How to post GIF on Instagram Using These Two Easy Methods

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Do you want to share your moments on Instagram in a unique way, and want to know how to post GIF on Instagram?

By posting a GIF on Instagram you will be adding something unique to your story, and make your friends Interact with you.

Sometimes by posting it on your Instagram story or another time is by sharing a post with GIF Image.

There are multiple methods of posting a GIF on Instagram, but today I will show you how to post GIF on Instagram using two easy methods.

How to Post GIF on Instagram

In this method, you will learn how to post GIF on your Instagram news feed as a post.

To post a GIF on Instagram you have to upload it as a 15 seconds looped video.

This will transform the GIF into a video which you will have to play each time to be able to watch it.

So let’s learn how it’s done.

1.Open Giphy App

Download and login to Giphy app

First, you have to download and Install the Giphy App if you don’t own it.

By going to the Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone.

Make sure it’s you have a good internet connection to use the app without interruption.

Because GIF images require high-speed internet, they are larger than normal images.

Now open the Giphy app.

You will have to create an account if you haven’t already, or you can sign in with the app directly using your email or Facebook.

2.Find Your Prefered GIF Image

Find and search for a GIF image on Giphy

After signing in to the Giphy app, you can start now browsing GIF images.

However, when you first open the app, you will see trending GIFs first.

As the app will be showing you the “Trending” menu.

So you can switch between menus if you would like to.

If you wanted to search for a specific image.

Tap the search icon on the bottom middle of the app.

Then search for what you like, and results will show up.

3.Share The GIF with Instagram

Share GIF image on Instagram Feed

When you find the GIF and you are ready to post it.

On the GIF image page, tap the small white paper airplane icon.

Then you will see a bunch of options to share your image with.

Find the Instagram icon then tap on it.

If you didn’t find the Instagram icon tap on the three small dots.

And all the options will show up including the Instagram app.

Now after tapping the Instagram Icon you have to wait for few seconds.

Then a Share popup will open containing 3 options to share your GIF with.

To post the GIF on Instagram choose the “Feed” option.

4.Post GIF on Instagram

Post GIF on Instagram as a video loop

When Instagram opens, after tapping on the “Feed” option.

The GIF will show up in front of you.

You can now crop it and adjust the size.

Then Tap the “Blue Right Arrow” that shows on the top right of the screen.

A new page will open and now the GIF will be converted into a video.

So you will be able to add effects and edit it like any other post.

After finishing your edit, click on the “Blue Right Arrow” again.

Then the last posting page will open, where you can add hashtags.

When everything is done, click on the “Blue True” icon to post your GIF.

Finally, your GIF will be posted on Instagram and your friends will be able to see it.

How to Post GIF on Instagram Story

Top Post a GIF on Instagram story it’s also an easy method.

Let’s find out.

1.Open The Instagram Story

Opening Instagram Story and creating a post

Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.

Click on the “+” icon in the top left of the screen.

A new popup will show with multiple options.

Tap on the “Story” option.

2.Make A New Post

Create a post on Instagram story

When you open your Instagram story, take a video or image.

So create your story and make it ready.

Now when you start editing your story to add text and effects.

However, you can create any type of post you like on the story and add GIFs to it.

Just make it ready then go to the next step.

3.Tap on The Sticker Icon

Making a new post on Instagram story

Find the “Sticker” icon on the top of the screen and tap on it.

Then the stickers will pop up, with a search bar.

Tap on the search bar, and automatically you will start seeing GIFs images.

4.Choose and Add Your GIF Image

Search and find good morning GIF on Instagram

You can start searching for what you like on the search bar or choose a GIF you want.

For example type: “Good Morning” and you will see a lot of GIFs that are related to “Good Morning”.

Also without searching on the search bar you can scroll down to just find any GIF.

Now that you’ve found your image, add it to your story by tapping on it.

5.Post Your Story

Post GIF on Instagram Story

Make sure all effects and edits are working well.

Including the GIF adjustment, like the size and place.

Then when you are ready.

Choose whether you want to share it with your “Close Friends” or for everyone.

Then Tap on the “Send To” Button.

A new page will open, Tap on the “Share” button near your profile icon.

Then your Instagram Story will be shared including the GIF.


Post a GIF on Instagram is interesting as it makes your profile looks unique.

It’s not hard to find trending GIFs and use them.

However, you can create your own GIF from video and post them into your Instagram post and story.

Which will add some fun to your posts.

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