How to Record Audio on Discord Mobile

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Discord doesn’t contain a feature or an app to let you record a voice chat or any type of audio on your mobile, yet, there is another interesting one.

To record audio on your Discord mobile app, you simply need to add a bot to your server.

The bot’s name is Craig Chat Bot.

There is another way which is by using the OBS app.

However, it’s important to have admin access to the server that you consider adding the bot to.

After adding the bot, you’ll be able to record all audio and calls on Discord.

So today I will show you how to record audio on your Discord mobile.

How to Record Audio on Discord Mobile

To record audio on your Discord mobile, visit the Craig bot page on your phone’s browser, then invite the bot to your server to start recording.

After inviting the bot, you need to add the command to start recording.

Then, when you want to stop it, you need to add another command.

So when you stop the record, you’ll receive a message from the Craig bot with a link to the download page to download your audio.

1.Open the Craig online server

Open the Craig Chat Bot page

First, open the Craig bot invite page, which is on your phone’s browser.

When the page opens, you’ll see two options, which are “Invite Craig” and “Join Craig”.

To invite the Craig bot to your Discord server, tap on the first option which is “Invite Craig To Your Discord Server”.

After tapping on that option, you’ll get to a new page.

If you would like to join Craig’s support server tap on the second option and follow the instruction.

This will help you to get support when you face any issues in the future.

2.Add the Bot to your Server

Sign in to Discord to invite the Craig bot

After inviting the Craig bot to Discord, you’ll be navigated to a new page.

On that page, you need to sign in to your Discord account.

If you are signed in on the app, this will not affect your new sign-in on the browser.

So you can start by adding your username and password then tap on “Login”.

When you log in to your discord, you’ll get to the Craig bot setup page.

To add the bot to your server, tap on the “Select a server” option.

Then you’ll see a drop-down menu, which contains all your Discord servers that you’re an admin of.

Select the server that you want to add the Craig bot to by tapping on it, then tap on “Authorize”.

Therefore, the bot will be added to your Discord server on your mobile and pc, and you can record any audio.

3.Type in the command

Join the audio room to record audio on Discord mobile

Now that you’ve added the Craig bot to your Discord app, you need to open the app.

When you Discord mobile, tap on the three lines at the top left of the screen.

Then you will see all the bots that you’ve added to Discord, so you can confirm that Craig is added next to them.

So you can start to record audio on your Discord mobile by tapping on any chatroom.

But first, you need to get to the audio room where you want to record its audio.

After getting on the audio room, tap on “Join Voice”.

Now go to any of your server chat rooms, then type this command “ :Craig:,join”.

4.Start recording the audio or the call

Type in the command to record audio on Discord mobile

When you type “ :Craig:,join” the bot will send you a message in which it tells you that the record has started.

Then you’ll get a sound notification that tells you the recording has started.

On the notification popup you’ll see that the record has started for the Discord audio room that you’re in on your mobile.

So after the record starts, you will see the Craig bot joined the audio room that you’re in with your friends.

Keep in mind that the record limit is up to 6 hours only.

5.End the Recording

Type in a command to stop the record of the audio on Discord mobile

After finishing the call or the voice chat, you can stop the recording by typing a new command.

To do so, you need to open any chat room again and type “Craig:,leave” to stop the audio record.

Therefore, you’ll not receive a notification that the record has stopped.

So you need to go to the Craig bot page, then you’ll see there the Download link.

6.Download the Discord audio

Download the Craig audio file

Now that you’ve opened the Craig room you’ll find the Download links there, which you can use to download the recorded audio.

However, you need to download the audio in a period of one week because in the 7th day the record will be deleted automatically.

When you record audio on your Discord mobile or PC, you’ll see the same download link.

The link will be represented in a form of “Download link:”.

Tap on that link to download the audio, and tap on “Yep!” in the new popup.

Then you’ll be redirected to the download page on your phone’s browser.

When the page opens, you will see all the formats that you want to download your audio.

Select “AAC (MPEG-4)” or “FLAC”, then the audio will be downloaded.

By the way, you can do the same method with your Discord PC version.

7.Play the Audio

Play the audio file to listen to it

The downloaded audio will be compressed into a zip folder, so you have to unzip it, which is done by the phone itself in the “File” app, whether it was an Android or iPhone.

For iPhone users, when the download is complete, tap on “More” then “Save to Files” and choose the “Download” directory then tap on “Save”.

After that, open the Download page and tap on the file to unzip it and play the audio.

For Android, you need to open the downloaded file and simply select the audio file to play it.

Now for PC, it’s easier than the phone version, which is by just unzipping the folder and playing the audio.

How to Record Discord Calls on Phone

To record Discord calls or voice chats, you need to use a 3rd party feature which is a bot, because discord itself doesn’t have a record feature.

So you need to use bots like the Craig Chat Bot.

Using these types of bots will help record any audio on your Discord mobile and PC in high quality.

You simply need to invite the bot and add and type in the command to start recording.

Can You Record Discord Audio

Yes, you can record Discord audio by using either the OBS app or the Craig Chat Bot, which enables you to record calls and voice chats.

However, it’s better to use the Craig Chat Bot as it has a distinct feature that records each alone.

This could help you in editing the audio when you are making a podcast or an audio project.


When you want to record audio on your Discord app, it’s important to note that you need to be an admin or the owner of the server that you’re trying to record.

You can use your iPhone or Android, even your PC when you want to record audio.

Though there is a multiple recording app, the Craig Chat Bot stays at the top of the list.

So invite the link, type the command, start recording then download the audio and listen to it.

Today you’ve learned how to record audio on your Discord mobile.

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