How To Send Likes on TikTok Live

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Have you started watching TikTok lives recently, so you are wondering how to send likes on TikTok live?

First, of all, TikTok likes are Free, and they don’t cost money to send them.

You can use the likes on TikTok to show appreciation for the host of the video.

This will help them also to rank in the live feed, so if you want to help them grow, you can like them unlimitedly.

There are other gifts that cost money, and the cheapest gift is the Rose, which costs 1 coin.

To send likes on TikTok live you can simply double-tap on the live screen that you’re watching.

Then you’ll see the first heart that will show up.

However, you can also send a lot of likes once at the same time.

Today I will teach you how to send likes on TikTok live, individually, or in bulk 

How To Send Likes on TikTok Live

To send TikTok likes, you need to double-tap on the live screen that you’re watching.

Then you’ll see a heart-animated icon that will show up.

Now to bulk send likes you need to tap continuously fast on the live screen, so you will see a lot of hearts showing up.

Keep in mind that you’ll be the only person that sees how many likes you’ve sent to the host.

Which is shown below their names at the top left of the screen.

You’ll also see the hearts in the bottom right.

1.Open the Desired TikTok live stream

Open the TikTok live stream page

First, open your TikTok live feed.

To do so, simply tap on the “Home” button, then tap on the “Live Television” icon at the top left of the screen to navigate to the live feed.

When the live feed page opens, scroll down to find your desired live video.

You can swipe the right of the screen to the left.

Then on the new popup, you can find more lives.

So when you find your desired likes you can start watching it.

2.Double Tap on the video to send likes

Double tap on the screen to send likes on the TikTok live

Now that you’ve found the video you’re looking for, you can start liking it.

To do so, simply double-tap on the live video to send likes on that TikTok live.

After double tapping on it, you’ll start seeing a heart icon that shows up on the screen.

Then the heart will disappear.

You’ll also see other hearts from other people at the bottom right of the screen.

However, you can’t like the video if you hide the chat on any live on TikTok.

3.Keep tapping to send bulk hearts

Tapping multiple times to send likes on the TikTok live

As likes on TikTok are for free, and you can send likes as much as you want on the TikTok live, you can send them in bulk.

To do so, you can tap continuously fast on the TikTok live screen.

Then you’ll start seeing a lot of hearts showing up.

So if you really want to push the host’s account to the top of the live streams page, you can send them a lot of likes.

However, when you start sending this amount of likes, you’ll see at the top left of the screen at the place of the host’s profile picture a loading animation.

This animation shows you the number of likes you’re sending.

What Does Sending Likes on TikTok Live Do?

Sending likes on TikTok pushes the host’s account to be in the top ranking lives, which can be in the weekly rankings list or the Rising Stars list.

When you send likes on the host’s live on TikTok, you’ll show them how much you appreciate the content they’re streaming.

By sending a lot of likes, the TikTok algorithm will understand that there is an event happening now in the video.

You need to keep in mind that sending a lot of likes could be overwhelming.

So the algorithm may see this type of action as an automated action or a spamming action.

Which sometimes leads to hurt the hosts’ reputation instead of pushing them to the top.

Can TikTok Live See You?

No, the host can’t see that you’re watching their live stream on TikTok.

Although they’re able to see the actual view count, the host can’t see you if you enter the live stream.

Basically, they’re able to see the conventional statistics that they are supposed to see.

These statistics are the like count, the total video views, total playtime, total number of likes, average watch time.

So your likes and identity on TikTok will remain private until you send a gift to the host.

When you send a gift to the host, your account name will be exposed in the chat section.

Otherwise, you’ll always be anonymous when you watch and like.


TikTok’s lives are one of the most engaging content that a lot of users like to spend time on.

One of the most fun parts is when two streamers play the battle game against each other.

This is when the likes become crucial in the live streams.

So to send likes on any TikTok live, you only need to double-tap in the middle of the screen.

However, if you hide the chat or comments, you won’t be able to send likes until you get the comments section back.

Another thing to mention is that when you tap continuously a lot, you’ll start liking in bulk, and you will see a lot of hearts, and these actions will remain anonymous.

Today, you’ve learned how to send likes on TikTok live.

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