How to Post Pictures on Reddit Without Imgur

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If you’ve seen a lot of posts on Reddit that contain images, you may be wondering how to post your pictures on Reddit without using the Imgur website.

Reddit has a lot of hidden features, which you might not be aware of, even if you’re an old user.

As pictures are worth a thousand words, users like to share pictures on Reddit.

To post pictures on Reddit without Imgur, you simply need to create a new post and click “Add an Image” whether you’re doing it on your PC or mobile phone.

However, if you want to add a picture in the comments, you’ll need to use the Imgur website.

As there is no alternative way to do it in the comments section.

Today, I will teach you how to post pictures on Reddit without using the Imgur website.

How to Post Pictures on Reddit Without Imgur

To post pictures on Reddit without Imgur, you need to open the Reddit website on your PC’s browser, then tap on the “+ Create Post” button to create a new post.

When you open the post creation page, you’ll be able to create a post with a description and an image in it or a post base on only a picture without a description.

After adding the image you’ll have to click on the “Post” button.

Keep in mind that you can choose in which community you want to publish your post.

In other cases, you can post it on your profile page directly.

So follow the steps below carefully to get the best results from this tutorial.

1.Open the Reddit website

Open the Reddit website

Visit the Reddit website on your PC’s browser.

Then log in to your Reddit account or create a new one if you don’t have one.

When you open your account on the browser, you’ll need to get the home page.

On the home page, you will start with the process.

2.Click on “Create Post” or “+”

Create a new post

When you log in to your Reddit home page, you’ll have two options to create a new post.

The first one right sidebar on the home page, which is named “Home”.

You’ll see two options that are “Create Post” and “Create Community”.

So you need to click on the “Create Post” button.

The second option is by clicking on the “+” button that is located at the top right of the Reddit page, near the Notification Bell icon.

You can choose which of these two options is applicable to you.

3.Click on “Add an Image”

Add images on the Reddit post creation page to post pictures without Imgur

Now that you’ve clicked on the “+” or the “Create Post” option, you’ll get redirected to the creation page.

On the creation page, there is a box with multiple menus.

As you want to post pictures on your Reddit profile page or any community that you’re in, you need to select either the “Post” option or the “Images & Video” option.

The difference between the two choices is that by using the “Post” option, you can add a picture with a description on it.

Whereas, by selecting the “Images & Videos” you’ll typically be able to upload pictures only with titles.

The distinct feature of the “Images & Videos” option is that you can add a caption of 180 words max on each picture when you upload two or more pictures.

Yet, if you upload only one picture, you’ll be dedicated to adding a Title only.

So it’s up to you to select which one you would like to go for, depending on your needs.

However, in our case, we’ll go for the “Post” option.

4.Select the pictures that you want to upload

Select multiple pictures to post them on Reddit without Imgur

When you tap on the “Post” option, you have to take a look at the last three icons in the editing line which are “Table”, “Gallery”, and “Video” icons.

To post pictures on your Reddit, you’ll need to click on the “Gallery” icon.

After that, the Windows file explorer will show up.

You can start adding your pictures individually clicking each time on the “Gallery” icon.

Alternatively, you can hold the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard and select multiple images at once in the file explorer, then click on “Open” to upload them.

After adding your pictures,

5.Post your pictures on Reddit

Add the final touches and edits on the post before posting it

When you finish adding your images, you need to add a title.

To do so, you only need to click on the “Title” box below the “Post” menu option.

You can then add your text or description by clicking above the pictures and start typing.

Moreover, you can add a caption to each picture by clicking on the “Caption” word below each one of them.

Post the pictures

When you finish editing your post by adding the essentials to it, you’ll see that the “Post” button became blue.

So click on “Post” to publish your post on Reddit with the pictures you’ve added.

How to Post Pictures on Reddit Mobile

To post pictures on your Reddit mobile app, you need to first open the Reddit app then log in to your account, and tap on the “+” button.

These are the steps:

Open the profile page on the Reddit mobile app to create a post and post it without imgur
  1. Open your Reddit mobile app.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Tap on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. When the new page opens, tap on the “Image” option, which is the first option.
  5. After tapping on the image option, start selecting your images from your phone’s gallery by tapping on each one of them.
  6. Add the title by tapping on “An interesting title” as a crucial step.
  7. Write a caption or a text as a voluntary step to be able to see the “Next” button.
  8. Tap on “Next”.
  9. Select where you want to publish the post (Your Profile or Communities).
  10. Tap on “Post” to publish your pictures on your Reddit mobile app.
Post the pictures on Reddit mobile app

How to Post Pictures on Reddit Comments

The only way to post pictures on Reddit comments is by using the Imgur website on your PC and the app specifically on your Phone.

Reddit had the GIF icon as an option to post GIFs in the comments, however, this feature is no longer available.

When you try to comment on the Reddit app using your iPhone or Android you won’t find the GIF icon anymore.

So start posting your pictures, you only need to visit the Imgur upload page then click on “Choose Photo/Video”.

Add your photo from your PC or Phone Gallery.

Then copy the link of the image and add it to the comment.

Why Can’t I Post Pictures on Reddit?

Check the Reddit server outage on the DownDetector website

When you see that your pictures show as a link, or they aren’t even showing up after posting them, this could mean that either you have an internet connection or Reddit has a server outage.

You might even try to publish your post but can’t.

So the first thing you need to check is that you’ve added a title to the post and selected where you want to post it, which is crucial.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the Post button.

The first thing you need to do is to log out and then re-login to your account.

After doing so, check if the images have been shown up.

However, if they’re still not showing, you need to check the Reddit server on DownDetector.

If you see a spike in the graph, this means there is a server outage.

Now if you don’t see anything, then you need to wait for some time and try to repost the post again.


Posting on Reddit on your community’s page is fun and interesting at the same time.

There are users who are searching for answers to their problems, errors, and other things.

Another part of the users is sharing memes and interacting with their community groups.

To post pictures on Reddit without Imgur you need to use the “+” icon and add a title than a description to your post.

However, if you aren’t able to post, make sure that you have a good internet connection and if there is no Reddit server outage.

Today you’ve learned how to post pictures on Reddit without Imgur.

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