How to Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile

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Have you ever wanted to blackout your image on discord using your phone? So you are wondering how to spoiler an image on Discord Mobile?

When you are on a server or a chat on Discord and you realize that a lot of messages are bumping in front of you.

Adding spoilers to your image will alert curious users who like to check what you’ve just sent.

You can not spoiler an image only on Discord, but also a video if you want to.

However, keep in mind that some settings of the spoiler features can’t be modified on the mobile version.

It’s just available on the Desktop version.

But if you want to spoiler an image on your phone, it’s easily made by following some steps.

So today I will show you how to spoiler an Image on Discord mobile for IOS and Android versions.

How to Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile

To spoiler, an image on your Discord Mobile, go to the chat or server, then tap on the + button and select the image you like to spoiler and tap on “Spoiler” then send it.

Now, if this is the first time you add photos to your Discord app, you have to give the app permission to access your phone gallery.

But if you already have the photos showing up on the popup, then you are ready to go.

So add the image to the chat bar.

Then tap on it again and on the popup check the “Spoiler” checkbox and send your image.

However, this method works the same on iPhone (iOS) and Android phones.

The only difference between the iOS and Android versions of Discord is when you want to spoiler a message.

1.Open the Discord server or chat

Open the Discord server page

First, open your Discord app on your iPhone or Android.

Then go to the Discord chat or server that you want to spoiler the image in.

On the server, you will see a lot of messages with tags and colors.

Also, spoiler messages exist on Discord servers when other users put them.

This can distract your attention to what your friends are sending specifically for on the servers, usually.

2.Tap on the “+” button

Tap on the + button to add an image from gallery or capture a photo with the camera

Now, when you are on the Server page.

Tap on the “+” button to get into the popup menu on iPhone or Android.

So a new popup will show up, which is the chat bar menu.

If you are on a Discord server or a chat, you will see multiple buttons on the popup for iPhone users.

But on Android, you will see three buttons only whether you opened a Discord chat or server.

However, you have to focus just on the “Camera” button and the gallery images that show up on the popup menu.

3.Add your Image

The difference between adding an image to spoiler on Discord on iPhone and Android

When you open the popup and see the “Camera” button, it’s time to add the image.

So you can tap on the Camera button to take a photo of the image you want to spoiler on Discord.

Then capture the image with your mobile camera.

Now on the new page, tap on “Use Photo” on iPhone.

But for Android users, tap on the “Camera” icon with a plus button to capture the photo, and it will be added automatically to the chat.

Also, you will see your gallery images below the button on the popup on both Android and iPhone.

Now, to add an image from your gallery, tap on any image you want.

So to get back and see the image, tap anywhere on the chat.

Then you will see that the image is added to the chat bar and is ready to send.

In addition to this, you can add multiple images and videos if you want at the same time by tapping on them continuously.

4.Put spoiler and send the Image

Put spoiler on Image on Discord Mobile

After adding the image to your Discord chat bar, tap on it to put the spoiler.

Then the image will open on a new popup, and you will see two buttons which are “Mark as spoiler” or “Remove file”.

So tap on the “Mark as spoiler” then you will see that the checkbox is now checked with a try sign.

Now swipe down the image to go back to the chat bar.

Then you will see that the image is blurred with an eye icon in the middle.

So, tap on the “Send” button to send the image.

Once the image is sent on the chat or server, you will see that it’s blurred with a “SPOILER” word at the center.

However, you can tap on it to open it and check if it works.

5.Check the Spoiler image on your Discord app

Send the image with a spoiler on Discord Mobile server

After sending the image to the chat or server, you can now tap on it to check it.

But note that if you left the chat or the server, then got back to see what’s happening.

You will see that the image you’ve put a spoiler on is blurred again.

So you can tap and check it again.

Now keep in mind that you can also spoiler a video on Discord in addition to an image.

You will find the images and videos in the same place on the popup menu on Discord chat or server.


The spoiler feature on Discord is a fun and powerful feature that makes chatting more useful and enjoyable with your friends while you are on servers together.

The good thing is that you can also spoiler a video on Discord servers and chats.

But the only thing that you can’t a spoiler is the Invite Embed Discord link.

Otherwise, you can spoiler text, video, and image on Discord Mobile using your Android and iPhone.

So today, you’ve learned how to spoiler an image on Discord Mobile using your Android and iPhone.

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