What Is Push Notification in Android and How to Enable It (Full Guide)

Notification ring on a smartphone

One of the most used features by developers on android phones and users is notification, so it’s important to know the meaning of push notification in android.

Android phones have a lot of features, and when you are using your phone sometimes, you get an instant push notification on your screen.

It’s annoying for some users but interesting for some others. In today’s post, I will show you what push notification in android is and how to enable it.

What Are Push Notifications

A push notification is a popup message that shows up on your phone screen instantly, in order to update you about something or show you apps news.

It speaks directly to app users, like you for example when you are using an application, or a shopping app, you will get new offers or price updates.

Even if you are not interested in these offers, notifications can pop up on your screen by default.

However, call to action are also popups, so you can take any action when you see it, and you can’t ignore most of the time.

How Push Notification Works in Android

Any new phone you buy will have push notifications enabled by default from the factory, so at least 95% of new phones have push notifications enabled.

Except for some very rare phones that ask you to enable them when you first start up your phone after purchase.

Now as long as your phone notification is enabled, you will get these push notifications from all applications installed on your phone.

Each app will try to keep you using it as a user, not just for attracting your interest, instead of to convert you into a customer.

For example, shopping apps will send you a push notification to convince you to enter into their application and buy products.

Also, games send you a push notification to attract you for playing their android game and spend most of your time in it.

Types of Push Notification

1.Static Push Notification

A statis push notification on PC

So first of all, you’ve got that like default style which is just the text, maybe there is a merge tag, you might have an emoji in there as well.

But it’s basically information, it’s an update or promotion then you tap that and then a deep link to part of the app maybe you’re going to see a pulsating use feed card or something like this.

But essentially it’s not interactive in any way you tap it and you go to that text like, so this is what we call a static push notification.

2.Interactive Push Notification

Sending an interactive survey to users or customers via Microsoft Edge to let them respond by yes or no

Interactive push notification means that you can allow users to respond directly from the interface of the push without opening up your mobile app.

So as an example, that could mean that you want to ask customers will you be attending the event tonight yes or no.

You can get a survey like are you interested in X or Y, would you like to order the chicken Alaska for lunch today yes or no, where you can click and answer.

However, it’s very immediate, and you won’t have to open up the app to respond and you’re getting like a micro-interaction with the application.

3.Promotion Push Notifications

Notify customers about a promotion on PC

This type of notification is a common type which most applications and games uses.

Not just shopping apps send you promotions, there are also android games that send you promotions to tell you that gems you buy for example is on sale.

So promotions will get your attention likely 80% of the time, and this will make you feel satisfied as you got the promotion before it goes.

It’s a good type of notification for people who like shopping to get sales and benefit from timeless offers, paying for games to open new features and win fast.

Should I Enable Push Notifications

Well, this question is seriously hard to answer. But I can tell you that when you use an app and you are interested in it, you have to enable push notifications.

Sometimes you forget about that app you often use, so it will send you a push notification to remind you about a new update or some news.

This will increase your usage of the app and let you know more about it and explore more features, updates.

Sometimes you like news apps, so enabling push notifications will be important to get the latest news, and know what’s happening.

In these cases you definitely have to enable push notifications, so you will get always updated.

Now if you are a person who doesn’t like to see your phone always ringing, just want to keep it active for calls, urgent things, you can disable it for some apps.

As the famous quote say, “There is always a solution for the problem”. To stay updated with just your favorite apps, you can disable all push notifications except these apps that you will choose.

This can happen from the settings>notifications of your android phone.

It will keep you just updated with the latest updates but without having to worry about all other annoying notifications that pop up on your phone screen for no reason.

How to Enable Push Notifications on Android

There are multiple ways to enable push notification on android. As I told you, those push notifications are always enabled by default, but if you don’t see any push notifications, then maybe it’s disabled.

So let’s know how to do it:

Enable Google Docs app push notification on android
  • First, search for the setting icon on your home screen, then tap it.
  • When you get into Settings, search for “Notifications”, then tap it also.
  • After entering into the Notification page, you will see all your installed apps that appear on your phone.
Enable all apps notifications on android phone
  • To enable all notifications, Tap manage all, then a new page will open, showing you apps on your phone with a switch button near each app.
  • A switch button also will be alone in the bottom, to enable and disable notifications with a word near it which is “ALL”.
  • Switch it On by tapping on it.
  • Then all the next switches will switch to active on that same page.
  • Finally, your push notifications will be active, and you will be able to receive notifications from all your phone’s apps.

Note to keep in your mind that if your phone is on silent mode, you will not receive any notification, but if your phone is inactive mode you will receive these notification by voice and vibration.

Now for disabling them, you can do the same steps, but by switching off the button on the “Notifications” page.


Push notifications are a must if you want to get all new updates and information. For some reason, you will need rest from the digital world, so you can disable it whenever you want.

But keep in mind, if you disable it then you can’t access your favorite apps, also there is a way to choose just to get notified from your favorites.

Now it’s your time to talk. Do you think that push notifications is annoying? If you decided to enable them, which type of push notifications you will keep?

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