How To Send Videos on Discord (More Than 8MB)

People capturing and editing videos with a large camera and using their PC

Videos are most of the time larger than any other file you have, so if you are using Discord, you may wonder how to send videos on Discord that are more than 8MB.

Discord is one of the most used messaging and chatting applications in the gaming industry.

There are a lot of features on this app, but Discord has limited some of them for Free users.

So when you pay a $9.99/Month subscription and upgrade to Discord Nitro, you will be able to send files up to 100 MB.

However, there are alternative ways to send large videos on Discord that are more than 8MB, which is by using 3rd party websites.

Another method to send larger videos on Discord is to compress them.

So today I will show you how to send videos on Discord Mobile and PC that are more than 8MB.

How To Send Videos on Discord (Mobile & PC)

To send videos on Discord, open a chat or server, then click on the “+” button and choose the video you want to send, then click on the send button.

The method to send videos is the same on both Discord PC and Mobile.

But the only difference is when you want to select the videos.

So when you click on the + button on Discord PC, you will find your videos on the file explorer.

Then select them and send them on the chat or server.

Now, when you click the + button on your Mobile phone, you will find your videos on the popup which is the gallery.

Or you can record videos using the “Camera” button.

1.Tap on the + icon

Tap on the + button to find and send video or image from the gallery

Open your Discord app on your Mobile or PC.

Then open any Discord chat or server you are in, where you want to send or share your videos.

Now, on the chatbox, you will find the + button.

However, it’s the same on both mobile and desktop versions.

But there is a small difference in the method of selecting the video when you want to upload and send it on Discord.

2.Choose one of the videos you want to send on Discord

Choosing the videos from gallery on the Mobile app

When you open the chat or server and see the + button, it’s time to choose the video.

On the Discord PC version, double-click on the + button to select your video or file.

Then the Windows file explorer will open.

Now find the video on its directory, and click on it to select it.

For the Discord Mobile version, tap on the + button, then a popup will show up.

On the popup, you can see your phone’s gallery videos and photos.

So you can select from them the video from this popup.

Keep in mind that Discord supports Mp4, WAV, WebM, GIF, and MOV formats to embed on the chat.

3.Send the Video on chat or server

Send the videos on Discord Mobile

To send videos on a Discord chat or server, find the video you want to send first.

Then on the PC version, click on the video and click on “Open”.

After that, the video will be sent into the chat or server.

Now, for the Discord Mobile version, choose the video on the popup by tapping on it.

Then it will be added automatically to the chat or server, so tap on the blue “Send” icon to send it.

How To Send Videos on Discord That Are More Than 8MB

To send and share large videos on Discord that are more than 8MB, upload the videos to the TransferNow website or to the Imgur website, then send the link on Discord.

So, after uploading a video to TransferNow, you can send the link to the Discord server or chat.

The good thing about TransferNow website is that you can upload a video up to 3 GB in size.

But usually, the links on Transfernow expire after 7 days, so keep this in your mind.

On the other hand, you can use the Imgur website to send large videos on Discord that has 200 MB in size.

However, the Imgur website allows you just to add a 60 seconds video.

Which may not be useful for you.

But when you add the link to the video, Discord will transform it into a GIF.

So let’s check the two methods.

1.Upload Video to TransferNow

Uploading large videos to Transfernow to send their link on Discord chat or server

First, visit the Transfernow website to upload your video.

Then click the “Start” button and the Windows file explorer will open.

So, select the video you want to send and click on “Open”.

After clicking open, you will be redirected to the Transfernow website.

So on the menu, click the second option which is “Create a link”.

Then add just your email address on the first field.

Now, wait for the video to upload to Transfernow.

Once the video is uploaded successfully, copy the link and paste it on the Discord chat or server, then send it.

When the link is sent, you can click on the link and watch the video on the Transfernow website by clicking on the eye icon.

2.Use Imgur Website

Uploading large videos to Imgur website to send them on Discord chat or server as a GIF

Now, if you want to embed and send your videos as a GIF on Discord, you have to use Imgur.

However, your videos should be a 60 seconds long max.

If it’s more than 60 seconds, you have to upload it and trim it using the Online Video Cutter Website.

Then go to Imgur and click on the green “+ New Post” button.

Now on the new page, you can drag a video if you want or paste its link and even choose the video you want.

So after adding the video to the Imgur website, a new popup will open asking if you want to keep the audio or remove it.

Make your choice by clicking one of the buttons, then wait until the video uploads.

Once the video is uploaded successfully, click on the “Grab Link” button at the top right of the page.

Then, on the new popup, click the “Copy Link” button.

Now go to your Discord app and paste the link on the chat bar to send the video.

Finally, your video will be sent as a GIF and your friends can open and see it directly.


Discord is a fun app, especially when you share videos with your friends and watch movies together.

But Discord has limited the ability to send large videos for normal users.

However, Nitro users can only benefit from it.

On the other hand, Transfernow and Imgur help you to upload and send larger videos on Discord.

So today you’ve learned how to send large videos on Discord that are more than 8MB without the Nitro subscription.

But keep in mind that each of Transfernow or Imgur websites has its own method to upload and get the video link from them.

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