How to Reset and Update Network Adapter in Windows 10 [easy methods]

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Do you want to know how to reset and update the network adapter in Windows 10? But unfortunately, you don’t know how?

Network adapter problems can cause a slow internet connection and other network issues, but you can fix it and reset the network adapter.

Network problems can stop you from working properly on your PC, it’s an annoying problem when you cannot connect to the internet or having a slow connection.

If you cannot connect normally to the internet, then there is probably a network adapter problem in your PC or other network devices.

Today I will teach you how to reset the network adapter in windows 10, as it’s one of the solutions I use to get back internet connection and fix network issues.

What Are Common Network Issues

There is more than one issue that can affect your network connection and will let your connection stop working.

However, when you have an old computer you can understand that problem comes mostly from your computer hardware, and if you have a new PC it can be some software issue.

But the most common network issue is:

  • The access point or router can sometimes lag, as it’s always on heat, and age can be a factor in its problem
  • LAN cable can have a problem with broken LAN plastic wire, or for some reason, the cable is broken or have been removed
  • Internet Service Provider which is called also (ISP), sometimes they can have some problems or are doing some important maintenance, so your network can be affected
  • DNS is one of the causes for network issues like IP address not found, or DNS name does not exist
  • The local network is not connecting to the internet, this is one of the most common problems people face while using their PC, and it’s difficult to trace it, but can be fixed at the end.

How To Fix Reset Network Adapter

There are several ways to fix your network, like reset the network adapter, which is a way to solve the most common network issues.

But before we start, put in your mind that sometimes the website you are using can cause a network issue, so the server of this website can have a problem.

To understand if the problem is coming from the website, try to visit another website, then make sure if the problem is coming from the website server or not.

Check Gmail website server network connection problem on Downdetector

You can check if these websites are down by visiting, which shows you the website’s server that is down at the moment in each country around the world.

So let’s troubleshoot your network connection with these methods below:

1.Reset Network Adapter Using Device Manager

If you are facing a connection issue with the internet, then it’s probably an adapter driver problem.

So it’s possible to download the driver manually from the manufacturer’s website, then do the process with a USB device manager on Windows 10.

Let’s check:

Download and update network adapter on windows 10
  • First, using a device with an internet connection, visit this website and download the latest version of the Windows 10 network adapter.
  • You can also Install the auto driver updater by visiting this page.
Extract intel network adapter file and update driver manually in Windows 10
  • Then, go to the downloads history on your browser and extract the file.
  • Copy the file to a USB drive if your pc don’t have connection.
Update and reset network adapter from the device manager on Windows 10
  • Now on your Windows 10 taskbar, click on the search bar then type “Device Manager”, and click on it.
  • After the Device Manager popup shows, you will see a lot of connected devices and you will be ready to update your driver.
  • Hover down to “Network Adapters”, then click on it and search for the network adapter intel driver.
  • Right-Click on the image line, then click on “Update Driver” button.
  • Now you will see a popup that’s related to the update, with two options, whether “Search automatically for drivers” or “Browse my computer for drivers”.
  • Click on Browse my computer for drivers.
  • Then click “Browse” again to install search for the update folder you downloaded, then click next.
  • The Update of the Adapter Driver will start, then it will reset adapter driver automatically after the update finishes.

When The Update and reset will complete, restart your computer, then you will be able to connect to the network.

2.Reset Network Adapter in Windows 10 Using Settings

If you are still facing problems with your network adapter, and can’t connect to the internet or network, then try this method also, where you reset the network adapter using settings in Windows 10.

Let’s check how:

Reset network adapter on Windows 10 from settings
  • On your Windows 10 taskbar, hover at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Right-click on the windows icon, then hover up and click “Settings”.
  • Now click on “Network & Internet”.
  • Then hover down to “Network Reset” and click it.
Restart the PC after resting the network adapter on windows 10
  • On the next page, click on “Reset Now”.
  • Then a popup will ask you to accept or refuse, so click on “Yes”.
  • Finally, your network adapter will reset and try to check if the connection is available now.

3.Reset Network Adapter Using Cmd

Another method to reset your network adapter is by using cmd, which is an advanced way of fixing network issues.

But it’s worth a try:

Open cmd with run in Windows 10
  • On your keyboard, open the run command by clicking on “Windows + R”.
  • Now type “cmd” on the run command, and hit “Enter”.

Reset network adapter in Windows 10 using the "netcfg -d" command in cmd
  • On cmd type “netcfg -d”, then hit enter.
  • Your network adapter will be reset at this time

When you have done doing these steps, restart your computer and check if the problem is solved.

4.Check Your Devices and Routers

Giving your hardware a check also can fix these problems from the first try, because sometimes the network disconnects if your router was lagging, for example.

Sometimes it can be a cable problem, the cable could be removed or cut somewhere without a reason.

However, hardware failure can cause network adapter issues.

So even after updating the adapter and restarting your computer, the problem can still exist.

Also check if you have a wireless device connected to your computer, like a Wifi USB for example.

5.Try To Ping Connection Using Cmd

Ping your connection using cmd, which can give you a clear view of what’s happening on the network, if there is a connection to the router or to the website or not.

Let’s find out:

Find the router IP using IP configuration in cmd "ipconfig"
  • Click on the “Windows button and R button” at the same time, to open the run command.
  • Type “cmd” on run, then hit “Enter”.
  • Now type “ipconfig” on cmd, then click on Enter.
  • The results will show you the IP of the router, which is most of the time “”.
  • Copy the IP of the router.
Ping the router's IP on cmd to check the status of the connection in Windows 10
  • Then on a new line in cmd, type “Ping” then hit space and paste the router’s IP address, it will be like this “ping”, then hit “Enter”.
  • Now cmd will start sending requests to the router, then will show you results.
  • If you see a “0” near the “Lost” word on the results means your connection is okay, and if you see “1” or higher means there is a connection problem.

6.Uninstall Your Antivirus

Sometimes, the antivirus can cause small unknown issues that interrupt program installation or some apps and games will refuse to open.

In addition, check your antivirus version and update it to the latest version, but if the problem still persists, then uninstall it.

You can give it a try at least, because the antivirus can read a file like a virus but in the reality it’s not, maybe it can stop some Windows 10 functionality but not affecting your work.

However, check also the sensitivity in security level on the antivirus you are using.

7.Check if the WiFi Password Is Correct

To check if your Wifi password is the problem, connect another device to the same wifi or network connection then try if the internet comes in, then it can be a wifi problem.

But, if you change your router’s password before disconnecting from your wifi connection on your PC or other devices, the connection will cut off, but it’ll show you that it’s still connected.

So if you decided to change the password of your router, consider changing your device’s password also, or disconnect from your devices by forgetting the network.


Network adapter issues can have a lot of causes, so in this post, I covered the most common problems and solutions for those issues.

One of the best solutions is the reset network adapter in the Windows 10 method, but still, other methods need a try, as each person can have a different cause.

So which one of each of these solutions worked for you? Do you always get the same problem?

Please comment down below to share your opinion.

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