, click on “Allow”
  • After allowing location permission, you will be ready to ping cell phone location right away
  • Now you will have two choices, whether you tap on “Share Live Location” or “Send Your Current Location”, it’s up to you
  • If you Tap “Send Your Current Location” then your current location will be sent instantly
steps to send live location by google maps on whatsapp
  • Now If you tap “Share Live Location”, WhatsApp will again ask you for permission, grant permission, and send location

In addition, you have to know that if you choose the live location option the recipient will be able to see your location in real-time. However, you have the choice to be live starting from 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours.

2.Google Find My Device service

Google Find My Device, is the best and fastest way to ping cell phone location, it just happens with some steps and gives the best result.

Furthermore, you can find your device using your PC, whenever you are. It’s easy to locate and wipe your phone data, also ring your phone online.

This method is a powerful method for family members at most since google location service is the best and fastest. It gives you also live location.

It’s a Free service that google provides to android and iPhone users.

How it’s done:

  • First, the phone you want to track must be connected to a Gmail account
  • Turned on
  • Connected to Wifi or Mobile Data
  • Visible on Google Play
  • Have location turned on and “Find My Device” must be activated on that device
check find my device by google to ping cell phone location
  • You can activate Find My Device by going to Settings> Security> Find My Device
  • If you don’t see the security option, tap on Security & location or go to Google> Security
ping cell phone location by using find my device
  • Now it’s time to find the device can go to google search directly and type find my device, then instantly your phone location will appear on search results
  • Also, Find My Device Website can help you
  • When the device appears on google search results or “Find My Device”, you will be able to ring, lock and wipe data on that device

3.Life 360 GPS Safety Tracker

Life 360, allows you to connect with all family members at the same time and check their location in one tap only.

It’s a very good choice to ping cell phone location for Free.

The best thing about this app is that it has a lot of features such as silent SOS notification to all family members, an emergency call for all family members.

How to track location using Life 360:

downloading life 360 family locator app from google chrome to ping cell phone location
  • Download the app from Play Store or APP store
  • Open the App, then click on “Get Started”
  • Sign in if you have an account or register a new one (Phone number is required)
  • After Dashboard is opened, you will find out that your live location is already showing on the map
using life 360 location finder to send installation code for other family members
  • You can add a new member by swiping up the user dashboard
  • Then click on Add a New Member
  • Now you will receive a code, send this code to the second device by your preferred sharing option (The code will be available for two days)
  • Now open the second device and check the message that contains the code, Tap on that link
  • Then sign in with that device or register a new user
  • After finishing, the new user will be added to the Life 360 Safety Tracker app

4.Where’s my droid

This application is an android app that helps you find a phone by using a lot of features, and helps you track your lost phone by using these features easily and fast.

Where’s my droid is one of the most downloaded apps to ping cell phone location for free.

In addition, if you pay for the Pro version you will receive a bunch of good features as good as taking photos and videos on the target device.

However, it’s a lite app in its size and doesn’t need high device performance.

How where’s my droid work:

  • Download The App from Play Store, On the target device.
lunching where's my droid app to ping cell phone location for free
  • After Opening,Tap on “Agree and Begin Setup
  • Allow all the permissions on the next page
  • Then You have to create an account or sign in if you have one
checking where's my droid dashboard to active gps setup and commander
  • When Dashboard opens you will have a bunch of option to choose from to enable on device
login it on where's my droid website to ping cell phone location
ping cell phone location for free after login to where's my droid
  • After login complete you will be able to track the target phone easily

Note: Don’t forget to activate all the features on the target device application to get more benefits while tracking that device.

5.FamiSafe Location Sharing App

One of the famous tracking apps on the internet is the FamiSafe Location sharing App, basically used for family members tracking.

If you want to secure your family members without them knowing, especially if you have kids or old members with health problems, you can use this app to track them.

This app is available for both iPhone and Android.

How to use it:

create account on famisafe location finder app after downloading the application
  • Sign in by using google or by email, if you don’t have an account create one
  • After Signing in, a new page will open asking you if you are using Parents Device or Kids device, choose which one
  • In my case I will use Parent Device for proper setup
  • After choosing Parent Device, a new page will open with a ready code to use on the kids devices
  • Sign in with the same email address on the target device and add that code on your device
  • Then you will be able to track all their history in social media and you will benefit form a good amount of features.


Finally, after talking about the best way to ping cell phones for free, which way will you pick to track your target device? And do you think that it can really help you to track easily?

Please share your opinion by commenting down below on the comment section

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