How To Print Quizlet Flashcards

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So you are wondering how to print your Quizlet Flashcards?

Quizlet has recently removed the option of selecting the layout to print the flashcards from the website.

However, there is a new method you can apply to print the flashcards on A4 paper and then cut each flashcard and fold up on the dotted line.

To print the Quizlet Flashcards you need to add “/Print” on the Quizlet browser’s URL.

When you open the printing page, you will be able to select the layout that you wish to use.

So today I will teach you how to print Quizlet Flashcards.

Is It Possible To Print Quizlet Flashcards?

Yes, it’s possible, as long as your printer is connected to the PC you can print flashcards whenever you want.

But when you click on the “Print” option while you are on the Flashcards set page, you won’t be able to choose layouts.

You are only limited to printing the webpage that you are on.

How To Print Quizlet Flashcards

To print Quizlet Flashcards, you need to open the Flashcards set page, then add “/print” to the page URL on the browser.

Then you’ll be able to select the Flashcards layout that you like.

You need to keep in mind to delete anything that comes across the ID number of the Flashcards set in the URL.

After printing the page on an A4 paper, you can fold up each flashcard on the dotted line and start learning them yourself or with someone else.

The good thing about this method is that you can even create a test and print it, or copy the test URL to send it to your students.

However, there is typically an alternative method to print the Quizlet flashcards.

The method is that you need to export the Flashcards from Quizlet to an app called Outlearnapp then print them out from that website.

This method no longer works as it needs more editing, and you need to subscribe to the pro version, so we won’t focus on this one today.

1.Visit the Quizlet website

Login to the Quizlet website

Start by visiting the Quizlet website.

Then login into your account if you’re not.

You can do so fast by clicking on login in the top right corner.

Then tap “Login with Google” as you’ll be all ready logged in with your Gmail account on the browser.

You can also choose other options as well.

Keep in mind that this method only works with the Quizlet PC version and not the mobile version.

2.Open the Falshcards set

Select one of the Quizlet Flashcards set to print it out

After logging in successfully to your Quizlet account, you need to go to your library to select one of your sets.

To do so, click on the “Library” option in the top menus of the Quizlet home page.

Then a drop-down menu will show up.

On that menu, select the Quizlet set that you want to print out.

3.Type “/print”

Add "/print" to the Quizlet URL to print the Flashcards

When you select the set, you’ll be redirected to the Flashcards page.

Here you need to add the “/print” to the URL.

So click on the URL box in your browser.

When you check the URL you’ll see after the”Numbers here”/”The name of the flashcard here”.

You need to keep only the ID number of the Flashcards page and remove everything preceded by that number.

Then type “/print” after the numbers to open the print page then hit the “Enter” button.

For example, if the URL is “Quizlet.com198605055/social-media-flash-cards/” it needs to be “”.

4.Select the “Large” layout

Edit the printing layouts

Now that you’ve added the “/print” to the URL, you’ll be navigated to the print page.

When the print page opens, the flashcard preview box will show up.

You will also see at the left of the preview box, the layout options.

Select the “Large” layout to be able to print the Flashcards easily and make them foldable.

When you select the Large option, you’ll see what the Flashcards will look like on the preview box.

However, you can select another layout if you like.

You can also edit options in the second menu, which is choosing “Print images” or “Flip terms and definitions” before you print the Quizlet Flashcards.

5.Print the Quizlet Flashcards

Print the Quizlet Flashcards

When you are ready to print out the Quizlet Flashcards, click on the “Printer” icon at the top of the preview box.

Then the print popup will show up, so you can select your preferred printer to print with.

Make sure that the printer is connected and ready to print.

Then click on the “Print” button to print the papers.

After printing the papers, you’ll see a dotted line in the middle of each Flashcard, so you can fold them out on these dotted lines to use them on both sides.

6.Create and Print a Test for the same Flashcards

Create a Quizlet Test for the same Flashcards and download them as a PDF

After printing the Flashcards, you have the option to create a test and send it to your students.

You can even download the Flashcards as a PDF file by clicking on the “Download” icon near the “Printer” icon.

To create a test, click on “Want to print a test? Click here.”

A new page will open which is the test page.

You can copy the page URL and send it to your students or simply take the test yourself.

Now to print the test, click on the “Print Test” option at the top right of the screen.

Then you can take a look at the preview and select the printed that you want to print with.

Finally, click on the “Print” button to print the Quizlet Flashcards test.


Quizlet is a wonderful website that provides you with a lot of useful information by learning them on Flashcards, which is considered one of the powerful ways to memorize anything.

When it comes to printing Flashcards, the best way is to add “/print” to the URL.

There is another method as we mentioned below which is by using the Outlearnapp, but it takes a much longer time to follow.

Keep in mind to click on the “Large” layout while printing the Flashcards to be able to fold them easily.

Today you’ve learned how to print the Quizlet Flashcards in 6 easy steps.

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