How To Recover Clash Royale Account

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Have you lost your Clash Royale account, and you’re wondering how to recover your progress?

If you stopped playing supercell games or just lost your account and want to get it back, it’s essential to be aware of your account information.

To recover your Clash Royale account, open the “Help and Support” page, and start a conversation about a “Lost Account” with a support agent; You need to provide the support agent with a valid email address, your game account name, and other valuable information.

Therefore, Supercell will look at the info you provided and get back to you in 8 to 48 hours to get your Clash Royale account back.

If you don’t have any information about your account, you can visit and get all the pieces of information you need.

Today, I will teach you exactly how to recover your Clash Royale account.

How To Recover Clash Royale Account

To recover your Clash Royale account, you need to contact support by going to the settings and starting a new conversation.

Once you start a conversation, you need to get all the necessary information to provide them to the support agent.

As you lost the game progress, you probably don’t have a Supercell ID.

So the agent will ask you for a valid email address to make a new Supercell ID and link it to your Clash Royale account to recover it.

To recover your account with no issue, follow the steps below carefully.

1.Open Clash Royale settings tab

Open Clash Royale Settings

Firstly, you need to open the Clash Royale game, and you can start a new game.

Once you get to the home page, tap on the “Three Horizontal Lines”.

When the new popup shows up, tap on the “Settings” option.

Then you’ll get forwarded to the Settings tab.

2.Tap on “Help and Support”

Go to Help and Support page

When you get to the Settings tab, tap on the “Help and Support” button.

Then a new page will show up, which is the Clash Royale Support page.

Now tap on the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen.

You can start a new conversation with the support agent.

3.Request support for a “Lost Account”

Go to "Lost account" page to recover Clash Royale account

Once you open the chat menu, you’ll see the lost “Lost account” option.

You’ll also see three options, which are “Report a Bug, Share Feedback, and Message Us”.

If you can’t see the “Message Us” option, this means you’re not signed in with a Supercell ID.

However, it’s highly suggested to be signed in with a Supercell ID to get the advantage of chatting with a support agent directly if you had any issue.

If you don’t have a Supercell ID you can learn how to make one here.

Now if you know all your lost account info, you can simply tap on “Lost Account”.

Therefore, add all the necessary account information and tap on “Continue”, then you’ll receive a message to recover your account.

4.Go to

Find the Clash Royale account information including the account name

If you find any difficulties regarding your account information, you can visit the website.

Then enter your old account name or player tag.

In our case, we will take the name into consideration as you may don’t know what is your player tag or how to find it.

So once you open the Royaleapi website, you’ll see a search box and an options’ menu above it.

The default search option is “Player”.

Using this option you can enter your lost account name or player tag, you can also use the “Clan” and “Tournament” options if you remember any of this information.

5.Answer all the support questions

Recover Clash Royale account by messaging support

Now that you’ve found your account, you need to enter the information on the “Lost account” tab on your Clash Royale game to recover it.

If you can’t find your account on Royaleapi, you don’t have to worry, the support will help you recover your account.

So on the “Help and Support” page, go back to the Chat tab and tap on “Message Us”.

On the Chat tab, select “Message Us”, then a new chat will open.

The robot will send you a response menu to select from.

You need to select “Account Queries”, then on the next menu select “Lost Account”.

Finally, follow the instructions of the chat, and provide as much info as you can to be able to recover your Clash Royale account.

Does Supercell Delete Inactive Accounts?

According to Supercell Terms of Service, Supercell deserve the right of terminating your account in case you have not been active for 6 months.

However, you can try your chance and recover your Supercell ID by contacting a support agent.

You can ask the support to recover whether your game progress or your Supercell ID.

How can I recover my Clash Royale account without Supercell ID?

You can’t recover your Clash Royale game without a Supercell ID.

If you don’t have one, you need to use a valid email address to provide it to the support and create a new Supercell ID.

In case you’re logged in to your Google Play or Game Center, your account progress will be saved.

However, if you can’t find any progress saved on them, you can recover your account via Supercell support, only by providing a valid email and creating a new Supercell ID.


Clash Royale is full of challenges and mysteries that none of the Play Store or Google Play games could cover.

So it’s frustrating when you lose your account and can’t get access to the hard-earned progress that you’ve got.

The best and fastest way to recover your Clash Royale account, is through the “Help and Support” page, by going to “Lost Account” tab and fill all the empty boxes with your account info.

However, if you don’t have the full info, and you remember some, you could get a hand from the Royaleapi website.

Today, you’ve learned how to recover your Clash Royale account.

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