How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace Easily for Beginners (2022)

Add items for sale in online marketplace

Selling products locally is an old way of commerce, but it is still today one of the best ways to grow slowly and effectively, if you understand how to sell on Facebook Marketplace you can grow your local market.

Transforming your local business into an online local business can grow you fast and effectively at the same time. It helps you higher the business ROI, and make a good customer reputation on the internet like Facebook and your local business.

It’s good to know how to use Facebook Marketplace, to understand how to sell your products and services locally and online.

What Is Facebook Marketplace

Access Facebook Marketplace on mobile phone

Facebook Marketplace is simply a Free tool that Facebook made for its users to list the products, services and sell, buy whatever legal product.

If you have already visited Facebook Marketplace, I am pretty sure that you saw some home appliances, furniture, cars…listed for sale.

Yes maybe it’s rare that you see a brand selling on a marketplace, but Facebook Marketplace is made to sell local products plus retail items, it’s like a popular market.

However, Marketplace is used by 800 million users globally which they buy and sell products online.

Why You Should Have It as a Seller

As a seller or a person who wants to start today, Facebook Marketplace can help you grow and list your products online.

There are a lot of advantages for your business, the most important it brings you, Free customers.

You just need to understand how it works and then everything will be fine.

However, it’s a great opportunity for your business. Don’t forget that there is a huge number of people who are using Facebook which is 2.85 billion in 2021, and the number still growing, it’s approximately 37% of the world population.

It opens you the opportunity to show your products to global customers, then convinces them to visit your local business or website.

Easy To Use as a Beginner

Whenever you are using the marketplace on your smartphone or PC, you will be able to make a listing in around 5 minutes with professional photos and attractive descriptions.

It’s all about the photos and the description you will make, also the product is important.

As a new seller, you can go to the marketplace and easily add your country then click on sell and start the procedure of adding your item, vehicle, property, even job.

Free Product Listing

If you are able to use Marketplace, then you can list your products for Free on the platform.

With just some steps, you will be able to show your items to millions of people for Free.

The advantage of this feature is that it can boost your sales, conversions, return on investment, get leads without paying any penny.

In terms of product listing, you have a lot of benefits.

Fast Reputation

Increasing sales is not as easy as it is today, but a business reputation can be build by selling a good quality product. That’s what most customers want to see when they buy your products or services.

If you sell a good product with good quality on Facebook Marketplace, you will get the most benefit when it comes to reputation.

It’s logic that customers will get back if they are satisfied, not just by your product, even by your customer service.

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe

In terms of security, each marketplace has its rule for both buyers and sellers, but they can barely avoid you from getting scammed.

One of the most important rules in all marketplaces is to not give your payment data to a second party as a safe procedure.

However, there are always vendors who scam their customers or vice versa. Some customers had a bad experience when they were buying from Facebook Marketplace or other sellers, and tried to cancel their order but can’t.

As a seller or customer, the way to prevent scams by others is to not share your payment data with each other, take a look at the reviews.

Check other people’s comments and experiences with the seller, and also be always careful as well, so if you had to meet try to always meet in a public place, like coffee shops, malls, restaurants.

In the end, it depends on you, you can’t do what you shouldn’t and then get angry when you find out that you have been scammed. Try to keep your transaction safe and secure.

Join Facebook Marketplace

Product listing on mobile phone

Not all people who newly use Facebook can have access to Marketplace fast. However, joining Facebook Marketplace is not as hard as you think.

Let’s find out the requirements of joining Facebook Marketplace:

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old.
  2. You should use Facebook for at least 3 months and interact with people with comments (Be active, Be real)
  3. Facebook Policies violations are strictly treated by Facebook, so try to be legal and don’t publish any illegal listings that can violate Facebook.

Before You Start Selling Do a Market Research

Test New Products

On Facebook Marketplace, you can find a lot of products listed, in fact, to gain customers and sell the items you have to test new products.

Depending on the niche you are in, you can start testing products by listing a number of them on Marketplace, then check for the sales this product has made.

You can decide after the test which product to choose. Don’t forget that your location is a major factor in selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Each location has its market needs.

If you take a look at Marketplace, you will find a lot of used products to sell, not all the products are brand new.

This is why Facebook Marketplace is different from other platforms, if you sell products on WooCommerce for example as a brand, you will not put your products on Marketplace.

As I said before, Facebook Marketplace is like a popular market.

To find new products to sell, you can visit the marketplace by tapping on the icon, then you will find all products listing on your local place from other sellers. 

Visit each seller and check for comments, visit their profiles, also check for Top Picks which represent the top-selling products.

How To Use Facebook Marketplace and Sell Your Products

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Facebook Marketplace in the Facebook mobile app, because it’s more easily to interact with and upload your item photos to list them.

Add product to sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace offers a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate the app:

  1. You can quickly get to the Facebook marketplace in the Facebook mobile app by tapping the menu icon in the lower right corner of your Facebook home screen.
  2. Then tap on the sell icon in the top left of the screen.
  3. Choose the type of item that you want to sell such as (Items, Vehicles, Homes for Sale or Rent, Jobs).
  4. In our case, I will choose Items as you want to sell your product.
  5. Now, after the item page opens, add your item photos by tapping on the plus sign.
  6. Then complete all the product information (Title, Price…), you can put a 0 on the price to make your item Free.
  7. Then click on “Publish“, and your product will be published on Facebook Marketplace.
  8. Customers will contact you to buy the item, by calling you or sending a message to your inbox.
  9. When you close the Deal, customers can pay you using their credit card, or another payment option like “Cash On Delivery”.
  10. You can then ship the item to your customer, or they will come to take it from your local place.

After Finishing those steps you can replicate it for all your products. If you want to sell your products fast, you have to add them all. 

Tips for Getting Sales:

  • Take high-quality photos of your products.
  • Put the original price, try not to put Free, as price attract customers.
  • Make the deal by chatting on messenger, this will help you check your customer’s profile to know they are real, before selling them your goods.
  • Take cash which is better than transactions, try not to share your personal and banking info.
  • Be kind to your customers, make a good relationship with customers, they will return to buy from you.

Items Not Allowed To Be Sold on Marketplace

Have you ever listened about the black market? If not, then it’s good to know that most illegal products are sold there

According to Investopedia, Black Market is an economic activity that represents trade transactions for goods and services made “under the table” to avoid price controls or taxes.

Goods and services offered on the Black Market are illegal, meaning their purchase and sale are prohibited by law, or they can be legal but transacted to avoid taxes.

The same thing on Facebook Marketplace, some products are not allowed on Facebook Marketplace, it could be the same as those not allowed by law.

Don’t forget that Facebook is strict about its terms.

According to Facebook below are the prohibited products to sell on the Facebook marketplace, let’s Check:

  • Adult products
  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Body parts and fluids
  • Digital media and electronic devices
  • Documents, currency, and financial instruments
  • Gambling
  • Hazardous goods and materials
  • Human exploitation and sexual services
  • Ingestible supplements
  • Jobs
  • Medical and healthcare products
  • Prescription products, drugs, and drug paraphernalia
  • Products with overtly sexualized positioning
  • Recalled products
  • Services
  • Stolen goods
  • Digital products and subscriptions
  • Tobacco products and related paraphernalia
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives

How Make Ads on Facebook Marketplace

Boost item on after listing it on Marketplace

To make an advertisement on and sell on Facebook Marketplace you have to use the Ads Manager tool, where you can design the ad, then create it, set your daily budget, and publish it.

When you are creating the ad, you can choose it to be automated, so the ad will appear on the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Ads pricing for items listed on the Marketplace

One more thing is to trick Facebook Algorithm by publishing the same products every 48 hours or more than one time every week.

Is There Any Cost To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

If Customers buy from you directly, with a direct payment method by cash or outside the Facebook platform, it will not be considered on Facebook as a sale. You have to click on “Item Sold” manually after you sell the item to prevent other customers from buying again an out-of-stock product.

Now if you still have it on your stock you can keep it available on your listing.

However, if you want to sell on Facebook Marketplace as a business, you may receive customer payments by a credit or visa card transaction. Which Facebook has charged 5% of each transaction made by the Facebook Marketplace Platform.

Pros of Facebook Marketplace

  • Get Free customers from Facebook, as a seller on Facebook you have to consider that always you can have Free customers from Facebook.
  • Connect easily with customers on Messenger Chatbox.
  • Can sell your good by getting cash directly from your customer
  • Low competition as most of the products are unique, or second hand
  • Advertising made easy, with a potential of high conversion to sell on Facebook Marketplace, as there are billions of people using Facebook.
  • Secure online transaction.
  • Facebook has a smart algorithm that can bring you, Free customers.
  • Available for Android, IOS, and PC.

Cons of Facebook Marketplace

  • Limited sales at a maximum of $500 priced items
  • Cannot use Marketplace directly when you sign up to for Facebook.
  • To be able to join and sell on Facebook Marketplace you have to show that you are a real person, which takes some time as a minimum of 1 month.
  • You cannot make high-volume sales, so this will force you to create ads to make sales.
  • Most of the items are second-hand, like cars, home appliances, furniture, which make most of the brands struggle to sell on Facebook Marketplace.


Selling on Facebook is one of the best ways to grow your business, as long as you are doing the work in the right way, and you take it seriously when treating your business.

Most huge brands make ads to sell on Facebook and grow their business, and more people are joining Facebook to sell their products each day.

Also, Facebook’s revenue from ads is growing month after month, while their algorithm is getting smarter each time.

Using Facebook Marketplace, you can find new customers for free, test new products, and grow your business for low costs or no money. However, you can connect your messenger to a chatbot and integrate Facebook with third-party apps.

So are you willing to sell on Facebook Marketplace ? or you are already selling on it? Do you think using Facebook can make your business grow and why?

Comment down below and share your opinion.

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