2 Ways To Report a Discord Server

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If you joined a server on Discord and found out that users are Violating Discord Community Guidelines, you may wonder how to report a Discord server.

So to report a server on Discord you might have to get at least some evidence to show them to the Discord support team.

You also need to get the IDs of different users and messages in addition to the server ID. 

Therefore, you can submit a ticket to report the server to the support team.

So today I will show you how to report a Discord server in two ways.

How To Report a Discord Server

To report a Discord server, enable the developer mode on the app, then open the server to get its ID and Users ID as well as messages links that violated the Discord Guidelines.

However, keep in mind that it’s better to contact the moderators who are charged for taking full responsibility for the violations that are happening on their server.

Now if you don’t get any results, you can then file a report for the Discord support team.

But it’s important to read the Discord Community Guidelines to make sure you are reporting the server for violating at least one of the guidelines.

Moreover, assure that you’re not reporting a whole server because of a few users, whereas if the moderators don’t make any change, then go for the report option.

In this tutorial, we are using a PC.

You can also use a mobile phone if you would like to.

1.Enable the Developer Mode on Discord

Enable Developer mode on Discord app on Windows

Open your Discord app on your PC.

Then go to the User Settings by clicking on the gear icon near your profile picture.

Now when the Discord user settings page opens, scroll down until you find the “Advanced” option.

So click on the “Advanced” option.

Then a new page will open where you can see three options including the Developer Mode option.

So to enable Developer Mode switch on the toggle until it becomes green with a checkmark.

2.Copy the Server, Users, and Messages IDs

Gathering all the IDs and messages link to report the Discord server with

After enabling the developer mode on Discord you can start Gathering the IDs of the server, users, messages links.

Now navigate to the Discord server that you want to report.

Then right-click on the profile picture of the server, and when the drop-down menu opens, click on “Copy ID”.

Now you can do the same for messages and as well as users.

 for users find the user that you want to include in your reports and right-click on their name to copy their ID.

Therefore, locate the messages that you want to submit as evidence for the Discord Support.

3.Take Screenshots of the violations

Take a screenshot to report the discord server with

Now to convince the Discord Support Team when you report the server, you have to take some screenshots for the violations.

So to take a screenshot on Windows click on the “Win + Shift + S” and “Shift + Command + 3”.

Then your mouse cursor icon will transform into a “+” icon.

Therefore, select the part that you want to screenshot by holding the left mouse button and dragging it to adjust the image size.

After that release, your hand on the left button, and your image will be copied to the clipboard.

So you will get an instant notification that will show up on the right of the screen.

Click on the notification to open the image and edit it before saving it.

Then after you finish editing the image, click on “Ctrl + S” to save it on your PC.

Finally, choose Desktop as the location of your image to report the Discord server with it.

4.Visit the Discord Support

Visit the Discord support page to start filling in the boxes

Now that you’ve gathered the IDs and taken the screenshots, you can start to report the Discord Server to support.

So visit the Discord Support page to report the server as a “Trust & Safety” issue.

Then get all the evidence files ready such as the IDs and images to start the report.

5.Report the Discord Server for Trust & Safety 

Report the Discord server for abuse and harassement

On the Report page keep the first box on “Trust & Safety” to report the Discord Server with.

Then start by adding your Discord email address in the second box.

In the third box select “Report abuse or harassment”.

Now moving to the box that’s asking you “What would you like to report?” you can check and select the violation that you think is happening on the server.

So it depends on your case what you are going to report.

If you perhaps saw a lot of harassment, select the “Cyberbullying or harassment” option.

However, if you saw a type of scam or fraud, select the “Scams, fraud, or prohibited transactions”, and so on.

6.Describe the issue in the Description

Describe the issue briefly and include the IDs

In the 5th box, precise the type of the violation.

Then on the subject add “Report a Discord Server for violating Community Guidelines”.

Now to start the report, describe briefly what’s happening in your case in the Description box.

Keep in mind that you have to mention all the IDs that you’ve gathered before when describing the situation that you are reporting the server for.

Therefore, add the images that are you’ve screenshotted as evidence to prove the violation.

7.Submit the Discord Server report

Submit the Discord server report on the support page

Now in the final step, take a look at the report page and make sure you added all the necessary evidence and images.

So when you are ready to submit the Discord server report, click on the “Submit” button.

Then your report will be sent to the support team.

Note that they will contact you back in a few days with the response.

How To Report a Discord Server Without Joining

You can’t report a Discord server without joining it unless you get the messages links and users IDs on that server from one of your friends or any other user who is a member on that server.

So you will consider the IDs as a piece of evidence to file the server report the Discord support.

Moreover, it’s necessary to enrich your report with screenshots and images.

This will convince the Discord Support team that there is something wrong.

However, on the report page file, the report in this order: Report abuse or harassment > Cyberbullying or harassment > “Select the option depending on your case” > “Select the option depending on your case”.

Discord Community Guidelines

You can take a look at the Discord Community Guidelines to understand if your case is worth reporting.

This will help you to assure that the Discord server is violating at least one violation to report it.

A brief titled Discord Community Guidelines:

  • Promoting Hate Speech
  • Sending Repeated friend requests
  • Attacking, hacking and sending malware
  • Promoting violence and self harm
  • Selling accounts or dangerous goods
  • IP address violations
  • Being an Attacker or a Raider

This list of community guidelines is not definitive, so you might have to take a look at the original Discord Community Guidelines source to check all violations.

How To Report a Discord User for Being Under 13

Report a Discord user for being under 13 (Under Age)

To report a Discord user for being under 13, you have to provide a message as proof for the Discord support team to convince them that the user is underage.

For example, if they sent you a message telling you that they are under 13, you have to copy the ID of the message and include it on the report as evidence to prove your appeal.

Otherwise, your report will not be taken into consideration.

It’s like when you report the Discord server for “Trust & Safety” but with some differences.

Now on the Discord report page, you can go through this order: “Trust & Safety” > “Report other issue” > ”Underage user”.


Discord servers connect people together from different communities, however, some users tend to raid the chat rooms by violating the Discord Guidelines.

Moreover, they don’t take into consideration the harm that they are causing on the server.

Yet, if you contact the moderators, and they don’t react with you, the best way is to report the Discord server.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind that you can’t make a report without clear evidence.

Even if you want to report a Discord server without joining it.

This is why it’s essential to take a look at the Discord Community Guidelines before deciding to start the report.

Otherwise, you will not get any results and your appeal will remain forgotten.

So today you’ve learned how to report a Discord server in two ways. 

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